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9 Best Surf Spots in the Mamanuca Islands

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Mamanuca Islands’ Surf Breaks

Fiji’s most popular surf jaunt, the Mamanuca Islands is a surf destination any advanced surfer should have on their bucket list. It’s home to Fiji’s most famous surf break, Cloudbreak, as well as several other powerful reef breaks that will send you flying (in a good way – hopefully). What’s more, the Mamanuca Islands are the most accessible island group from Nadi International Airport. Just hop on a ferry or a boat transfer and you will be sipping on cocktails at your surf resort in no time. (By the way, check out these surf resorts in Fiji). So where are the best surf spots in the Mamanuca Islands? Take a look at the highlights in the list below.

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1. Cloudbreak

If there’s only one surf spot that you’ve heard about in Fiji, it’s probably Cloudbreak. The break is known for producing up to 20ft (6m) swells, especially in the peak of the surf high season (see The Best Time to Surf in Fiji). The break is constantly ranked as one of the best and/or most challenging waves in the world, so if you consider yourself an expert and have a go-big-or-go-home mantra, then Cloudbreak is for you!

Location: 5km / 3 miles south of Namotu Island.

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2. Restaurants

Another surf break in the Mamanuca Islands that’s not for the faint of heart, Restaurants is an advanced reef break known for its pleasingly tubular waves. The break is located just off the coast of the heart-shaped Tavarua Island across from the island’s restaurant (hence the name). The break has been known to produce waves up to 8ft (4m), but waves are usually around the 3ft (1m) mark when the conditions are right. Learn more about the islands of the Mamanucas here.

Location: Just off Tavarua Island.

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3. Swimming Pools

Don’t miss this right-hand break at mid to high tide, which produces steep wall waves for some fast fun. During Fiji’s winter season (and the surfing peak season), advanced surfers will love this playground. In summer when the conditions are a little calmer, Swimming Pools is a popular spot for beginners to hone their skills on a reef break.

Location: Southeast side of Namotu Island.

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4. Wilkes

Wilkes, or Wilkes Passage, is another epic right-hander to hit at high tide. This break tends to be a better reef break for intermediates and above as the waves peel off into the safety of a deep channel. That said, watch out for rocks and rips.

Location: West of Namotu Island

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5. Desperations

An awesome option to fall back on when the conditions are not playing ball at the other surf breaks, Desperations is a reliable surf break. There’s something for everyone with the waves creating fun peaks that can go either left or right. The waves are speedy and hollow!

Location: South of Malolo Island

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6. Mini’s

For something pretty epic, but not too crowded, head to Mini’s. The reef break waves are known to reach 6-7ft (1.8-2.1m) creating awesome barrelling left-handers. A southwesterly wind at high tide is the best combo for Mini’s.

Location: Left side of the Navula Passage

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7. Lighthouse

Definitely one for the pros, Lighthouse produces fast and powerful waves that you’ll have to be super skilled (or super crazy) to keep up with. The hollow waves are left and right-hand. The downside is that it’s extremely inconsistent, so don’t be too gutted if you don’t get to tick it off the bucket list.

Location: South from Mini’s left of the Navula Passage

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8. Namotu Lefts

Another quiet one for the crowds (but not for the action) is Namotu Lefts. The break is reasonably consistent with reliance on ground swells coming from the southwest, rather than the wind swells. If the waves are below 6ft (1.8m), then this wave is usually suitable for longboards.

Location: Off Namotu Island

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9. Tavarua Rights

A fun one to try near Tavarua Island, Tavarua Rights is doable for most when the waves are smaller. Pros will love it when it’s bigger. Try to hit this one with little to no wind. And if you have more time in Fiji, don’t forget to check out the 10 Best Places to Surf in Fiji.

Location: Just off Tavarua Island

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