How to Buy a Bus Ticket in Fiji Travelling Fiji’s main islands by bus is the cheapest way of getting further faster in Fiji! 90% of Fiji’s roads are on the two main islands, Viti Levu and
Multi-Day Tours of Fiji Fiji is an island nation of beautiful beaches, lush tropical forests and rich culture. One of the easiest ways to explore them is on multi-day bus tours. Either explore Fiji
The Cost of Buses in Fiji Many of us might have the image of tiny islands scattered across the South Pacific Ocean when we think of Fiji, but there are a limited few islands that are significant in la
How to Commute in Fiji Although Fiji is made up of 333 islands spread across almost 1.3 million square kilometres, public and local transport services are limited to islands with roads. Therefore, com
Explore Fiji by Bus At first glance, budget travellers may think that Fiji is expensive to get around with all the islands spread out across the South Pacific Ocean. However, those in the know will kn