The Must-Dos in the Lau Group Those really looking to get off the beaten track can’t get any further off it than the Lau Islands of Fiji! This large group of very tiny islands is home to some of
Transport to the Lau Group Fiji’s least-visited islands are an intriguing island destination to hit. The sixty islands scattered across the eastern reaches of Fiji offer untouched reefs, a mix o
The Guide to Luxury Travel in the Lau Islands The sixty islands that pepper the deep blue waters of the eastern reaches of Fiji make up the Lau Islands. This is Fiji’s least-visited island group
Luxurious Things to Do in the Lau Group Luxury is all about exclusivity. There is nowhere in Fiji more apt for an exclusive luxury vacation than the archipelago’s most remote islands, the Lau Is
Travel Guide to the Lau Group Hardcore Fiji travel enthusiasts, this is the island group for you. It’s the true final frontier, the least-visited islands in the archipelago of  Fiji: the Lau Is