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10 Luxury Activities in the Lau Islands

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Luxurious Things to Do in the Lau Group

Luxury is all about exclusivity. There is nowhere in Fiji more apt for an exclusive luxury vacation than the archipelago’s most remote islands, the Lau Islands. Rarely frequented by tourists, the sixty islands dotting the deep blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean only hold three accommodations for visitors, one of which is a private island luxury resort. Getting to the Lau Islands can also be an indulgent experience from sailing on a yacht charter to embarking on a cruise that only departs for the Lau Group three times a year. Find out how you can fill your exclusive trip to this special place in Fiji with this list of luxury activities in the Lau Islands.

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1. Play Golf on a Private Island

What could be more luxurious than putting over the manicured lawns of a private island golf course?! The one and only private island resort in the Lau Islands, Vatuvara Private Islands, boasts a four-hole golf course with a practice green and a club pavilion for true golfing in paradise. For more stunning golf courses in Fiji, see The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Fiji.

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2. Sail in a Luxury Yacht Around the Islands

Most of the time, the only visitors frequenting the Lau Islands are those with their own private yacht. Get in on the action too by hiring a private sailing charter complete with a captain and chef with Sailing Fiji. Trips depart from Taveuni (transfer flights from Nadi can be arranged), sailing across the Lau Islands in a luxury 43′ fast-sailing catamaran called Looping. The trip can also be combined with a stay at its partner luxury villa on Taveuni, Vacala Bay Resort.

Check Looping out:
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3. Island-hop on an All-inclusive Cruise

Cruise around the islands of the Lau Group on the 11-Night Lau & Kadavu Cruise with Captain Cook Cruises. The all-inclusive cruise includes visits to remote villages, snorkelling and glass-bottom boat tours in pristine waters, visiting the Bay of Islands, scuba diving and much much more. While there are cabins onboard for all types of travellers, the most luxurious option on the cruise line’s ship, M.V. Reef Endeavour, is the Tabua Suites on the Upper Deck. Learn more about transport to the Lau Group in 5 Ways to Get to the Lau Islands.

Check Captain Cook Cruises out:
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4. Scuba Dive Among Some of Fiji’s Untouched Reefs

Dive in some of Fiji’s most pristine reefs in the Lau Islands. Vatuvara Private Islands resort has fringing reefs to explore awash with soft and hard coral. The resort offers PADI instruction so you can gain your Open Water certification in just four days or simply enjoy one of the beginner dives with your guide. There’s also a choice of up to seven dives on the 11-Night Lau Islands Cruise with Captain Cook Cruises (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor), from wreck dives in the Yasawas to coral gardens near Taveuni to the famous Bay of Islands in the Lau Group. PADI dive courses are also available on the cruise.

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5. Work on Your Wellness with a Spa Treatment or Private Yoga Tuition

The breathtaking beauty and tranquillity of the Lau Islands make the perfect setting to work on your wellness. Spa treatments and private yoga tuition on your villa’s deck are all included with your stay on Vatuvara Private Islands. Alternatively, a day spa and gym are available for passengers on the M.V. Reef Endeavour with Captain Cook Cruises (Viator/Tripadvisor).

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6. Indulge in Farm-to-Table and Sea-to-Table Cuisine

Dining in the Lau Islands is a farm-to-table and sea-to-table affair, resulting in the freshest of flavours. The only restaurants you will find in the Lau Islands is on no other than Vatuvara Private Islands. The luxury resort boasts two restaurants using ingredients from their own organic garden and fished from the surrounding waters. Jim’s Bar & Grill is your casual option for a beachside breakfast or a wood-fired pizza or a traditional “Lovo” for lunch. The Valhalla Restaurant is the evening dining restaurant on an elevated deck where appetisers are served at sunset before you indulge in its Pacific Rim menu.

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7. Visit the Bay of Islands by Seaplane

Only have a day to visit the Lau Islands? See the island group’s must-do attraction, the Bay of Islands. Pacific Island Air offers exclusive day trips to the Bay of Islands by seaplane. After a flight over dramatic land and sea scenery, you’ll land in the Bay of Islands on the northern tip of Vanua Balavu. There, you’ll discover a bay dotted with islands, islets and a beautiful limestone cave. The cathedral cave towers 40m/131ft high with a ceiling full of stalactites. The snorkelling in here is sensational too, being in a Qilaqila Marine Reserve.

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8. Treat Yourself to Some Deep-sea Game Fishing

Fishing newbies and experienced anglers alike will be amazed by the exciting fishing on offer in the Lau Islands, especially off Vatuvara. Vatuvara Private Islands takes guests out in the 11m/36ft Naiad boat for trolling, popping, jigging and/or deep-sea game fishing, catching some of the world’s most sought-after game fish. Think mahimahi, yellow-fin tuna, giant trevally, Sailfish and much more (see What Types of Fish Can You Fish For in Fiji?) And don’t worry, the resort promotes sustainable fishing so operates on a catch and release policy.

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9. Experience True Serenity with a Private Beach Picnic

Relax in your own private corner of the South Pacific for the day with a private island picnic. With Vatuvara Private Islands, you and your loved one will be transported to an uninhabited island equipped with an umbrella, pillows, beach towels, water toys, snorkelling gear and a gourmet picnic. As for the days on Looping with Sailing Fiji, almost every day on the private yacht involves discovering secluded beaches and indulging in divine meals prepared by your onboard chef.

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10. Take a Moment to Appreciate Where You Are…

As mentioned, getting to Lau Group is a luxury in itself. Take a moment to appreciate that you are one of the very very few tourists who get to experience this remote part of the world…

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More Luxury Activities in the Lau Islands and Fiji

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