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The Fijian Culture, Traditions and Customs What sets Fiji apart from being just another archipelago of gorgeous islands, azure waters and tropical sunshine? The culture. Fiji has two distinct cultures
Learn Some Fijian Words! Travelling is all about exploring different cultures. One of the basic ways to get started on becoming immersed in new surroundings is to start speaking the local language. Do
A Quick Guide About the Fiji People On the island nation of Fiji lives a diverse culture of Fijian and Indo-Fijian people. Fiji has a fascinating social history spanning some 35 centuries which has de
What are the Religions in Fiji? Fiji is a multiracial and multicultural nation where a mix of the major religions around the world are represented. Visitors to Fiji will see Christian churches, mosque
A Quick Guide to the Language of Fiji Fiji is home to three official languages: English, Bauan Fijian and Fiji-Hindi (a branch of Hindustani). While English is universally spoken, travellers are likel
A History of Fiji in Brief Fiji has a colourful history of early Labita and Melanesian settlement, the development of Pacific Islander tribes, European colonisation and political unrest resulting in f
The History of Fiji in 10 Points Visiting Fiji and want a little context to your holiday? Perhaps you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about when engaging in conversation with Fij