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Guide to the Religions in Fiji

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What are the Religions in Fiji?

Fiji is a multiracial and multicultural nation where a mix of the major religions around the world are represented. Visitors to Fiji will see Christian churches, mosques, as well as Hindu and Sikh temples. Religion in Fiji is mostly split between ethnicities, such as the indigenous Fijians who are mostly Christians, while the Indo-Fijians are either Hindu or Muslim. Find out more about the religions in Fiji, and how you experience them as a visitor, in this guide to the Fiji religions.

A Brief History of the Religions in Fiji

Before the 17th Century, Fijians had a traditional religion based on ancestor worship. For instance, a good warrior would become a god of war after death or a productive farmer might have become the god plenty. There was a strong belief in the afterlife, where worshippers would appease the gods through initiation ceremonies, mutilation rituals and sacrifices.

From the 1830s onwards, the first missionaries gradually brought Christianity, which now represents the main religion of almost all the indigenous Fijian population today.

The arrival of indentured Indian labourers, starting in 1878, brought religions like Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism to Fiji.

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Christianity in Fiji

The religion most represented in Fiji is Christianity. Around 65% of Fiji’s population is part of one of the Christian denominations. Almost all indigenous Fijians practice the Christian religion, where going to Sunday mass is an integral part of Fijian life.

Where to Experience Christianity in Fiji as a Tourist

Visitors to Fiji are welcome to join Sunday worship in churches across the islands. Churches are found in all towns and cities, as well as most villages. For the visitor, going to a Fijian church is an experience of listening to the powerful harmonies sung by the locals and enjoying the peaceful setting.

Note that anyone going to a church in Fiji needs to cover their legs below the knees, cover the shoulders, and preferably wear smart to smart-casual attire. Think your Sunday best!

Christmas and Easter are also great times to be in Fiji to witness celebrations of these holidays by the Fijian people. Learn more about them in Where to Spend Christmas in Fiji and The Guide to Easter in Fiji.

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Christian Denominations Represented in Fiji

These are the main Christianity denominations found in Fiji in order of popularity:

  • Wesleyan
  • Roman Catholic
  • Assemblies of God
  • Seventh-day Adventist
  • Anglican
  • Jehovah’s Witness
  • CMF (Every Home)
  • Latter-Day Saints
  • Apostolic
  • Gospel
  • Baptist
  • Salvation Army
  • Presbyterian

Around 2.5% of the population belong to other denominations not stated here.

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Hinduism and Islam

Other sizable religions represented in Fiji include Hinduism and Islam. Most of the Indo-Fijian population are either Hindus or Muslims, the majority being Hindu.

Where to Experience Hinduism and Islam in Fiji as a Tourist

Visitors to Fiji will have the opportunity to see Hindu temples and Muslim mosques in the main towns and cities across Fiji. The main drawcard for visiting the temples is often the vibrant facades and interiors, boasting impressive forms of architecture. Some of the must-see Hindu temples in Fiji include the Sri Siva Subramanya Swami Temple in Nadi and the Naag Mandir Temple in Labasa.

There are also religious celebrations worth looking out for when travelling to Fiji, including the Diwali festival and the Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday. Learn more about the events and when they are in Travelling Fiji: Month-by-Month Guide.

Hindu Denominations Represented in Fiji

Hindus in Fiji worship in the following denominations in order of popularity:

  • Sanatani
  • Arya Samaj
  • Kabir Panthi
  • Sai Baba

Around 7.5% of the population belong to other denominations not stated here.

Muslim Denominations Represented in Fiji

Muslims in Fiji worship in the following denominations in order of popularity:

  • Sunni Islam
  • Ahmadiyya

Around 2.6% of the population belong to other denominations not stated here.

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Other Religions in Fiji

Finally, the rest of the Indo-Fijian population are Sikhs, where it’s possible to see Sikh temples (Gurudwara) in Lautoka, Suva, between Ba and Tavua and in Labasa.

Other religions represented in Fiji by small minorities of the population include the Baha’i Faith and Confucianism.

Around 1% of the population in Fiji do not identify with a religion.


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