7 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji
7 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji

7 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji

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Have a Turtle Encounter in Fiji!

It’s no secret that turtles face a number of threats in the ocean today, so seeing them on your tropical holiday is a rare encounter. Hawksbill, green and leatherback turtles are the main turtle species in Fiji, nesting on beaches from November to March. While you might be lucky to spot one while snorkelling or scuba diving, visitors to Fiji have a  better chance at seeing these beautiful animals at a resort that operates a turtle conservation program. Learn about such resorts in the list below to find out the best places to see and swim with turtles in Fiji!

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1. Turtle Island Fiji

The private all-inclusive island resort in the Yasawa Islands protects its namesake with a vigorous turtle conservation program. Not only does Turtle Island Fiji rear turtles to be released into the ocean but they have their own turtle-tagging program in partnership with the WWF. With only a few guests at this adults-only boutique resort, it’s not a problem to request learning more about their conservation efforts and, if the timing is right, you may even get to witness a turtle being released back into the wild.

6 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji© Turtle Island Fiji

2. Treasure Island Resort

One of the first resorts in the Mamanuca Islands to employ a full-time environmental officer, Treasure Island Resort has been invested in protecting their island’s population of hawksbill turtles for more than 40 years. Their Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Program releases hundreds of turtles back into the wild each year. For guests, this means turtle feeding displays, watching baby turtle releases and more! Plus, foraging for turtle food and helping out with turtle conservation is also part of the kids’ club activities.

6 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji© Treasure Island Resort

3. Beachcomber Island Resort

A popular go-to for day trips from Denarau and the Anchorage Beach Resort, Beachcomber Island Resort offers a wealth of activities including the chance to see turtles in their turtle pool. You can also stay on the island in one of the affordable dorm rooms or bures. Additionally, conservation holiday programs, such as VESA, work with the resort to organise turtle and conservation programs giving you maximum wildlife interaction.

6 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji© Beachcomber Island Resort

4. Botaira Island Resort

For your chance to see turtles in Fiji in the wild, book yourself into one of the bures (bungalows) of the Botaira Island Resort. The resort is not only on one of the Yasawa’s best beaches, but it’s just a short kayak trip from a turtle nesting site. Join staff for a guided paddle to the waters near the nesting site and enjoy snorkelling where you’re highly likely to have an amazing encounter. We also list this resort in the 10 Best Snorkelling Resorts in Fiji.

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5. VOMO Island Resort

Another resort in the Mamanuca Islands with its own turtle pond, VOMO Island Resort is a luxury resort where you’re more likely to have a turtle interaction. Guests here can feed the baby turtles and may be lucky to catch a release day. Otherwise, scuba diving trips around the island are other ways to increase your chances of seeing a turtle.

6 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji© VOMO Island Resort

6. Makogai Island

While there are no resorts to stay on this remote island in the Lomaiviti Islands, Captain Cook Cruises visits the turtle sanctuary during their Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise or Lau & Kadavu Cruise. Snorkel or take a glass-bottom boat tour over Makogai Island’s giant clam and turtle sanctuary. Learn more about the cruise in The Guide to Cruises Around Fiji.

7 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji© Captain Cook Cruises

7. Mana Island Resort

Our final Mamanuca resort with a turtle breeding program is Mana Island Resort. Turtles are raised in pools here until they are big enough to fend for themselves in the wild. The turtle pond has grown in size over the years to accommodate the successful breeding program here. Both day-trippers and guests of the resort can interact with the turtles.

6 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji© Mana Island Resort

More About Wildlife and Turtles in Fiji

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