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10 Best Wildlife Activities in Fiji

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Wildlife Tours and Experiences in Fiji

333 islands scatter the South Pacific in the archipelago of Fiji. Some of the islands are home to colourful birds and rare iguanas, while the waters in between hold an array of coral harbouring all sorts of marine species. Fiji might not be the first country that comes to mind when looking to see wildlife in the tropics but it’s definitely worth considering, which you’ll realise once you discover the amazing wildlife activities in Fiji…

1. Kula Wild Adventure Park

An obvious go-to for any wildlife nut visiting Fiji is the Kula Wild Adventure Park. Situated along the Coral Coast in the main island, Kula Wild is a great place to learn more about Fiji’s endemic species, from the rare Crested and Banded Iguanas to the national bird, the Kula. As well as animal and coral displays, the wildlife park also offers animal interaction experiences, turtle hand-feeding and, of yeah, a waterpark and ziprail attractions too! Kula Wild Adventure Park is the only captive breeding centre for Fiji’s endangered species. Find out more about Kula Wild Adventure Park on Viator and Tripadvisor. Check out more things to do in the area in the 10 Things to Do on the Coral Coast.

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2. Snorkelling with Sharks

Don’t worry, the sharks in Fiji are just like the Fijian people – super friendly! Although you may see a reef shark while snorkelling anywhere in Fiji, if you want a guaranteed shark swimming experience, then check out shark snorkelling tours with South Sea Cruises from Denarau taking you to the Barefoot Kuata Resort in the Yasawas. From the resort, it’s a quick boat ride to a nearby reef famous for its reef shark inhabitants. The experience is even suitable for first-time snorkelers. Find out more about the tour on Viator and Tripadvisor. Check out more places in Fiji to see sharks here.

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3. Scuba Diving with Sharks

Seeing reef sharks is one thing, but if you are feeling brave enough, you can amp up your shark swimming experience by scuba diving with Bull and Tiger Sharks. Available from the Barefoot Kuata Resort in the Yasawas, but also with Aqua-Trek on the Pacific Harbour in Viti Levu, scuba diving with sharks takes you down to deeper depths to mingle with larger ocean predators. The experience typically involves your experienced guide feeding sharks as part of conservation programs (and no, you’re not the food). Find out more about Aqua-Trek on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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4. Dolphin Cruise

Acrobatic Spinner Dolphins frequent Fiji’s waters all year round, which are super fun to watch swimming alongside boats. Dolphin cruises, such as with Savasi Island Resort in Vanua Levu or with Dolphin Watch Fiji at Takalana Bay in Viti Levu, take you to the best spots for watching spinner dolphins. While the tour in Viti Levu takes you to the protected Moon Reef to see the dolphins and do a bit of snorkelling, the tour in Vanua Levu ends with a wood-fired pizza lunch. Learn more about seeing dolphins in Fiji here.

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5. Bird Watching Tour

Simply staying in Fiji’s more forested islands, such as Kadavu or Taveuni, is a good way to incorporate birdwatching into your Fiji getaway. But if you want to have a guided experience, check out Nautilus Tours in Viti Levu. Picking up from accommodation in Nadi and Denarau, Nautilus Tours takes you deep into the island interior and bushland on a full-day trip to encounter some of Fiji’s beautiful bird species, like Fiji wood swallows, crimson shining parrot, the sulphur-breasted myzomela, the collared lory and more. Learn more about the birds in Fiji in A Traveller’s Guide to Wildlife in Fiji, as well as the 10 Best Places to See Birds in Fiji.

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6. Swimming with Manta Rays

Nothing can describe the experience of snorkelling with some of the largest fish in the ocean. The manta rays in Fiji have a wingspan of around 6m (20ft), which they use to elegantly glide through the water. During the manta ray season, between May and October, it is possible to swim with these gentle giants in the upper Yasawa Islands, as well as in Kadavu. Resorts specialising in manta ray swimming, such as Barefoot Manta Resort, the Manta Ray Resort, Botaira Resort and Kokomo Private Island Resort keep an eye out on channels where the manta ray usually feed during the season. When the lali drums or conch sounds, it’s time to jump on the boat with your snorkelling gear and head out! Plan your swim using The Guide to Swimming with Manta Rays in Fiji.

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7. Snorkelling

If you somehow didn’t already know, you can do snorkelling in Fiji… And it’s pretty incredible. The tropical waters are home to colourful coral and all sorts of tropical fish. While many resorts have interesting snorkelling spots right from the shore, it’s often that the best snorkelling experiences are when you take boat tours to the outer reefs. For instance, Sea Fiji Reefs offers snorkelling tours to the famous Beqa Lagoon on the Pacific Harbour with all of the snorkelling gear included (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor). Learn more about snorkelling in the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Fiji.

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8. Scuba Diving

Get a closer look at Fiji’s intricate reef systems and see why they call Fiji the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” by scuba diving in Fiji. Now, there are so many dive shops and resorts with their own dive centres in Fiji that you’ll have to check out The Guide to Scuba Diving in Fiji to start planning your dive. But in short, Fiji is home to two of the world’s largest barrier reefs, wreck dives, coral walls, pinnacles and much more – you won’t be disappointed.

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9. Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

Another way to enjoy the fish, this time without getting wet, is on a glass-bottom boat tour. Resorts such as Beachcomber Island Resort and Castaway Island Resort have their own glass-bottom boats for guests/day-trippers to enjoy, while a day or multi-day cruise with Captain Cook Cruises (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor) also includes glass-bottom boat experiences.

10 Best Wildlife Activities in Fiji© Captain Cook Cruises

10. Take Part in Turtle Conservation

Turtles are one of the ocean’s endangered species. You can help with the conservation efforts to boost turtle populations in Fiji by taking part in turtle conservation projects. Resorts like Treasure Island Resort in the Mamanuca Islands offers guests the chance to feed turtles, help monitor nests and more depending on the season. Other resorts with turtle sanctuaries include Turtle Island and Mana Island Resort.

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More Wildlife Activities in Fiji

That’s it for the best wildlife activities in Fiji. See more amazing experiences in the 101 Things to Do in Fiji. Plus, get even more tips from The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji.


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