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How to Take the Ferry to the Yasawa Islands

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The Guide to the Ferries in the Yasawa Islands

The scattering of idyllic islands in the Yasawa Islands are what a getaway to Fiji is all about but how do you get there? One of your least expensive options is via a ferry. We go over the ferry companies, routes, prices and how to book in this complete guide to how to take a ferry to the Yasawa Islands.

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Quick Tips for Taking a Ferry in the Yasawa Islands

  • The Awesome Adventures ferry departs from Port Denarau, which is around 10km (6 miles) from Nadi, while the Tavewa Seabus departs from Lautoka, which is around 26km (16 miles) from Nadi
  • Book resort connections for the Yasawas through the Awesome Adventures website, not South Sea Cruises, to see cheaper prices
  • All of the Yasawas’ ferries have courtesy transfers from Nadi, which needs to be booked in advance
  • Check-in for your ferry transfer at least 30 minutes before departure
  • Ferries have the same baggage allowance as most airlines – carry-on bag of up to 7kg (15lbs) and main luggage up to weighs up to 25kg (50lb) on Awesome Adventures and 20kg (44lb) on Tavewa Seabus.

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The Yasawa Islands Ferries

There are two ferry operators to the Yasawa Islands, Awesome Adventures, which is run by South Sea Cruises, and the Tavewa Seabus.

Awesome Adventures – Yasawa Flyer

The Awesome Adventures ferry, also known as the Yasawa Flyer, runs up and down the Yasawa Islands from Port Denarau once a day. The ferry is a high-speed catamaran ferry with a travel desk and a licensed cafe and bar on board. Rides on their large catamaran are usually a comfortable experience. Find out more about Awesome Adventures on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Tavewa Seabus

Tavewa Seabus is a smaller catamaran passenger ferry operating between Lautoka and 14 Yasawa Islands including resorts around the Blue Lagoon. They travel to and from the Yasawas daily. Rides on their smaller vessel can be bumpy at times, so if you have a weak stomach – try the other ferry.

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The Yasawa Island Ferry Route and Durations

Both ferry companies in the Yasawas offer a route through the Yasawa Islands to most island resorts and accommodations in the island group.

Awesome Adventures Ferry Route

Port Denarau – South Sea Island – Beachcomber Island – Barefoot Kuata Resort/Wayalailai – Naqalia Lodge – Octopus Resort – Paradise Cove/Mantaray Island Resort/Barfoot Manta Resort – Botaira Beach Resort – Korovou Eco-Tour Resort/White Sandy Beach Resort – Long Beach Resort – Waitui Basecamp/Boathouse Nanuya/Coconut Beach Resort/Nanuya Beach Resort/Gold Coast Resort – Nabua Lodge – Blue Lagoon Beach Resort/Oarsman’s Bay Lodge.

Tavewa Seabus Route

Lautoka Wharf – Barefoot Kuata Resort/Wayalailai/Naqalia Lodge – Paradise Cove/Mantaray Island Resort/Barfoot Manta Resort – Botaira Beach Resort  – Korovou Eco-Tour Resort/White Sandy Beach Resort  – Long Beach Resort/Navutu Stars/Turtle Island/Waitui Basecamp/Isa Lei Glampsite – Nanuya Beach Resort/Gold Coast Resort/Coralview Island/Coconut Beach Resort – Nabua Lodge/Safe Landing Resort/Oarsman’s Bay Lodge – Sawa-i-Lau Cave (day trip only, seasonal).

How Long Does it Take to Get to the Yasawa Islands?

The duration of ferry journeys to the Yasawa Islands depends on which island you are going to. The Awesome Adventures ferry takes longer to get to each destination, as there are more stops on the route than the Tavewa Seabus.

The Awesome Adventures (Viator/Tripadvisor) ferry takes approximately two hours to arrive in the southern Yasawa Islands from Port Denarau – their first stop in the Yasawas. It takes approximately 4h30mins to get to their final stop in the northern Yasawa Islands from Port Denarau. Note that they go to each of their stops on the journey back to Port Denarau too, taking just as much time to return to Port Denarau.

The Tavewa Seabus takes around one hour to get to their first stop in the southern Yasawa Islands and five hours to get to their last stop in the northern Yasawa Islands.

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The Cost of the Yasawa Ferry

The Yasawa Islands ferry prices are determined by which island you are travelling to, usually, the more time travelled on the ferry the more expensive the ticket is.

Note that prices are approximate and are for one-way journeys only. Return fares are double the price.

Awesome Adventures Price: Adult FJ$115-FJ$135 / Child FJ$60-$85
Awesome Adventures Bula Pass: FJ$305 for 5 days, FJ$385 for 7 days, FJ$470 for 10 days, FJ$515 for 12 days and FJ$560 for 15 days. Learn more about the Bula Pass in What are the Ferry Passes to Travel Around Fiji?

Tavewa Seabus Price: FJ$135-$215 per person

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How to Book the Yasawa Ferry

Ferries in the Yasawa Islands must be booked in advance. This can be done directly through the ferry companies via their websites, over the phone, via email or through their offices. Awesome Adventures/South Sea Cruises has an office at the Customs Hall of Nadi International Airport and at the passenger area of Port Denarau. Tavewa Seabus has an office in Lautoka at Office 2 in the FPCL Building on Waterfront Road.

Alternatively, ferries can be booked through the travel desk or reception of most Fiji accommodations, through online booking websites like Viator and Tripadvisor, as well as through your travel agent.


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