Advice for Sailing in Fiji Fiji is calling, a 333-island nation that is a product of volcanic activity in the tropical waters of the southern Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, Fiji makes for some seriou
Advice for Fiji’s Cruises See more than the average tourist on one of Fiji’s cruises. Fiji is a place for a small-ship cruise experience, with a new stunning island anchorage each night, d
The Guide to Fiji’s Small-ship Cruises Fiji is an archipelago of 333 islands. While most visitors to Fiji stay in the same resort for the whole time, only seeing one island, those who are a litt
The Guide to the Ferries in the Lomaiviti Islands The less-visited islands off the coast of Suva, Viti Levu, sure are intriguing, with island resorts, a historic town that is a UNESCO World Heritage S
What is the Best Way to Book a Cruise in Fiji? Sailing across the turquoise waters between beautiful islands of sand and palms can be done through small-ship cruises, hop-on hop-off ferries and day cr
The Guide to the Ferry to Kadavu Kadavu is the final frontier for intrepid travellers visiting Fiji. Much of the island is covered in tropical jungle with some 70 Fijian villages located only on the c
Island-hopping Passes for Fiji Fiji is made up of 333 islands, so it would almost be a crime to venture to this stunning archipelago and not do some island-hopping. Luckily, there are ferry passes for
The Guide to the Ferries to Taveuni Planning to explore one of Fiji’s most beautiful islands? Good on you! Taveuni is well worth getting off the beaten track for with its gorgeous tropical rainf
The Guide to the Ferries to Vanua Levu The large island in the north of Fiji is certainly enticing and the journey to get there by ferry is all the more alluring to the adventurous traveller. Vanua Le
Ferry Transport in Fiji Fiji is an archipelago nation of 333 islands, so chances are, you want to see a few of those islands. One of the most cost-effective ways to do so is by taking a ferry in Fiji.
Fiji Ferry Advice: Things You Need to Know About Taking a Ferry in Fiji Fiji is not a place where you’ll want to stick to just one island. It’s a stunning archipelago with unique landscapes, c
Are There Any Water Taxis in Fiji? Water taxis are available in Fiji, exclusively between Fiji’s main island (Viti Levu) and Fiji’s most-visited island groups, the Mamanuca and the Yasawa
The Guide to the Ferries in the Mamanuca Islands Staying on some blissful island paradise in Fiji is all well and good, but actually getting to a remote island is somewhat of a head-scratcher. Luckily
The Guide to the Ferries in the Yasawa Islands The scattering of idyllic islands in the Yasawa Islands are what a getaway to Fiji is all about but how do you get there? One of your least expensive opt