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How to Take the Ferry to the Lomaiviti Islands

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The Guide to the Ferries in the Lomaiviti Islands

The less-visited islands off the coast of Suva, Viti Levu, sure are intriguing, with island resorts, a historic town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and oceans of incredible dive sites. For travellers on a budget, the best way to head to the Lomaiviti Islands, or at least only the islands of Ovalau and Koro, is by ferry. Learn more about how to take the ferry to the Lomaiviti Islands, as well as the approximate costs and travel times, in the guide below.

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Quick Tips for Taking a Ferry to Ovalau and Koro

  • The only Lomaiviti Islands you can access via ferry is Ovalau and Koro
  • Fiji Sea Roads has the most regular schedule to the Lomaiviti Islands
  • Ferry tickets to the Lomaiviti Islands also include bus travel
  • Report to the bus for your ferry at least 30 minutes before departure
  • If needing transport to the other Lomaiviti Islands, there are island resort transfers available to Caqalai, Leleuvia, Toberua and Wakaya islands – see 5 Ways to Get to the Lomaiviti Islands for more information.

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The Lomaiviti Islands Ferries

Two main ferries travel between Viti Levu (the main island of Fiji), Vanua Levu and the Lomaiviti Islands. Fiji Sea Roads has a more reliable schedule for passengers, while Goundar Shipping has an ever-changing schedule that you’ll probably need to look up in the local newspaper.

Patterson Brothers

Patterson Brothers operates almost daily sailings between Viti Levu and Ovalau in the Lomaiviti Islands, thrice-weekly sailings between Vanua Levu and the Lomaiviti Islands, as well as a Saturday sailing between Viti Levu and Koro. Their ferry tickets also include bus services to the nearest towns.

Goundar Shipping

Goundar Shipping, primarily a cargo-shipping company with some passenger cabins and decks, operates weekly departures from Viti Levu to Koro.

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The Lomaiviti Islands Routes and Durations

Patterson Brothers operates routes between Viti Levu (Suva) and Ovalau (Levuka), as well as between Vanua Levu (Labasa and Savusavu) and Levuka. These are the most popular routes for passengers to get to the Lomaiviti Islands.

Patterson Brothers Routes

Patterson Brothers operates a few routes including the Lomaiviti Islands.

  • Suva – Levuka – Suva (daily)
  • Lautoka – Labasa/Savusavu (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Labasa/Savusavu – Lautoka (Monday, Friday)
  • Natovi Landing (Viti Levu) – Koro – Natovi Landing (Saturday)

Goundar Shipping Route

Goundar Shipping runs one route to the Lomaiviti Islands:

  • Walu Bay – Koro – Walu Bay

How Long Does it Take to Get to the Lomaiviti Islands?

The Suva to Levuka route with Patterson Brothers takes approximately 3h30mins to four hours including both bus and ferry travel. Travelling between Vanua Levu (Savusavu and Labasa) and Levuka takes approximately 14 to 16 hours, also including bus transfers.

The ferry with Goundar Shipping from Walu Bay in Suva to Koro takes approximately 12 hours.

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The Cost of the Ferries to Ovalau

The Ovalau ferry prices are only available as one-way ferry tickets. Note that prices are approximate.

Patterson Brothers Price: Suva – Levuka: Adult FJ$30 / Child FJ$20
Price: Nabouwalu – Levuka: Adult FJ$60 / Child FJ$35
Price: Labasa – Levuka: Adult FJ$60 / Child FJ$35

Prices for Goundar Shipping are best inquired at the Goundar Shipping Ticket Office in Suva or Walu Bay.

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How to Book the Ferry to Ovalau and Koro

Ferries in the Lomaiviti Islands must be booked before catching the transfer bus. This can be done at the Patterson Brothers booking offices at the following addresses:

  • Suva – Suit I & II, Epworth House, Nina Street
  • Levuka – Beach Street, Levuka

Note that you need to report to the bus 30 minutes before departure time.

The Goundar Shipping Ticket Office in Suva is located on Pier Street in Suva (opposite Jacks) and on 22 Freeston Road, Walu Bay.


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