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10 Best Islands in the Mamanuca Islands

Which Island to Choose in the Mamanucas

With 333 islands to choose from in Fiji, choosing just one island to spend your time in paradise is more than a little overwhelming! At least you have narrowed it down to the stunning group of islands known as the Mamanuca Islands. Even then, there are over 20 islands to explore among the turquoise blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. To make the decision a little easier to make, we’ve put together this list of the 10 best islands in the Mamanuca Islands!

While it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be disappointed by any of the islands you arrive on in the Mamanuca Islands, you’ll still want to spend your time in a place that’s special to you. We’ve picked out all the stand-out islands in the Mamanuca Islands, with contrasting experiences, resorts and villages available so all tastes and moods are met! Plus, take a look at our 10 Best Resorts in the Mamanuca Islands to help make your decision on an island to spend some time on.

1. Malolo Island

As the largest island in the Mamanuca Islands, Malolo Island cannot be ignored! There are many reasons to love this island with its range of accommodations to suit any traveller, including Malolo Island Resort, Six Senses Fiji and Funky Fish Resort. But if you’re looking for a little bit of culture, Malolo Island is one of the very few islands in the Mamanucas that has Fijian villages. Villages like the Yaro village are open for tours, church services and school visits with selected accommodation and tour providers on the island. Visiting a Fijian village is a great insight into another way of life, with no frills or elaborate displays for tourists. You’ll get a genuine insight into the Fijian culture. Book your day tour to Malolo Island with South Sea Cruises.

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2. Namotu Island

Fiji is renowned for its epic surf scene, especially in the Mamanuca Islands. While you’ll find some world-class waves like Cloudbreak via boat, the waves are right on your doorstep on Namotu Island. Reef breaks like Swimming Pools and Namotu Lefts are the closest to Namotu Island, which is far less intimidating than the massive Cloudbreak. Other breaks in the area include Desperations, Restaurants and Wilkies. All in all, head to Namotu Island if you’re looking for some serious surf. Book a day trip toward Namotu with Coral Cats.

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3. Mana Island

Survivor fans rejoice! Mana Island has been the filming location for the Survivor TV series for the last few Fiji instalments, so if you want to walk in the footprints of Jeff, then this is the place. As for some other amazing qualities of Mana Island, the island has a wide range of accommodations and experiences. Meet locals from the island’s villages, as well as like-minded adventure travellers at two of the island’s backpacker accommodation. Alternatively, the island also hosts the luxurious Mana Island Resort & Spa, where guests can treat themselves to spa treatments, dine at the restaurants and stay in bures on the beach. Book your day trip to Mana Island with South Sea Cruises.

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4. Tavarua Island

Although the island is close to some amazing surf spots (many of which are the same as Namotu Island), Tavarua Island is better known for that island in Fiji that’s shaped like a heart! Of course, you can’t see the heart shape of the island until you hit the skies, so consider booking a scenic flight by helicopter, plane or seaplane to get a wonderful picture opportunity. What’s more, you can even stay on this tiny island in its very own resort complete with a restaurant. Book a day trip toward Tavarua with Coral Cats.

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5. Monuriki Island

Monuriki is a stunning uninhabited island in the Mamanucas that was used as the filming location for the blockbuster, Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks. Although nothing from the movie set remains, Monuriki is best visited to experience Fiji’s island nature. No resorts, no restaurants, no villages… Just an island of pure untamed beauty. Day trips are often available from nearby resorts, like Mana Island, Tokoriki Island and Matamanoa Island, as well as cruises from Port Denarau.

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6. Malolo Lailai

Just south of Malolo Island, Malolo Lailai is another spectacular island that has it all: three resorts, a golf course and easy transport connections (yes, there’s even an airport). Aside from stunning beaches and views of other islands in the Mamanucas, the island is close to some top diving locations! Non-experienced divers can enjoy the calm waters of coral reefs full of tropical fish, while certified divers have the choice of The Supermarket (one of the best shark dives in Fiji), Castaway Passage, and the Salamanda Shipwreck. Plus, Malolo Lailai is just a short boat ride to the Cloud 9 floating bar. Book a day trip toward Tavarua with Coral Cats.

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7. Vomo Island

Looking for luxury on a remote island? Then Vomo is the place. Two private islands await in this isolated corner of the Mamanuca Group. The whole island is owned by the Vomo Island Resort, so you have the whole island to explore, play and relax. Sandy beaches, corals and crystal clear waters surround the forest-filled island. Plus, the towering rocky cliffs of the neighbouring Vomo Lailai never fails to take your breath away.

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8. Tokoriki Island

With two amazing island getaway resorts and a dive shop hosting a wealth of experiences, Tokoriki Island is your one-stop island for all of Fiji’s must-do experiences. Relax with spa treatments before resting at your romantic beachfront bure or join a scuba dive or snorkel safari to see vibrant marine life. Whatever adventure or relaxing island getaway you’re looking for, you’ll find one to suit on Tokoriki Island. Book your stay on the island with Tokoriki Island Resort or Sheraton Resort & Spa Tokoriki Island.

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9. Beachcomber Island

Beachcomber proves that you don’t have to be loaded with cash to experience an island resort in Fiji! This tiny island in the Mamanucas is home to the Beachcomber Resort offering some of the most popular day trips from the mainland, as well as being a great place to stay for the young and young at heart. Enjoy fun activities both on land and in the water, as well as island excursions so you can explore a little more.

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10. Matamanoa Island

Escape to this small but beautiful island with its own adults-only resort, Matamanoa Island Resort. The island, backed with a lush forest hill, is perfect for hiking with amazing vistas over the fellow Mamanuca Islands. You’ll find a wealth of complimentary cultural experiences, such as Fijian cooking lessons, basket weaving, language lesson, sulu tying and much more! Of course, there’s always room for adventure with scuba diving, snorkelling, village visits and island excursions.

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