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How to Plan the Best Trip to the Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Those dreamy islands with soft white sand and swaying coconut palms surrounded by sparkling waters: that’s the Mamanuca Islands. Located just off the coast of Fiji’s main international airport, getting to this stunning archipelago couldn’t be easier. Scattered across the waters of colourful coral reefs and sandbars are islands topped with a wealth of holiday resorts. Choose from five-star accommodation to family-friendly getaways to romantic couples’ excursions and much more. We’ll guide you through it all in this complete travel guide to the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mamanuca Islands

Let’s not beat around the bush; here are the most commonly asked questions travellers have about visiting the Mamanuca Islands.

What are the Mamanuca Islands Known For?

The Mamanuca Islands are known for their tropical island resorts, as well as for their filming locations for movies such as Cast Away and TV shows like Survivor.

Where are the Mamanuca Islands Located?

The Mamanuca Islands are located in the Western Division of Fiji, just off the west coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu.

What is the Weather Usually Like in the Mamanuca Islands?

The daily average temperature in the Mamanuca Islands is 29°C/84°F, while the yearly average rainfall is 1,680mm/66.14″. Find out more in What is the Weather Like in Fiji?

How Do You Get to the Mamanuca Islands?

Direct international flights from the South Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand and Korea land in Nadi International Airport, all of which have many connecting flights. The Mamanuca Islands can be accessed by air from Nadi Airport or via ferry or water taxi from Port Denarau. See the 5 Ways to Get to the Mamanuca Islands for more information.

And check out the Information, Shops & Services in the Mamanuca Islands for more practical tips.

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What to Do in the Mamanuca Islands

The thing to bear in mind about the Mamanuca Islands is that, in most cases, you can do whatever your chosen resort offers (or you can island-hop between resorts). Luckily, resorts here are packed with adventure: scuba diving, snorkelling, island-hopping cruises; relaxation: spas, outdoor pools, eateries; and culture: village visits, cooking lessons, Fijian dancing…

The Top Experiences in the Mamanucas

What are the must-dos? Here are some of the Mamanuca Islands highlights:

… And the list continues over in our 17 Best Things to Do in the Mamanuca Islands.

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Where to Stay in the Mamanuca Islands

Aside from our top recommendations listed alongside this complete travel guide to the Mamanuca Islands (or at the bottom, if you’re reading this on mobile), we’ve compiled the best accommodations and resorts based on price, suitability for families or couples, as well as more premium offerings. What’s more, each article is written by real travellers rather than a dodgy algorithm! Yay!

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Luxury Holidays in the Mamanuca Islands

Stunning island holiday destinations deserve luxury. Stay in five-star resorts, be pampered at five-star island spas, and indulge in divine food on a luxurious getaway to the Mamanuca Islands. Find out more about luxury travel in the Mamanuca Islands in The Luxury Guide to the Mamanuca Islands.

Luxury Experiences

Like the sound of those? Get more information on luxury tours in our 10 Luxury Experiences in the Mamanuca Islands.

Luxury Resorts

Treat yourself and your loved ones to one of the luxury five-star resorts on the islands of Fiji – it’s the holiday you’ve always dreamed about. Take a look at the 7 Luxury Resorts in the Mamanuca Islands to start planning your deluxe getaway.

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Budget Holidays in the Mamanuca Islands

While the Mamanuca Islands feel like a five-star location, there are some budget resorts and backpacker resorts to help you shave the cents off your time in paradise. Even when staying at any of the other resorts, you’ll have access to a wide array of free activities with complimentary use of water and land equipment. Start planning your trip with The Guide to the Mamanuca Islands on a Budget.

Things to Do on a Budget

For more inspiration, check out our 12 Free & Cheap Things to Do in the Mamanuca Islands.

Budget Resorts

Even on the islands of the Mamanucas, there is a fair selection of budget resorts and even backpacker lodges to keep the costs down. These accommodations usually include dorm rooms and private rooms. Learn more in our 5 Best Budget Accommodations on the Mamanuca Islands.

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Family Holidays in the Mamanuca Islands

If you’re looking for a family vacation in paradise, then you’ve certainly found it with the islands of the Mamanucas. Fiji is renowned for its family-friendly holidays and that’s mainly thanks to the famous resorts on the Mamanuca Islands catering to all ages. Get more advice for family travel in the Mamanucas with The Guide to the Mamanuca Islands for Families.

Family Tours and Activities

  • Learn how to scuba dive as a family – kids can start ages 10+ years
  • Get on the water on a family kayaking trip
  • Cruise around the islands on a dolphin or snorkel safari
  • Treat the kids to a fun-filled day at the kids’ club
  • Get competitive in beach volleyball, golf, tennis and more.

And the list goes on! Check it out in our 10 Things to Do in the Mamanuca Islands with Kids.

Family Resorts

Families are seriously spoiled for choice with the amount of family-friendly resorts in the Mamanuca Islands. All of the resorts listed in our 10 Family Resorts in the Mamanuca Islands offer kids’ clubs, child-friendly activities, babysitting services and more for families.

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Adults-Only Holidays in the Mamanuca Islands

While we have just mentioned how “family-friendly” the resorts are in the Mamanuca Group, that doesn’t mean that your Fiji getaway has to be surrounded by over-enthusiastic children. With that in mind, there are some fantastic adult-only resorts in the Mamanucas where you can spend your “Fiji time” just the way you like it. Plan your trip with The Adults-Only Guide to the Mamanuca Islands.

Adults-Only Experiences

For more ideas and information on each activity, check out the 10 Adults-Only Activities in the Mamanuca Islands.

Adults-Only Resorts

That’s right, there are entire resorts dedicated to an adult-only holiday in Fiji. The only guests allowed to stay in these exclusive resorts must be over the age of 16 years old. Check them out in our 7 Adults-Only Resorts in the Mamanuca Islands.

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Foodie Holidays in the Mamanuca Islands

If food is why you travel, then you’re onto a good thing with the Mamanuca Islands. Sure, you have your exceptional dining to try Pacific Rim cuisine, but you also have access to hands-on food-orientated activities to experience the local culture through its cuisine. Find out more about foodie travel with The Foodie Guide to the Mamanuca Islands.

Things to Do for Foodies

And if that hasn’t made your mouth water enough, then check out our 10 Best Foodie Experiences in the Mamanuca Islands.

Foodie Accommodation

Denarau is blessed with fabulous resorts boasting divine dining options and special foodie experiences. Check out our top picks in our 10 Accommodations in the Mamanuca Islands for Foodies.

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Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways in the Mamanuca Islands

Start the rest of your lives together in the paradise islands of the Mamanucas. Almost all of the resorts can organise your dream beach wedding, while others have unique island wedding chapels and stunning venues to celebrate your special day. As for honeymoons or romantic getaways, couples will find many romantic activities and private accommodation. Start planning your romantic getaway with The Wedding, Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to the Mamanuca Islands.

Things to Do for Couples

So make your special time away together truly special with these 10 Romantic Activities in the Mamanuca Islands for Couples. Plus, check out the10 Wedding Venues in the Mamanuca Islands and 10 Wedding Packages in the Mamanuca Islands.

Romantic Resorts

Whether you’re seeking romance and luxury in an adult-only resort or the dream venue for your wedding, we list your best options in our 10 Wedding & Honeymoon Resorts in the Mamanuca Islands.

More Mamanuca Travel Tips

That’s it for our complete travel guide to the Mamanuca Islands but by no means the end of our advice! Check out the following guides for more interesting tips about Fiji’s most-visited outer islands:

Finally, plan more of your travels in Fiji using The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji and 31 Tips for Travelling in Fiji.


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