10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Fiji


Top Scuba Diving Destinations in Fiji

If there’s only one thing you have heard about Fiji, it’s probably how amazing the scuba diving is here. Nicknamed the “Soft Coral Capital”, Fiji offers a superb array of dive sites that are easily accessible with short boat trips. Conditions for scuba diving are generally amazing all year round, but the best months tend to be October and November. With plenty of dive operations across the islands, many of which have bases in resorts, there’s no excuse not to get out there are explore the mind-blowing underwater world of Fiji!

1. Rainbow Reef

Wedged between Vanua Levu and Taveuni and fed by the nutrient-rich currents of the Somosomo Strait, the Rainbow Reef is a top dive destination in Fiji. Explore the vivid tapestry of soft coral and sea fans at popular dive sites like the White Wall and Purple Wall, awash with tree-like coral and overhangs harbouring soldierfish and squirrelfish. Rainbow Passage is another must-hit spot with pinnacles of coral home to various nudibranchs, Christmas tree worms and clown fish. The Rainbow Reef is accessible from resorts on Vanua Levu, as well as resorts on Taveuni.

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2. Great Astrolabe Reef

Serious divers should definitely consider staying in Kadavu for diving in the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef. The Great Astrolabe Reef curls around the bottom of the island group some 100km (62 miles). Needless to say, there are lots on offer for divers here. On the western side of the reef, dive sites like Split Rock, Broken Stone and Vouwa offer a series of fun underwater formations, such as twisting canyons and arches. Dives can be organised from most Kadavu resorts.

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3. Beqa Lagoon

One of the best places for scuba diving off Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, the Beqa Lagoon is lined with one of the world’s largest barrier reefs with 305km (190 miles) of coral. Accessed via dive operators and resorts on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island, the Beqa Lagoon is not only home to an array of amazing coral displays but is one of the top destinations for shark diving. Aqua-Trek offers dives in the aptly-named Shark Reef for an up-close-and-personal experience with bull sharks. Find out more about Aqua-Trek on Viator or Tripadvisor.

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4. Namena Marine Reserve

A protected area from fishing, the Namena Marine Reserve is thriving with coral and other interesting marine creatures. Check out dive sites like Chimneys, which is less than 25m deep. You’ll see several coral pillars reaching up to the surface where numerous fish species hide. North-Save-a-Tack is another recommended dive site, which is a current-swept passage with a dizzying amount of fish and coral. These dives are best accessed with the resorts on Vanua Levu.

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5. Bligh Water

The body of water between Viti Levu and Vanua Levu is known as the Bligh Water. Here, you’ll find a number of amazing and challenging dives for experienced divers. Check out E6, a seamount rising from 1,000m to the surface attracting all sorts of pelagic fish, rays and hammerhead sharks. There’s also a swim-through at the seamount called Cathedral which looks amazing with beams of light breaking through the ceiling. Some of the dive sites of the Bligh Water are accessible with dive operators and resorts on the Suncoast.

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6. Malolo Barrier Reef

Due to its proximity to bustling tourist hubs, like Nadi, Denarau and the Mamanuca Islands, the Malolo Barrier Reef is one of the most popular places to scuba dive in Fiji. Divers are treated to good visibility, diverse marine life and easy sites for beginner and novice divers. The Supermarket is a popular option for its frequent shark encounters, while Gotham City has all the coral heads and tropical reef fish you could dream of. Many dives on the Malolo Barrier Reef can be accessed with the resorts on the Mamanuca Islands, as well as dive operators like Evolution Fiji.

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7. Vawa Island

In the Yasawa Islands, dive sites provide clear waters, an uncrowded experience and stunning underwater seascapes. A great diving option in the Yasawas is Lekima’s Ledge off Vawa Island where novice divers can explore an amazing underwater cliff. Check out some of the resorts in the Yasawa Islands offering scuba diving.

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8. Kuata Island

Another one in the Yasawa Islands, Kuata Island‘s resident resort, Barefoot Kuata Resort, offers another place in Fiji to do shark diving. Be mere metres away from 2-3m sharks, including bull sharks, tiger sharks, tawny nurse sharks, lemon sharks and silver-tip sharks.

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9. Tivua Island

An easy day trip from Nadi and Denarau, Tivua Island is home to a fantastic wreck dive, the MV Raiyawa, in the Mamanuca Islands. Join Captain Cook Cruises for their Tivua Island day trip where experienced divers have the chance to join guides on the wreck dive and its surrounding coral reefs. While it is Fiji’s newest wreck, the artificial reef is quickly attracting an array of fish species. Find out more about Captain Cook Cruises on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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10. Lomaiviti Islands

Finally, the Lomaiviti Islands off the coast of Suva present their own array of dive sites to enjoy. Stay at one of the resorts in the Lomaiviti Islands and you’ll have access to sites such as Shark Reef – home to white-tip sharks, Stairway to Heaven with three gigantic coral heads to swim through, and Bird Island Reef for advanced divers offering amazing stretches of coral attracting sharks, rays, tuna, giant clams and more.

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