Taveuni Transport Guide: 8 Ways to Get to Taveuni (& Get Around Taveuni)

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Taveuni Transport Options

How do you get around Fiji’s Garden Island? With waterfalls to chase, marine parks to find for snorkelling, Fijian villages to visit and International Datelines to cross, you’re definitely going to want to get around the island of Taveuni. We go through all of your best Taveuni transport options, as well as how to get to this breathtaking island in Fiji, with this list of ways to get to Taveuni and how to get around Taveuni.

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1. Taveuni by Plane

The quickest and most convenient way to get to Taveuni is via a domestic flight from Nadi International Airport, Nausori Airport in Suva or Savusavu Airport in Vanua Levu. Both Fiji Airways and Northern Air operate flights in 16-seater planes (so book early to ensure a spot and a good price). Flights arrive at Matei Airport on Taveuni taking approximately 1h15mins from Nadi and 50 minutes from Suva. Pacific Island Air also offers private charter services. Tip: book your international flight all the way to Matei to get the full international baggage allowance the entire way.

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2. Taveuni by Ferry

The most affordable way to get to Taveuni is via a ferry service. Goundar Shipping runs an overnight ferry service from Suva to Wairiki Wharf on Taveuni, located between Wairiki and Waiyevo. The service occurs every Friday and Monday evening taking approximately 16 hours. Book a sleeper cabin for a more comfortable journey. From Vanua Levu, the Taveuni Princess runs a daily ferry from Buca Bay (including a bus service from Savusavu) to Korean Wharf in Lovonivonu taking around 1h30mins.

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3. Taveuni on an All-Inclusive Cruise

Taveuni is just one of many islands visited on the small ship cruises with Captain Cook Cruises. On the Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise, you’ll discover four cultures across the islands of Taveuni and Vanua Levu, as well as delve into Taveuni’s Bouma National Park to visit the famous Bouma Falls. Alternatively, the 12-day Northern Discovery Cruise stops by the Lavena Coastal Walk and waterfall on Taveuni before making for the remote Lau Islands. The cruises include guided tours, meals, activities and the use of snorkelling equipment. Find out more about Captain Cook Cruises on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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4. Taxis and Private Drivers

Taxis are relatively easy to find in the Taveuni towns of Matei, Waiyevo and Naqara. Taxis on Taveuni do not run on a metre so it’s best to agree on a price before using a taxi to avoid any surprises. Most taxi drivers offer private driver services for the day, which can often work out to be cheaper than hiring a car – usually around FJ$140 for the day. Ask around Maqai Airport, Waiyevo or Naqara for private drivers. Otherwise, most accommodations on the island will be able to organise a driver for you. Note that some drivers might not be keen to venture onto some of the inland roads, so be sure to ask.

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5. Bus Transport

Pacific Transport provides super affordable bus services around Taveuni. The bus company operates from Naqara, with routes to Navakawau in the south and between Wairiki on the west coast over to Lavena on the northeast coast via Matei and Bouma Village. The bus has a very limited schedule of around three times a day which is further reduced on a Sunday. Be sure to ask for the latest timetables at your accommodation or in Naqara and Matei, but be prepared for buses to run on “Fiji time“. On the plus side, buses provide quite a fun local’s experience and are incredibly cheap – around $4-$5 per person.

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6. Car Rental on Taveuni

Taveuni certainly has plenty to see on a self-drive tour, which you can make that happen with the island’s only car rental company, Budget. Due to only 20km of road on Taveuni being sealed, most of the vehicles on offer are 4WD, which can cost anywhere between FJ$150-$200 per day. Budget is based in Naqara.

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7. Sightseeing Tours

An easy way to see many of the sights around Taveuni with a sightseeing tour. Many of the resorts offer tours to the highlights with transportation included. Journey to Bouma Falls, Waitabu Marine Park, Lavena or the Waitavala Waterslide with Garden Island Resort or Maqai Beach Eco Resort. Take the Taveuni Introductory Tour with Vacala Bay Resort or take a trip around the island on the Taveuni Explorer with Paradise Taveuni.

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8. Accommodation Airport Transfers

Most resorts on Taveuni will provide their own airport transfer service between the resort and Matei Airport. This will be road transport if the resort is based on Taveuni or boat transport if based on one of the off-shore islands such as Qamea Island or Matangi Island. Resorts based around Matei usually offer the service free of charge, while accommodation elsewhere is likely to charge a fee.

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