The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji© Tourism Fiji
The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji

The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji

© Tourism Fiji

The Best Snorkelling in Fiji

Fiji has a revered reputation for snorkelling, often referred to at the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”. But getting to those explosions of colour under the waves isn’t as easy as simply walking off the beach (well, in some cases it is, and this guide will tell you where). It takes planning to enjoy a stunning snorkelling holiday in Fiji. We’ll help you plan just that with this ultimate guide to snorkelling in Fiji.

What You Need to Know About Snorkelling in Fiji

To get you started, here are some quick tips and facts about snorkelling in Fiji.

  • Most resorts have free snorkelling gear for guests to use, but the quality of the gear varies, so bring your own if possible
  • Ask for a defogging solution to be applied to your mask before you head out
  • Water temperatures are warm, around 27°C (80°F), but a rash vest is worth wearing to protect your skin from the sun
  • While snorkelling is good year-round, winter (June to September) is when the water visibility tends to be at its clearest
  • Snorkelling fins are recommended for Fiji’s waters. It’s also a good idea to have reef shoes for walking in and out of the water
  • While it’s always best to take the approach of “look don’t touch” when snorkelling, be especially mindful of Fiji’s more frisky ocean-dwellers, such as moray eels, banded sea kraits, sea urchins, fire coral, pufferfish, rabbitfish, stingrays and crown of thorns starfish.
The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji© Captain Cook Cruises

The Best Places for Snorkelling

With the ocean around the archipelago of Fiji taking up some 1,264,706km² (488,305mi²), the number of amazing snorkelling spots is by no means limited to the list we’re about to give you. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the majestic displays of coral and hundreds of fish then these are the snorkelling spots that are accessible to most travellers in Fiji:

  • Pacific Harbour – One of the best snorkelling spots just off the mainland and one of the world’s largest barrier reefs is the Beqa Lagoon. Boat tours from nearby resorts are available
  • Yasawa Islands – There are many snorkelling hotspots in the Yasawa Islands, from the Blue Lagoon in the northern islands with azure waters to Moyia Reef in the south with reef shark snorkelling
  • Vanua Levu – See all sorts of fish and coral thriving in the protected Namena Marine Reserve, as well as one of the best coral displays at Rainbow Reef
  • Kadavu – The highlight of this southern island group is the fourth-largest coral reef, the Great Astrolabe Reef. Kadavu resorts offer snorkelling boat trips to the reef.

See more details on each of these locations, as well as more top spots for snorkelling in the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Fiji.

The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji©

The Best Resorts for Snorkelling

Just about every island resort in Fiji offers a boat trip out to a nearby reef for snorkelling. However, not all of the resorts in Fiji have sublime snorkelling from their shores. If you’re expecting to snorkel from the beach above colourful corals, then these are the resorts worth booking:

Learn more about what snorkelling is like at each of these resorts in the 10 Best Snorkelling Resorts in Fiji.

The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji© Captain Cook Cruises

Family-Friendly Snorkelling Sites

Allow kids to get in on the snorkelling action too by basing yourself in one of the more family-friendly snorkelling destinations in Fiji. Some of the best snorkelling spots for families include:

For more information on the above destinations and more, check out The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji for Families.

The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji©

Snorkel with Manta Rays, Sharks and Turtles

Some of the more unique snorkelling experiences available in Fiji include snorkelling with giant manta rays, reef sharks and sea turtles. Although it’s quite possible to spot any of these majestic marine species by chance, it’s best to almost guarantee a viewing by going to the right place at the right season. Check out The Best Seasons for Wildlife in Fiji and discover the best destinations for swimming with these exciting species in our below articles:


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