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Vanua Levu Transport Guide: 6 Ways to Get to Vanua Levu (& Around Vanua Levu)

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How to Get to and Around Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second-largest island, situated northeast of Viti Levu. Because most travellers arrive in Fiji via Nadi International Airport, located on Viti Levu, the most common way to get to Vanua Levu is via domestic flight or ferry. Once you arrive in Vanua Levu, there are several options for getting around, from the extensive bus network to helicopter flights. Find out more about the transport in Vanua Levu in this Vanua Levu transport guide listing the ways to get to Vanua Levu and around Vanua Levu.

1. Vanua Levu by Plane

From Nadi International Airport, the easiest and quickest way to get to Vanua Levu is via a domestic flight to Savusavu Airport. Flights are available with Fiji Airways, Northern Air and Island Hoppers Fiji, taking around one hour. Private charter services by seaplane are available at some of the luxury resorts on Vanua Levu, which is best organised with the resort. Flights to Savusavu are also available from Suva Airport (Viti Levu) and to Labasa Airport (Vanua Levu). Some resorts offer airport transfers either for free or for a fee, so be sure to inquire with your resort for an easy airport transfer. Learn more about What Are the Airports in Fiji?

Tip: if you’re flying on Fiji Airways from overseas, book your flight all the way to Savusavu to get the international luggage allowance. Otherwise, the domestic luggage allowance is 15kg (33 pounds).

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2. Vanua Levu by Ferry

For travellers on a budget, there’s also the option to take one of the ferries. Interlink Shipping Line travels between Natovi/Suva and Nabouwalu/Savusavu/Labasa, Fiji Searoad Service travels between Lautoka/Nadi/Natovi/Suva and Nabouwalu/Savusavu/Labasa, and Goundar Shipping travels between Suva and Savusavu. Ferry services usually include bus transfers from the ferry ports in Nabouwalu and Natovi to the towns stated above. While taking a ferry is cheaper than taking a flight – see How Much Do Water Taxis & Ferries Cost in Fiji? – the travel duration is much longer. Bus and ferry services between Viti Levu and Vanua Levu take approximately 4h30mins to 11 hours. Nevertheless, it’s a real Fiji adventure and a great way to travel like a local!

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3. Taxis on Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu is well-connected with roads, so taxi services are easy to find. Taxis ranks are located at Savusavu Airport and by the Savusavu bus station on Lesiaceva Road. Otherwise, your accommodation will be able to call the nearest taxi. Taxis are affordable even running on a meter. If you are hiring a taxi to do some sightseeing in the countryside for the day, you should negotiate a price. Check out more of our tips in 10 Things You Need to Know About Taxis in Fiji.

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4. Bus Services on Vanua Levu

Public buses on Vanua Levu offer an extremely cheap (FJ$3-$15) and scenic way to get around the island. Buses have open windows and offer an opportunity to mingle with the friendly locals. The main bus station is located in Savusavu on Lesiaceva Road (near the marketplace), with bus services running all around the island to Labasa, Natewa Bay, Napuca, Naweni, Lesiaceva and everywhere in between. Pick up an up-to-date timetable from the Savusavu Bus Station. Note that some bus services do not run on a Sunday.

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5. Car Rental on Vanua Levu

Another way to get around Vanua Levu is to do it yourself with a rental car. Vanua Levu offers a number of scenic drives with interesting stops along the way. Sealed roads include the road between Savusavu and Labasa, as well as the Hibiscus Highway. Otherwise, other roads on Vanua Levu are gravel roads. Car hire companies on Vanua Levu include Budget Rental Cars, Vanua Rental Cars, AA Car Rental, AAQIB Rentals and more. See The Best Car Rentals on Vanua Levu for more comparisons.

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6. Cruise Ship

Not only is Savusavu a port of call for some of the international cruises featuring Fiji on the itinerary, which you can learn more about in the 10 Cruises That Visit Fiji, but Vanua Levu also features on national cruises with Captain Cook Cruises. The most frequent cruise to Savusavu is on the 7-Night Colonial Cruise, which departs six times a year. Their 7-Night 4 Cultures Discovery Cruise might only depart a few times a year, but it’s a great way to discover some of the different islands around Vanua Levu, including Kioa, as well as Savusavu and Labasa. Learn more about Captain Cook Cruises on Viator, Tripadvisor and The Guide to Cruises Around Fiji.

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[CLOSED] Helicopter Flights on Vanua Levu

[Update: Helicopter flights in Savusavu are no longer available]. Finally, if you want to get around Vanua Levu in style, then use the helicopter service based in Savusavu. Savusavu Helicopters offers transfers between Savusavu and Taveuni, and Savusavu and Labasa, as well as bespoke transfers. Needless to say, the flights are utterly scenic and come at a premium rate. If you’re looking for more scenic flight experiences, see The Epic Guide to Helicopter Tours in Fiji.

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More About Vanua Levu Transport and Ways to Get to Vanua Levu


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