10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on the Coral Coast


Budget Activities on the Coral Coast

It’s true, not all days during your Coral Coast holiday can be taken up with pricey scuba diving trips, spa treatments and fishing charters. That’s why we’ve put together this quick list of free and cheap things to do on the Coral Coast! You might be surprised by the number of free activities available in resorts, as well as free and cheap attractions scattered across Fiji’s southern coast.

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1. Do a Dive Lesson… For Free!

Scuba diving is always considered an expensive activity, so make sure it’s right for you by taking advantage of the free introductory scuba diving lessons in resorts! Budget accommodation on the Coral Coast, like Mango Bay Resort and Crusoe’s Retreat, offers a complimentary scuba diving lesson in the resort pool. Check out more resort recommendations in our 10 Best Budget Accommodation on the Coral Coast.

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2. Take Part in a Kava Ceremony

Experience a Fijian kava ceremony – a staple of the Fiji islands where new visitors share a narcotic drink with villagers (or the resort staff). Kava ceremonies and “sessions” are organised at resorts such as Mango Bay Resort, Crusoe’s Retreat and Bedarra Beach Inn, giving guests an opportunity to taste the drink and learn about the ritual surrounding the ceremony. However, the most authentic version of a kava ceremony is when actually visiting a village through a guided village tour or a homestay, so be prepared with some Yaqona (kava root) to present as sevusevu (a gift). For more information, see Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village.

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3. Make Your Own Fijian Souvenir

On the theme of Fijian culture, budget travellers will get lots more free opportunities to learn about Fijian arts, crafts and food through resorts like Mango Bay Resort, The Beachhouse and Crusoe’s Retreat. Make your own souvenir in a traditional Fijian weaving lesson, learn to cook Fijian dishes, make coconut jewellery and more!


4. Visit the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

Get outside the confines of your resort and discover the unusual landscapes of the Sigatoka Sand Dunes. The Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park is protected for its unique nature and history. Arrive at the visitor centre, open 8am-5pm, where it’s only FJ$10 per adult to access the walking trails ranging 1 to 2 hours. Highlights of the park include archaeological sites, as well as pockets of forest for bird-watching.

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5. Check Out the Shops and Markets in Sigatoka

More ways to get outside of your resort are by visiting the nearby towns. The hub of the Coral Coast is Sigatoka, full of craft stores and the Sigatoka Market. The market is a must-do, not only to see the array of tropical fruit, vegetables but to also mingle with the friendly stallholders. Local buses and taxis are a cheap way to get to and from Sigatoka. Otherwise, inquire if your resort operates a shuttle service.

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6. Visit the Biausevu Waterfall

This breathtaking waterfall and swimming hole is a popular natural attraction that many pricey tours take visitors to. However, it can also be done for rather cheap. Either drive or take a taxi to the village of Biausevu, where local villagers will guide you to the Biausevu Waterfall, also known as the Savu Na Mate Lava Waterfall, for a small fee in Fijian dollars (cash). Alternatively, guided tours to the waterfall are available with Excites Tours & Travel (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor). Discover more trips like this in The Best Day Trips from the Coral Coast.

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7. Go Kayaking

A staple of any waterfront accommodation on the Coral Coast, kayaks are is almost always available to hire for free! Get out on the water and explore the coast or test your teamwork as a couple in a double kayak. Just ask the resort staff where are the best places to paddle to.

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8. Snorkel in a Lagoon

Discover the tropical fish and colourful underwater world of the Coral Coast by making use of the complimentary snorkelling equipment. Although the off-shore snorkelling is not as good as what you would find on Fiji’s outer islands, resorts on the Coral Coast like the Mango Bay Resort, Crusoe’s Retreat and Bedarra Beach Inn have access to a lagoon with some fantastic snorkelling. Alternatively, many resorts offer snorkelling boat trips, usually at an affordable rate.


9. Get Competitive with Some Beach Sports

Many budget resorts on the Coral Coast offer plenty of ways to get competitive with your partner, family or fellow travellers on land with sports such as beach volleyball, table tennis, pool table, badminton, and beach favourites like crab racing and coconut bowling. For a bit of rejuvenation, The Beachhouse even offers free daily yoga classes!

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10. Scout Out the Cheap Eats on the Coral Coast

It’s true, the resorts on the Coral Coast don’t offer the cheapest meals (nor the most flavoursome) when compared to the eateries in town. So be sure to scout out some of the cheap eats when exploring the Coral Coast! Try Indo-Fijian curries, fresh Fijian-style seafood, Chinese dishes, and quaint lunch stands that we recommend in our Top Cheap Eats on the Coral Coast!

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More Free and Cheap Things to Do in the Coral Coast

That’s it for the free and cheap things to do in the Coral Coast. Don’t forget to bookmark The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji on a Budget. Trust us, there’s a lot of useful tips in there!


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