The Activities in the Lomaiviti Islands You Can’t Miss

With so many of us having little time to explore the islands of Fiji, we want to know what are the experiences we must do! The Lomaiviti Islands holds a fascinating history, from the Chiefly islands of Moturiki and Ovalau to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Levuka. The culture is rich and authentic here, as is the diverse underwater world among the coral reefs. So if you want to explore the best that the Lomaiviti Islands has to offer, check out our list of the must-dos in the Lomaiviti Islands below!

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1. Hike to Lovoni Village in a Volcanic Crater

The village of Lovoni was once home to a feared tribe living in the centre of the impenetrable volcanic crater. The stories of this tribe are best told on a tour with Epi’s Midland Tour with a guide from the village itself. The tour starts with a bumpy ride up the dirt road from Levuka leading to Lovoni where Epi will present a sevuesvu (gift) on your behalf to the chief before you enjoy lunch with Epi’s family. The village is now located along the side of the caldera for practical reasons, but still boasts dramatic scenery and an interesting cultural experience. Full-day hikes to Lovoni are also available with The Baystay in Rukuruku Village – see 7 Best Budget Accommodation on Ovalau for more information.

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2. Explore the Historic Town of Levuka

The beautifully preserved Levuka town was once the capital of Fiji and a bustling metropolis between 1871 and 1881 before the capital moved to Suva. The town is home to a lot of Fiji’s “firsts”, such as the first hotel, first bank, Methodist church, school and much more. Start your exploration of the town at The Morris Hedstrom building home to the Levuka Community Centre where you can pick up maps for a self-guided tour, join a guided tour, or check out the relics in the small Levuka Museum – see 5 Fascinating Museums in Fiji. Other historical points of interest in Levuka include the Church of the Sacred Heart (1858) located on Beach Street, and around Nasau Pak the Ovalau Club (1904), the Town Hall (1898) and the Navoka Methodist Church (1862). See more activities like this in 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do in the Lomaiviti Islands.


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3. Scuba Dive with Sharks, Turtles and Vibrant Coral Reefs

The Lomaiviti Islands are packed with exciting dive sites. The PADI dive centre at the Toberua Island Resort takes visitors to more than 10 dives sites – a highlight being Shark Reef with white-tip reef sharks among dramatic coral overhangs. Additionally, Sacred Reef offers something for all diver levels with caves home to sharks, turtles, groupers, eagle rays and more! Wayaka Club & Spa also makes an excellent base for diving with the figure-of-eight coral reef half wrapping around the island and protected as a marine reserve.

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4. Meet the Farm Animals and Slide Down the Natural Waterslides at Bobo’s Farm

Bobo’s Farm, located on the north coast of Ovalau between the villages of Rukuruku and Taviya, not only does budget-friendly accommodation (see 9 Best Family Resorts on the Lomaiviti Islands) but the farm is also open for day trips. Visit the farm and the friendly Bobo for a tour of the farm, along with the dogs, cats, pigs and cows, as well as a short walk through the rainforest to a natural waterslide. It’s a great option if you’re travelling with kids. See 10 Things To Do in the Lomaiviti Islands with Kids for more suggestions.

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5. Kayak Through Mangroves, Over Coral Reefs or in an Outrigger Canoe

Another great option for all ages, explore the azure waters of the Lomaivitis by paddling out in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. For a bit of structure, the kayak route through the mangroves from the Kauwai Guesthouse on Ovalau is a fun option. Or for something a little different, paddle out on one of Leleuvia Island Resort’s outrigger canoes – the real Pacific Island way! The serenity of this activity also makes it one of the 7 Romantic Activities in the Lomaiviti Islands for Couples.

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6. Drink Kava with the Locals

It’s likely that you will have heard about Fiji’s national drink “Kava” or “Yaqona”. This narcotic drink made with ground up yaqona roots is used during welcoming ceremonies for new village visitors – known as Kava ceremonies. This is how most tourists will experience Kava in Fiji, but on the Lomaiviti Islands, you’ll get to experience the drink as the locals do – drinking casually while socialising. For instanct, Leleuvia Island Resort does a weekly Lovo and Kava Night where Kava will be prepared for guests to enjoy throughout the night. At The Baystay on Ovalau, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to join your hosts and other locals for Kava nights if you wish to. See more foodie experiences like this in 8 Things to Do in the Lomaiviti Islands for Foodies.

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7. Indulge in a Spa Treatment

While the beauty of the Lomaiviti Islands and balmy ocean breeze are relaxing enough, enhancing your state of mind with a spa treatment is sure to take you to another level. Indulge in a range of treatments combined with Pure Fiji products at the Wakaya Spa on Wakaya Island or in the massage bure (Fijian bungalow) of the Toberua Island Resort. You can also work on your wellness at one of the regular yoga retreats on Toberua Island or the Kauwai Guesthouse on Ovalau. For more activities like this, see 8 Luxury Activities in the Lomaiviti Islands.

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8. Fish for Some of the World’s Most Exciting Game Species

Fishing is a way of life in Fiji and somthing visiotrs can easily enjoy themselves. Make it a relaxing trip fishing for small reef fish with Caqalai Island Resort, Bobo’s Farm and Kauwai Guesthouse. Alternatively, amp up the experience targeting large game fish like Mahimahi, Giant Trevally, Yellow-fin Tuna and much more on a sports fishing charter available with Toberua Island Resort or Wakaya Club & Spa.

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9. Play Golf or Tennis at a Private Island Resort

Even on a secluded island in the South Pacific, you can find modern joys in life like golf courses only accessible at low tide and tennis courts… At the  Toberua Island Resort, the 9-hole golf course offers fun challenges including a hole which is only playable at low tide. The golf course on Wakaya Island is also a 9-hole course meandering through a colonial coconut plantation. In addition, Wakaya Club & Spa also has a fully lite tennis court for guests to take advantage of.

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10. Visit Naigani Island

About 10km/6miles off the north coast of Ovalau, Naigani Island is a fascinating place to visit or even stay the night with an Airbnb host (and here’s some FREE $50 Airbnb credit to put toward your stay)! During the reign of a Fijian king, Cakabau, Naigani’s villagers were aligned with his enemy, Verata, which lead to a famous invasion of the island in 1860. All but two villagers were killed (and taken to Bau to be eaten). Today, the island has a small population, some of which are the descendants of the survivors. You may be able to get a tour of the original village and an old hillfort on the northernmost peak of the island. Bobo from Bobo’s Farms (see above) also offers a boat trip to the island.

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10 Must-Dos in the Lomaiviti Islands