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5 Best Places for Stargazing in Fiji

5 Best Places for Stargazing in Fiji

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Where to Watch the Stars in Fiji

Most of us escape to the islands of Fiji to experience the sun, but when night falls another marvel takes its place. The stargazing in Fiji is nothing short of exceptional. With remote islands and limited development producing artificial light, just about anywhere in Fiji has amazing stargazing on a clear night. However, if you’re looking for resorts and/or islands with some of the best stargazing in Fiji, then this list will guide you.

1. Yasawa Island

Well, technically, anywhere in the Yasawa Group will be a good place to watch the stars on a clear night. However, the largest island in the group, which goes by the same name, has many sheltered spots on the island away from any light pollution. For instance, the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa toward the northern end of the island has just 18 luxury bungalows scattered in private areas of the property, making it easy to find a secluded and dark spot for stargazing. Otherwise, head out to one of the 10 private beaches for more easy stargazing. Learn more about staying in the Yasawa Islands in The Complete Guide to the Yasawa Islands.

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2. Taveuni

With around 80% of the island being a national park on an island sitting on the 180th parallel in the southern Pacific Ocean, Taveuni is far enough away from civilisation for some unbelievable stargazing. Anywhere on the coast without the obstruction of trees is a good place to stargaze in Taveuni. Furthermore, the Raiwasa Grand Villa in Taveuni has special star-gazing recliners on the villa’s private deck for your to get comfortable while counting the shooting stars. Learn more about Fiji’s “Garden Island” in The Complete Guide to Taveuni.

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3. Yaqeta Island

It’s in the name: Yaqeta Island in the Yasawas is home to the Navutu Stars Resort, which incidentally is a spectacular place for stargazing in Fiji. The adult-only resort is the ideal retreat for couples, where stargazing is just one of the many romantic activities on the menu. The Beachfront Bures (bungalows) are footsteps from the beach where you’ll have your own recliners waiting to lie back and watch the stars. Check out more amazing resorts in the 10 Best Resorts in the Yasawa Islands.

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4. Vanua Levu

Fiji’s second-largest island might stand out on the map of Fiji, but it is far less visited and populated. You know what that means? Exceptional stargazing! The more remote you go, the better the stargazing becomes, and you can hardly get more remote than The Remote Resort. The all-inclusive resort sits on the edge of its own peninsula, accessible from Vanua Levu or across the water from Taveuni. The resort has plenty of private open space to enjoy watching the stars, even from a private plunge pool on your villa’s deck. Learn more about the island in The Complete Guide to Vanua Levu.

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5. Pacific Harbour

Even from the scattered resorts and villages of Fiji’s main island, you can catch some amazing nights for stargazing. One of the places where you can enjoy a stargazing experience is from the Nanuku Auberge Resort on the Pacific Harbour. The five-star resort can organise camp-outs outside of your villa with a bonfire on the beach and stargazing through a telescope. Check out more ways to experience the Pacific Harbour in The Complete Guide to Pacific Harbour & Beqa.

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More About Stargazing in Fiji

That’s it for the best places for stargazing in Fiji. See more amazing experiences in the 101 Things to Do in Fiji. Plus, get even more tips from The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji.


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