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10 Things to Do in the Lomaiviti Islands with Kids

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Family Activities on the Lomaiviti Islands

The interesting history, authenticity and frankly less-busy Lomaiviti Islands can be a rewarding destination in Fiji to visit. However, with the lack of kids’ clubs on the islands and obvious family-friendly activities, finding something to do with the little ones can be a little challenging. Nevertheless, we’ve put together this quick list of ideas to keep the whole family happy while you discover the beauty of these stunning islands in Fiji. Check out your options with this list of things to do in the Lomaiviti Islands with kids.

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1. Kayak Through the Mangroves, Over Coral Reefs or on an Outrigger Canoe

Kayaking is a safe family-friendly activity in the Lomaiviti Islands, even for the youngest of your group where life jackets will be provided. What’s more, it’s a free activity at resorts on the Lomaiviti Islands. Discover this relaxing way to explore the bays and reefs, which is easy to learn. For a bit of structure, kayak through the mangroves from the Kawai Guesthouse on Ovalau – one of their shorter kayaking trips on offer, so a good choice for kids. Or for something a little different, paddle out on one of Leleuvia Island Resort‘s outrigger canoes, pretending you’re early Pacific Islanders navigating the seas!

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2. Snorkel Among Colourful Reef Fish

If your kids can swim then don’t miss the opportunity to discover the amazing underwater world of the Lomaiviti Islands. While scuba diving is often the more desirable option, snorkelling can be just as spectacular while being much more accessible for kids. There is fantastic snorkelling available off the shores of Caqalai and Leleuvia islands, both of which have resorts. Boat trips to Honeymoon Island are also available from the islands, offering an exciting opportunity to see reef sharks among the coral – don’t worry, they’re perfectly friendly. On Ovalau, some of the best snorkelling can be found at a fringing reef about 1km past Wagadaci Village and at the stretch of beach just off the Ovalau Holiday Resort – you will need your own snorkel gear.

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3. Discover What the Schools are Like in Fiji with a Village Visit

Village visits are an immersive cultural experience and likely to be one of the most memorable moments of your family visit to the Lomaiviti Islands. Join resorts such as the Toberua Island Resort for a local village visit where your family will have the opportunity to visit a Fijian school – a donation to the school is much appreciated, otherwise the resort works to support the school. The visit also includes a “meke” dance performance and the chance to take part in a kava ceremony (don’t worry, the kids aren’t expected to drink kava). On Ovalau, Bobo at Bobo’s Farm offers a trip to the local village of Rukuruku to visit the school where visitors are welcomed with enthusiasm.

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4. Learn to Weave or Husk a Coconut

If your kids love to craft then they’ll get on well with Fijians where crafting has been part of their lives for hundreds of years. On Toberua Island, join the staff for their regular basket weaving lessons where you’ll all learn more about this ancient Fijian tradition while weaving your own funky hat or basket. Coconut husking is also always a popular one with the kids, getting them prepared for the big things in life like getting marooned on an island! Check out the coconut husking demonstrations at the Ovalau Holiday Resort and Toberua Island Resort.

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5. Discover the Exciting Na Vu Wai Waterslide

The Lomaiviti Islands don’t need children’s playgrounds when nature has already provided. Join Bobo from Bobo’s Farm for a trip to the natural playground of Na Vu Wai – Ovalau’s waterslide. The walk to the waterslide is only a 20-minute walk through the forest where you’ll find a small cascade of waterfalls to swim under, relax by or slide down. For more day trips for the family, check out The Best Day Trips from the Lomaiviti Islands.

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6. Bond on a Fijian Fishing Trip

Fishing isn’t just a way for families to bond during the holidays, it’s a way of life in Fiji. The waters surrounding Fiji have a stunning array of reef fish, as well as highly-sought game fish that’s sure to excite mum and dad. Impress the youngsters with a sports fishing trip, available with Toberua Island Resort, Leleuvia Island Resort, Bobo’s Farm and Dere Bay Resort.

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7. Soak Up the History of Levuka Town

Levuka was Fiji’s first capital, set up during the days of whalers and traders. Just walking around the finely preserved buildings protected by their UNESCO World Heritage status is enough to get the imaginations of the little ones going. While popping into stores and trying the local cuisine at the Whale’s Tale is one way to enjoy the town, you can also do a walking tour by picking up a map from the Levuka Community Centre or ask at the Community Centre for a guided tour.

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8. Meet the Farm Animals at Bobo’s Farm

Not only does Bobo’s Farm, located on the north coast of Ovalau between the villages of Rukuruku and Taviya, do budget-friendly accommodation (see 9 Best Family Resorts on the Lomaiviti Islands) but the farm is also open for day trips. Visit the farm and the friendly Bobo for a tour of the farm, along with the dogs, cats, pigs and cows (and whatever else he has at the time), as well as a short walk through the rainforest to waterfalls and the Na Vu Wai Waterslide. He’ll also provide a yummy lunch.

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9. Enjoy Some Downtime with Volleyball, Tennis, Golf or Petanque

While the resorts on the Lomaiviti Islands do not have kids’ clubs, Toberua Island Resort can organise games and activities, especially for children. In addition, the resort has a pool table, table tennis, petanque, volleyball, “path-putting” (like mini golf) and board games which helps keep the little ones entertained in between all of the activities we’ve listed above. For those lucky enough to be staying at Wakaya Club & Spa, you have access to a 9-hole golf course and tennis courts, suitable for older kids to enjoy.

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10. Have a Splash About in the Pool

If all else fails, we all know how kids love to splash in the pool. Resorts on the Lomaiviti Islands with swimming pools include Dere Bay Resort, Ovalau Holiday Resort, Royal Hotel and Toberua Island Resort. The luxury Sega Na Leqa accommodation on Wakaya Club & Spa has a private infinity pool. Check out more accommodation options in the 10 Best Resorts on the Lomaiviti Islands.

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More About Exploring the Lomaiviti Islands with Kids

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