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10 Things to Know About Fishing in Fiji

10 Things to Know About Fishing in Fiji

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Tips, Tricks and Facts About Fishing in Fiji

With 333 islands and 6,400km² (2,470mi²) of coral reefs, Fiji certainly has something for anglers. Whether you want to test your skills at reeling in a speedy wahoo, head to the deep seas to catch a blue marlin or introduce the kids to tropical fishing at the coral reefs, there’s something for everyone when it comes to fishing in Fiji. In this list of things to know about fishing in Fiji, we go over when and what to catch in Fiji, tips for choosing a fishing charter and much more!

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1. Fiji’s Waters Have Some of the World’s Best Game Species

Fiji’s waters are home to some of the most exciting predator fish for anglers. Popular game fish in Fiji include blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, Pacific sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, skipjack tuna, mahimahi, Spanish mackerel, wahoo and giant trevally. Learn more about what you can fish for in Fiji in What Types of Fish Can You Fish For in Fiji?

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2. Fishing is Available From Almost Everywhere

As all of the resorts in Fiji will tell you, where they are is the best place to go fishing in Fiji. And that’s mostly true because there isn’t really a bad place for fishing in Fiji! Highly sought game fish, like the ones listed in the point above, can be accessed from every island group and region in Fiji, as long as you have a boat and the local know-how to get you there. That’s one of the reasons why fishing charters are a must! As for reef fishing, there’s 6,400km² (2,470mi²) of coral reefs lie in Fiji’s waters, so…

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3. Some Resorts Specialise in Certain Types of Fishing

While standard fishing charters will do trolling, others offer specialities like spearfishing, popping and jigging and handline fishing. Learn more about where to spearfish and who to spearfish within The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Fiji. As for tours that offer different fishing techniques for the experienced angler, see 10 Best Fishing Tours in Fiji.

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4. Reef Fishing is a Great Introduction to Fishing

For those looking for something less demanding, have never fished before, or who want to introduce children to fishing, reef fishing is a great option. Reef fishing will take you above the coral reefs to fish for smaller fish like cod, snapper, emperor, sweet lip, coral trout, parrotfish and leather jacket.

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5. Handline Fishing is Traditional and Affordable!

While spearfishing is a popular fishing technique with the locals, a more accessible technique to try is handline fishing. Handline fishing doesn’t require seriously expensive equipment, so you’ll find that many of the resorts in Fiji offer handline fishing for free or at an extremely affordable rate. Give it a go!

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6. Fijian Villages Have Their Own Fishing Grounds

Villages in Fiji have their own fishing grounds, as that is where they source their food. Outsiders wishing to fish in these grounds will need the permission of the village chief. But don’t worry, fishing charters and resorts have already gone through the protocol to ensure your trip is ethical.

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7. Fishing is Best Between November and March

Fishing can be enjoyed in Fiji year-round. While skipjack tuna, Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, wahoo and mahimahi are in Fiji’s waters all year, there are better times of the year to increase your chances of catching these fish and a few seasonal others. Check out the best seasons to target certain fish in What is the Best Time of Year for Fishing in Fiji.

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8. Billfish are “Catch and Release”

Billfish, such as marlin and sailfish, are for “catch and release” only in order to boost conservation efforts. Many fishing charters in Fiji operate with a “tag and release” programme working with The Billfish Foundation, so choose a sustainable operator. Other restrictions for sustainable fishing in Fiji include minimum fish-size limits and the establishment of marine reserves.

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9. Choose a Fishing Charter That Can Cook Up Your Catch!

While some fishing charters simply clean up your catch and give it to you to deal with, others work with local restaurants that will prepare your catch for dinner. Check out the 10 Best Fishing Tours in Fiji to see which tours offer these services. Note that in-house fishing trips in resorts almost always offer this service, getting the resort restaurant to cook up your catch.

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10. Find a Shared Charter for Cheaper Rates

As you may well know, fishing charters are one of the most expensive activities in Fiji. However, some fishing tours offer shared fishing charters with other solo travellers or couples in order to reduce the cost of the fishing charter per person. Get more advice like this in How To Choose the Best Fishing Tour in Fiji.

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