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5 Best Eco-Resorts in Kadavu

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Environmentally-friendly Resorts in Kadavu, Fiji

Kadavu encapsulates all things eco! You’ll definitely see why the resorts here want to preserve this pristine final frontier in Fiji with much of the island awash in rainforest and wrapped by the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef, the Great Astrolabe Reef. Every single one of Kadavu’s resorts stands together to maintain sustainable living and tourism experiences on the island, making it an amazing destination for eco-travel in Fiji. What’s more, resorts work with local villages aiming to have a positive impact on the local culture. We go into detail with this list of eco-resorts on Kadavu.

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1. Tiliva Resort

Give back a little when staying at Tiliva Resort on Kadavu by joining one of its volunteer programs or taking part in its “Pack for a Purpose” program saving some space in your suitcase to take school supplies to the local village school. More than just your stay in a bure (bungalow) a renewable energy system and biodegradable products, the activities selection at Tiliva Resort are also chosen with the local environment in mind. Their eco-adventures include kayaking, waterfall hikes, scuba diving, traditional Fijian Lovo, outrigger paddling and more. Find out more about the resort and others in 8 Best Resorts on Kadavu.

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2. Matava Resort

Matava’s mantra is all about sustainability, from the food served at dinnertime to the resort’s bures blending in with the natural environment. The resort offering accommodation for solo travellers, groups, families, but mainly couples, and has a number of eco award under its belt, including Silver in the Best Local Sourcing category of the World Responsible Tourism Awards, winner of Sustainability in the Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards, Asia Pacific’s first PADI Green Star Award and more. The organic farm at the resort feeds both guests and the local villages and the resort follows strict guidelines in its experiences with a “look don’t touch” policy when scuba diving and a “tag & release” policy for game fishing. Find out more about this resort in 10 Best Hotels on Kadavu.

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3. Mai Dive Astrolabe Reef Resort

This dive resort on Ono Island boasts sustainable island living, including growing its own organic food for guests and taking only as much from the sea as they need, each day at a time. In terms of modern sustainability, the resort has 24-hour electricity thanks to its solar power system. Plus, the construction of the “bach” style bungalows are made with local sustainable materials. Find out more about staying here in our 8 Best Family Resorts on Kadavu.

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4. Papageno Resort

This resort set among acres of pristine forest is also committed to the environment it relies on. Energy is run on solar, micro-hydro and a back-up diesel generator with plans of installing a wind-powered generator. Organic waste is composted and water is treated through a series of septic tanks. Food is from the resort’s own organic vegetable garden or bought from local fishermen to aid the local economy, as well as organise small group trips to like villages to aid local communities. Find out more about this resort in the 5 Best Wedding & Honeymoon Resorts on Kadavu.

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5. Kokomo Private Island

This luxury private island resort boasts sustainable food practices, launching the Fiji chapter of the Dock to Dish initiative. Ingredients for Kokomo Private Island’s gourmet dining are grown organically in their 5.5acre/2.2ha farm including 16 beehives and 170 free-range chickens. The resort also offers wellness programs should you want to look after yourself, as well as the world around you. Learn more about luxury travel on Kadavu with our The Complete Guide to Kadavu.

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