10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Chris McLennan - Tourism Fiji
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs

10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs

© Chris McLennan – Tourism Fiji

Resorts in Fiji Where You Can Plant Coral and Save the Ocean

Holiday with a purpose by staying at a resort with its very own conservation program. While some have giant clam nurseries you can dive to or educational kids’ clubs, others have hands-on activities for guests where you can plant coral yourself. This list of Fiji resorts with conservation programs goes through some of the resorts looking after the environment, either with their own environmental programs and/or programs that guests can get involved in.

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1. Barefoot Kuata Island Resort

An honest, no-nonsense yet gorgeous boutique resort in the Yasawa Islands, Barefoot Kuata Island Resort admits, “We actually prefer not to be referred to as an eco-resort as it is almost impossible to run a resort with zero negative impact…” Everything they do to compensate for their impact is done themselves with a full-time on-site marine biologist dedicated to a number of projects, from water quality testing to the care and preservation of all marine life. Guests at the resort are welcome to get involved in the resort’s conservation projects.

Check Barefoot Kuata Island Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Barefoot Kuata Island Resort

2. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

One of the big names in marine conservation, education and Fiji resorts, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is not only highly involved in conservation programs but educates its guests and local communities. The resort on Vanua Levu works in conjunction with Ocean Futures Society, and more recently, the Sustainable Reefs program to help educate secondary schools, educators and communities in the Pacific Region. They also offer one of the most fun and informative kids’ clubs in Fiji to educate kids about the importance of protecting the ocean.

Check Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

3. Mantaray Island Resort

As swimming with giant manta rays is one of the highlights of Mantaray Island Resort, they take preserving their ocean environment seriously. The resort in the Yasawa Islands has established a marine reserve in the waters right in front of the resort, allowing for their house reef to thrive. As well as having eco-resort features, like composting toilets and a wastewater treatment system, they have installed “eco-bin stations” on the beach to encourage guests to pick up any rubbish they see.

Check Mantaray Island Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Mantaray Island Resort

4. Likuliku Lagoon Resort

This adult-only luxury resort in the Mamanuca Islands not only is involved with marine conservation programs, such as turtle conservation, coral gardening and restoration, crown of thorns eradication, giant clam restoration and more but their work on the land is perhaps the most impressive. Working with its sister resort, Malolo Island Resort, and other Fiji organisations, Likuliku Lagoon Resort is involved in the Tropical Dry Forest Restoration Program, a planting initiative that has been set up to restore and stitch together dry forest patches – one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet – with native tree species on their resorts’ land leases.

Check Likuliku Lagoon Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Likuliku Lagoon Resort

5. Plantation Island Resort

This family-friendly resort in the Mamanuca Islands has a strong focus on marine conservation, particularly coral gardening in partnership with Corals for Conservation. Plantation Island Resort gets guests involved with coral planting as part of both their adults’ and kids’ activity programs, also working with University of the South Pacific marine biology students. See more resorts like this in the 10 Best Family Resorts in Fiji.

Check Plantation Island Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Plantation Island Resort

6. Tokoriki Island Resort

A member of the Mamanuca Environment Society (MES), Tokoriki Island Resort, is involved with turtle and coral conservation, education and water quality monitoring. The adult-only resort in the Mamanuca Islands most famously created the Tokoriki Giant Clam Regeneration more than 20 years ago with the Ministry of Fisheries which brought tridacna gigas clams (a critically endangered species) back to Fiji’s reefs. Now, Tokoriki has one of the largest collections of mature tridacna gigas clams in Fiji, which resort guests can dive to.

Check Tokoriki Island Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Tokoriki Island Resort

7. Castaway Island Resort

Part of Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, Castaway Island Resort and its sister resort, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, is part of the hotel chain’s “OZONE” program aiming to protect and grow coral reefs in the oceans surrounding its resorts. This includes reviving the depleted reef surrounding Castaway Island that has started to see clams, more fish and friendly reef sharks returning to its shoreline.

Check Castaway Island Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Castaway Island Resort

8. Makaira Resort

One of the best resorts to get into coral gardening yourself, Makaira Resort on the “garden island” of Taveuni is a top choice for the environmentally conscious. The resort owner is a passionate environmentalist who offers free lessons in coral gardening where guests leave having planted their own section of reef paradise. Return visitors can see how much their coral has progressed since their last stay.

Check Makaira Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Makaira Resort

9. Treasure Island Resort

One of the first resorts in the Mamanuca Islands to employ a full-time environmental officer, Treasure Island Resort has been invested in protecting their island’s population of hawksbill turtles for more than 40 years. Their Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Program releases hundreds of turtles back into the wild each year. For guests, this means turtle feeding displays, while the kids’ club helps forage for turtle food. Learn more in the 7 Best Places to See & Swim with Turtles in Fiji.

Check Treasure Island Resort out:
10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Treasure Island Resort

10. Tavarua Island Resort

Finally, a surf resort in the Mamanucas, Tavarua Island Resort is another resort with its own giant clam nursery to help boost the populations of this important marine species to local reefs. The eco-resort also has water bottle refilling stations, as well as provides reef safe sunscreen for guests to help protect the surrounding marine environment.

10 Fiji Resorts with Conservation Programs© Tavarua Island Resort


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