spas on the suncoast© Volivoli Beach Resort
spas on the suncoast

5 Best Spas on the Suncoast

© Volivoli Beach Resort

Where to Get Pampered on the Suncoast, Fiji

The allure of adventure, authenticity and tranquillity of the Suncoast is what draws many of us to this less-developed part of Fiji. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your Fiji pamper time during your visit. While the day spas are not as abundant as the bustling resort districts of Fiji, there are still a few hidden gems on the Suncoast well worth seeking out. Spas on the Suncoast offer a range of familiar spa treatments to South Pacific rituals using locally sourced spa products. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best spas on the Suncoast of Fiji.

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1. Wai Spa – Wananavu Beach Resort

Experience a real South Pacific treatment at the Wai Spa of the Wananavu Beach Resort. This spa on the coast of Volivoli offers a range of island-style treatments, from the anti-ageing Papaya Body Wrap to the Coconut Scrub leaving the skin silky smooth. There are even special treatments for couples including the His and Hers Arrival Ritual and the Honeymoon Pamper Ritual. Familiar spa treatments can also be enjoyed, such as a hot sone ritual and aromatherapy back massages.

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2. Daulomani Day Spa – Volivoli Beach Resort

Located at the waters’ edge at the Volivoli Beach Resort, the Daulomani Day Spa provides stunning ocean views to go along with your luxurious spa treatment. The spa uses Essence of Fiji products combined with relaxing massages, body care, facials and manicures. There’s a treatment for any problem or budget, from FJ$15 foot rituals to the Liliwa Sunburn Treatment. Other signature treatments include the Pure Indulgence package offering a choice of manicure, pedicure and a full aromatic body massage. Add a spa treatment to the resort of your itinerary of romantic activities for couples while staying at the resort.

spas on the suncoast© Volivoli Beach Resort


3. Noqui Tau Spa – Tanoa Waterfront Hotel

If you’re fresh from a long flight or want to be pampered while staying in Lautoka, then book a massage at the Noqui Tau Spa. This spa in the Tanoa Waterfront Hotel is open to guests and casual visitor alike, offering an expansive spa menu of massages and beauty treatments. The hotel also boasts a fantastic restaurant serving local and Fijian food. Learn more in our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on the Suncoast.

fiji-spa-suncoast© Tanoa Waterfront Hotel


4. Dolphin Island

It will come as no surprise that the luxury private island resort, Dolphin Island, also offers luxurious spa treatments. From treatments to de-stress to exfoliating skin treatments, the spa menu at Dolphin Island is typically Fijian. Try their Traditional Fijian Massage to enhance deep relaxation or their Seaweed Wrap meant to aid inner-cleansing. What’s more, this is a spa that moves around the island to where you want to experience your massage, whether it’s in the privacy of your bure to on the beach while feeling the balmy ocean breeze. Learn more about Dolphin Island in our 5 Best Luxury Resorts on the Suncoast.

-suncoast-spas© Dolphin Island


5. Belo Vula Resort

This island resort just off the shore’s of Lautoka might be only a five-minute boat ride from Fiji’s second-largest city but it feels a world away. At Belo Vula Resort, experience a range of treatments in their massage bure. Relaxation massages, deep-tissue massage, manicures, foot rubs, sunburn treatments, facials and more are on the menu allowing you to just lie back and enjoy.

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