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While most tourists flock to the south coast of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, few fail to discover the hidden gems of the Suncoast. On the northern coast of Viti Levu, the Suncoast specifically encompasses the area between the villages of Vatutavui and Nalawa. The main towns and villages of the area are Ba, Korovu, Drauniivi, Vunitogoloa, Narewa, Volivoli and Ellington Wharf. Rakiraki is the main hub of the Suncoast area and the name you will hear the most when the area is described. Situated off the Kings Road, the Suncoast is an amazing area to do a self-guided tour through in a rental car or simply enjoy through an express bus trip. Find out some of the highlights of the Suncoast in this list of things to do on the Suncoast in Fiji!

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1. Take in the Amazing Scenery

When many people rent a car from Nadi, the first place they go to for a scenic drive is the Suncoast! Driving along the coastal roads and through villages is an attraction in itself on the Suncoast, but remember to stick to the road rules we explain in 10 Safety Tips to Drive in Fiji such as people walking on the roads. The drive can also be experienced with a bus trip or by hiring a driver, meaning you have your hands free to take photos!

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2. Go Scuba Diving

There’s no lack of marine life off the Suncoast, with more than 50 different dive sites in the area. One of the best places to scuba dive on the Suncoast is at Volivoli Beach Resort, which offers diving for both beginners and experienced divers. Enjoy a mix of colourful coral reef dives, as well as few wreck dives!

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3. Go Snorkelling

Sticking to a similar theme, we can’t help but mention snorkelling on the Suncoast too! All the gear will be supplied at your resort. Some of the best snorkelling spots can be organised with your resort just a short boat ride away. Alternatively, there will still be plenty to see at the beach.

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4. Try Kiteboarding

Steady winds on the Suncoast make it the premier spot for kiteboarding in Fiji. Beginner lessons are available to those who want to try out this fun alternative sport, otherwise, seasoned kiteboarders just need to go and enjoy. In fact, there is a place literally called Kite Point at Nananu-i-ra, so if that’s not enough of an invitation…

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5. Relax at the Volivoli Beach Resort

Volivoli is not too far from Rakiraki but will feel like another world. The resort is fully equipped with a restaurant, spa, cultural shows, scuba diving trips, wedding facility and more, so if the fact that it has a beach isn’t enough, then there’s surely enough reasons to kick back at this awesome resort.

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6. Visit the Tomb of Udre Udre

One of the most intriguing sites in the Suncoast area is the Tomb of Udre Udre. Once one of the most feared cannibals in Fiji, Udre Udre now lies tucked away on the side of the road just before turning off to Rakiraki. The chief was famous for terrorising his opponents and eating his victims. Yes, cannibalism was a thing in Fiji before its British colonisation, and perhaps no one was as famous as Udre Udre. His tomb is surrounded by 870 stones to represent each of his victims.

things to do on the suncoast fiji

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7. Check Out Navatu Rock

Located near Vitawa Village, Navatu Rock is one of the oldest known human settlements in Fiji. The rock used to hold a fortified village where artifacts from the village were found to date back to 1,000BC. Aside from that, Navatu Rock is a very picturesque place to stop for photos.

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8. Go Fishing

Thanks to the warm currents pushing through Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji, and Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island lying to the north of Viti Levu, there’s plenty of big game fishing to be had! Hop on a fishing charter, of which there are many organised through your accommodation, and get ready to tackle the likes of Yellow Fin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Giant Trevally, Sailfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi and more! Just check out What Types of Fish Can You Fish For in Fiji to get you excited. Otherwise, there’s plenty of reef fishing to be had which is ideal for family fishing trips.

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9. Relax With a Spa Treatment

Take a break from travelling and unwind with a sensational spa treatment. The larger resorts in the area offer an array of treatments on their spa menu, but the one we recommend is the “bobo” treatment where skilled therapists use their feet in a traditional Fijian massage that’s been used for hundreds of years.

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10. Go on a Navala Village Visit

Located inland from Ba, Navala Village is a traditional 200-year-old village still using thatched-roof bures. It feels like stepping back in time where old traditions are still alive today and seen on any village visit. Tours run regularly to meet the villages and see their way of life where you will partake in the Kava Ceremony, which is drinking a traditional earthy drink with the villagers, as well as visiting the school and mingling with the villagers who are sure to raise your spirits with their friendliness. After that, you can cool off in the river running alongside the village. Tours are one way to visit the village, otherwise, the village can be accessed with a 4WD and you must bring a bundle of kava roots (yaqona) for the Kava Ceremony.

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11. Stop by the Tavua Hotel

This quaint colonial hotel is a great vantage point for views over Vatia Bay and Tavua town. It’s 1930s flair makes a great photo opportunity and is the only place to stay in Tavua. Find the hotel and Tavu behind Ba and Rakiraki.


12. Hike Up Mt Victoria

Inland from Rakiraki is Fiji’s highest mountain, Mt Victoria, otherwise known as Mt Tomani-ni-ivi. The breathtaking hike is best done on an overnight guided expedition. Local guides like Talanoa Treks will keep you safe while teaching you more about this amazing area.


13. Visit the St Francis of Xavier Church

Fiji is dotted with beautiful buildings of worship and the Suncoast is no different! The historic St Francis of Xavier Church is southeast of Rakiraki overlooking Viti Levu Bay. The church, built in 1917, is famous for its mural of black Christ painted by Jean Charlot in 1962. Bookings to the church must be made before visiting, which can be organised with your accommodation.


14. Take a Trip to Malake Island

Yes, there are even island excursions from the Suncoast! One of the most popular is to Malake Island with a population of 200. Meet the villagers and discover another stunning island in paradise. Organise this trip with your accommodation. Boats depart from the Volivoli Beach Resort taking you to the island in around five minutes.


15. Relax on the Beach

Don’t lie: this is the real reason you came to Fiji. So enjoy it! Relax on the beach alongside beautiful turquoise waters and watch the sunset. You’ll see exactly why they call this the Suncoast.

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15 Things to Do on the Suncoast