6 Best Things to Do in Labasa© Captain Cook Cruises
6 Best Things to Do in Labasa

6 Best Things to Do in Labasa

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Labasa Activities and Attractions

Found yourself in the hub of Vanua Levu with nothing to do? Nonsense! There’s plenty to do in or near the town of Labasa; you just need to know where to look. Luckily, you’re in the right place on FijiPocketGuide.com where we’ve listed some amazing things to do in Labasa. Tick off astonishing waterfalls, Indo-Fijian eateries, a gorgeous beach and the most revered temple in Fiji off your list!

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1. Mingle with the Locals at the Labasa Market

A must-do anywhere in Fiji but especially in Labasa, the Labasa Market is a good place to browse local produce and meet the locals. Specialities that’s you’ll find at the market include cassia bark (cinnamon), wild honey, bush dhaniya (coriander), avocado, fresh mullet, cabacaba lobster, sici shells and some of the sweetest fruit in Fiji! Pick up some ingredients if you’re staying in Vanua Levu’s self-catering accommodation.

Location: Near Labasa bus station on the riverside of the Labasa River.

6 Best Things to Do in Labasa© Captain Cook Cruises

2. Marvel at the Snakehead of Naag Baba at the Naag Mandir Temple

One of the most important Hindu temples in Fiji, the Naag Mandir Temple is built around a giant rock formation with the likeness of Naag Baba, the serpent god. The rock formation decorated in colourful leis and beads in the Naag Mandir Temple is culturally significant to the local Indo-Fijian people. After paying a visit to Naag, there is the option to walk the 108 steps leading to the main Yagan Havan.

Location: Approximately 14km (8.6 miles) from Labasa along the Wainikoro Road.

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3. Relax at Korovatu Beach

Of course, a beach is never too far away in Fiji and the same goes for Labasa. The closest beach to the town is Korovatu Beach. Enjoy relaxing, paddling or walking on the stretch of white sand backed by coconut palms. The beach is private so there’s a small fee to park your car there.

Location: Approximately 15km (9.3 miles) from Labasa. Follow the Wainikoro Road past the Naag Mandir Temple. Turn left onto the dirt road at the northern end of Nagigi and follow the dirt road all the way to the end through a coconut plantation near the Korovatu Ramayan Mandali Mandir Bhavan Temple.

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4. Embrace the Indo-Fijian Culture with Sari Shopping and a Curry

With the population of Labasa predominately being Indo-Fijian, you’ll find a fantastic array of curry houses, stores selling interesting souvenirs and saris, and characterful shops. Simply spending some time exploring the town is an interesting thing to do in Labasa.

Location: Labasa town centre. See locations of recommended curry houses in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on Vanua Levu.

6 Best Things to Do in Labasa© Captain Cook Cruises

5. Find the Waiqele Hot Springs

Have a soak in the soothing waters of the Waiqele Hot Springs. The stream here has pockets of hot water mixed with cold water ideal for a dip if Fiji’s tropical sun wasn’t warm enough for you. Be warned, however, there are extremely hot areas of the stream where some visitors have been burnt, so be sure to test out the water temperature before you go jumping in. Learn more about Vanua Levu’s hot springs here.

Location: Approximately 3km (1.9 miles) beyond Labasa Airport. The Waiqele bus can take you there, ask the driver to stop there.

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6. Check Out the Lekutulevu  Waterfall

Vanua Levu is full of amazing waterfalls with one of the best just a short drive from Labasa. Nestled in the interior of Vanua Levu, the village of Lekutulevu is the gateway to the waterfall where villagers offer guided walks there for a small fee. The one-hour hike passes a natural rock formation shaped like a giant tanoa (kava bowl) on the way to this beautiful waterfall in the jungle. You may even have the option to continue hiking to an island lookout. Check out the other amazing walks nearby in the 10 Best Walks on Vanua Levu.

Location: Approximately 16.5km (10.25 miles) south of Labasa via Bulileka Road, Lekutulevu Village.

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