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10 Best Walks in Vanua Levu

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Walks and Hikes on Vanua Levu

Fiji’s second-largest island, an island of vast stretches of rainforest parted by waterfalls and interesting coastal scenery, has a wealth of walks to choose from. Each walk on Vanua Levu is an experience, some being an independent stroll along a river while others feature mesmerising waterfalls guided to by a local. Guides are required for most of the walks on Vanua Levu, whether it be from the local village that maintains the walk or within the grounds of the island’s fabulous resorts. Check out some of our top recommended walks in this list of the best hikes on Vanua Levu.

Note that sturdy walking shoes, water and insect repellent are a must for these hikes across Vanua Levu. For more things to do in the area, see 10 Must-Dos on Vanua Levu.

1. Waisali Rainforest Reserve Walk

Vanua Levu’s nature reserve offers a picturesque walk on a fairly neglected trail. Located on Labasa Road, around 31km (19 miles) from Savusavu, there is a car park at the Waisali Rainforest Reserve. There is sometimes a park ranger here to point you in the right direction of a 30-minute waterfall hike through lush tropical forest with orchids and often birds to spot. While it’s possible to swim at the waterfall, be aware that there is often a strong current. See more excursions like this in The Best Day Trips on Vanua Levu.

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2. Walks at Flora Tropica Garden

Follow stone pathways and elevated boardwalks through the gorgeous gardens of the Flora Tropica Garden. The attraction features more than 300 species of plants and tropical flowers. Guided walks of the garden are available at 10am Monday to Friday, with a fee of around FJ$20. Find the gardens on Daku Road, 5km (3 miles) southwest of Savusavu. See more affordable attractions like this in 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on Vanua Levu.

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3. Labasa Riverside Walk

Vanua Levu’s largest town is home to a pleasant walkway along the Labasa River. Find the start of the walk from the end of Reddy Place, where the walkway follows the riverside all the way to Guru Nanak School beside Nacula Village. The walk takes approximately 15-20 minutes one way.

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4. Lekutulevu Waterfall Hike

The village of Lekutulevu, located 12km (7.5 miles) south of Labasa along Bulileka Road, is the start of an amazing waterfall and mountain hike. Ask at the village for a guided hike to the waterfall, which will cost around FJ$15 cash. The one-hour hike to the waterfall also passes a natural rock formation shaped like a tanoa (kava bowl). From the waterfall, you can continue a further 30 minutes to the peak of Mt Uluinamolo where it’s possible to see Taveuni on a clear day.

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5. Vuadomo Village Waterfall Walk

On the road between Savusavu and Labasa, Vuadomo Village offers a 20-minute walk up a picturesque valley to a waterfall. The village can be found when driving from Savusavu just past the village of Jerusalemi down Vuadomo Road. The dirt road continues for around 2km until you reach the village. There is a small entrance fee, around FJ$10, for one of the villagers to take you to the waterfall.

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6. Dolphin Bay Jungle Walk

Those staying at the remote Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat, not only have access to a sweeping beach to enjoy walks on but a jungle hike. Behind the resort is a rough trail to the top of a mountain offering spectacular views of Dolphin Bay. Ask the resort staff to point you in the right direction. Find out more about the resorts on Vanua Levu here.

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7. Sigasiga Sands Nature Trails

The Sigasiga Sands Resort is set among 99 acres (40ha) of pristine upland forest. The resort maintains a number of trails throughout the area that are easy to explore independently. Look out for birds, try tropical fruit and find distinctive native palms, trees and flowers. There are some small creeks to cross along the way too.

10 Best Walks on Vanua Levu© Sigasiga Sands Boutique Resort

8. Koro Sun Rainforest Trek

Set out to explore lush native rainforest on the guided rainforest trek with the Koro Sun Resort. The resort is situated among 90 acres (36ha) of virgin forest, home to rare birds, such as the orange-breasted dove, which your guide will point out if given the opportunity. There are also a couple of waterfalls to visit and swim in along the way. There is an option to do a leisurely walk or a more rigorous hike.

10 Best Walks on Vanua Levu© Koro Sun Resort

9. Savusavu Hills Hike

For an amazing short adventure, head up into the Savusavu Hills! You can walk there yourself from Savusavu Bay, following Buca Bay Road for about 15 minutes then right onto Access Road. Follow the ridge toward the west for amazing views overlooking Savusavu and Nawi Island. Alternatively, take the part of the Access Road that turns south for about 30 minutes, which will take you to the south coast by Nukubalavu Village to Lesiaceva Point. There, you can follow the coastline for about 7km (4.3 miles) back into town. Guided hikes in the Savusavu Hills are also available from Naveria Heights Lodge, where you can learn more about the amazing plant life seen along the way.

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10. Emaho Sekawa Hikes

Choose your adventure among the vast rainforest and beach of the five-star Emaho Sekawa Resort. Either enjoy an independent walk along Sekawa Beach or join one of the guides for a moderate bushwalk. Learn about the local flora, fauna and local customs as you trek through the rainforest of the resort property. There are three waterfalls to walk to, from an easy trek through a village to a more difficult climb with a reward waterfall view at the end.

10 Best Walks on Vanua Levu© Emaho Sekawa Resort


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