Romantic Resorts on Kadavu If you find romance in the tranquillity of a place, in connecting with nature and adventuring together, then you will love this island in Fiji. Kadavu is Fiji’s fourth-lar
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Budget Suva Homestays Fiji and the South Pacific Islands are alive with a vibrant culture that is well worth discovering when visiting. A great way to engage with the locals is through a homestay. In
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Environmentally-friendly Resorts in Kadavu, Fiji Kadavu encapsulates all things eco! You’ll definitely see why the resorts here want to preserve this pristine final frontier in Fiji with much of the
Where to Stay on Kadavu, Fiji Kadavu is often seen as the final frontier in Fiji with its remote location in the southern region of the archipelago. With that, Kadavu is much less developed than the o
Resorts with Dorms in the Yasawa Islands Get your hop-on hop-off ferry ticket and do some island-hopping in the glorious Yasawa Islands of Fiji. With that, you’ll stay at a different backpacker
Resorts with Great Restaurants and Self-Catering on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa Taste the real flavours of Fiji with fresh seafood straight from the Beqa Lagoon on the Pacific Harbour. Foodies will