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How to Pick the Best Resort in Fiji for You

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Advice on Choosing a Resort in Fiji

Yes, Fiji does have over 100 resorts scattered across eight island groups, and yes, choosing a resort is a mission! Luckily, we here at Fiji Pocket Guide know a thing or two about the resorts in Fiji so we’ve put together a quick guide on how to choose the right resort in Fiji for you. For seasoned tropical travellers, some of the points might seem a little obvious, but we’ve taken the mantra that no question about the resorts in Fiji is too dumb. We’re covering it all!

Tips for Staying at a Resort in Fiji

  • Fiji’s high season is between June and August, as well as Easter and Christmas, so book early if you plan to visit at these times
  • Factor in the transfer costs for getting to island resorts
  • Travelling with kids? Look out for resorts that allow kids to stay in the same room as the parents using the existing bedding for free
  • Is it your honeymoon? Mention this when booking to likely receive a treat
  • Feel free to wear any holiday attire at the resort, but note that you’ll need to cover up the knees when leaving the resort
  • Check out some examples of Fiji’s resorts in the 50 Best Resorts in Fiji.
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What are the Resorts Like in Fiji?

Fiji is a nation of resorts with more than 100 different resorts to choose from. They range from small selections of bures (bungalows) with central dining areas to vast complexes complete with golf courses.

Resort Rooms

Fiji’s resorts tend to follow the international standards for star ratings, typically ranging from three-star resorts to five-star resorts. The typical resort is made up of bures, which have the amenities of a hotel, such as beds, tea/coffee-making facilities and an ensuite bathroom. A limited number of resorts have more apartment-style rooms.

Resorts will also have different grades of rooms, with typically the pool or garden-view rooms being the lowest grade to the oceanview or beachfront rooms being the highest grade.

Self-Catering and Dining

Rarely resorts in Fiji have self-catering facilities, as meals are served in at least one of the restaurants – larger resorts have multiple restaurants. Most restaurants have a la carte menus where you pay as you go, while more remote resorts may have compulsory meal plans. Learn more about this in Is it Worth Purchasing a Resort Meal Plan in Fiji?

Activities and Tours

Resorts in Fiji offer a complete holiday experience including tours and entertainment. Many will have complimentary activities, which often come in the form of watersports gear rentals or perhaps crafting lessons, kava ceremonies, cultural performances and more. There will always be paid tours and activities to partake in for an additional fee, from scuba diving to sports fishing.

Types of Resorts in Fiji

Finally, there are many resorts in Fiji that are exclusively for adults, known as adult-only resorts. They typically have a policy of accepting no guests under the age of 16 or 12 years old.

Other ways resorts in Fiji might have a “type” or speciality is in the activities they provide. For instance, there are resorts specialising in surfing, diving and spas, in particular.

Start diving into the many types of resorts in Fiji for different types of travellers with the following articles:

How to Pick the Best Resort in Fiji for You© Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Location, What is Nearby and How to Get There?

A big part of choosing a resort in Fiji is choosing a destination. First, decide between staying on the main island, Viti Levu, or going to the outer islands. Going to the outer islands has associated travel time and costs that might not be suitable for everyone, but may be worth the extra effort to get a real “island experience”. Alternatively, more independent travellers who don’t want to stay in the same island resort for the whole time might prefer to explore one of the larger islands, like Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni.

Fiji is made up of 333 islands, so needless to say, researching the various destinations is a demanding task. Nevertheless, take a look at Visiting Fiji: Main Island Vs. Outer Islands and Understanding the Fiji Regions to help you choose the right Fiji destination for you.

As for getting around Fiji, there is no lack of transport, so after choosing your desired destination, figure out the best way to get there according to your time and budget with the following articles:

How to Pick the Best Resort in Fiji for You© Outrigger Resort

Price and Inclusions

The final major comparison you’ll need to make between resorts is the value of the resort, which can be measured through its nightly rate, inclusions and facilities.

Any savvy traveller knows that it’s not a good idea to just go for the cheapest resort you can find, which typically means it has only the basic facilities and you might end up having to pay for extras to make the most of your holiday. If you’re looking for a complete island holiday, then it might be worth paying the more expensive all-inclusive rates. Then again, you don’t want to be paying a higher nightly rate for inclusions you’re not interested in, so it’s a fine balance.

The Cost of Resorts in Fiji

The typical price for resorts in Fiji are as follows:

  • Dorm bed/night – FJ$40-$100
  • Budget double private ensuite bure/night – FJ$86-$200
  • Mid-range double private ensuite bure/night – FJ$150-$250
  • Luxury double private ensuite bure/night – FJ$250+
  • Family bures/night – FJ$140-$1,000

Inclusions and Facilities

To really understand the worth of your nightly rate, it’s best to compare the facilities and services of a resort. Some inclusions to compare include some of the following:

  • Meals included
  • Restaurant
  • Free breakfast
  • Free watersports rental
  • Other free activities like kava ceremonies, crafting lessons, etc.
  • Paid activities and tours like scuba diving, island excursions, etc.
  • Swimming pool
  • Private pools
  • Spa
  • Golf course
  • Gym or fitness centre
  • Kids’ clubs
  • Babysitting services
  • PADI dive centre
  • Butler service
  • Travel desk
  • Gift shop
  • Beach
  • Wedding/conference facilities
  • Wedding or honeymoon packages
  • Kids eat, play and stay for free packages
  • Airport transfers
  • Helicopter landing pad or airstrip
  • Car parking
  • Fans or air-conditioning
  • Mosquito screens or mosquito nets
  • Eco-friendly facilities
  • WiFi
  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange
  • Laundry facilities or services
  • Tea/coffee-making facilities.


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