Budget Activities in Suva If there was ever a place to lay low in Fiji and save a bit of money, it has to be Suva. The capital is packed with free and cheap things to do so you can save some money for
The Complete Guide to Luxury Holidays in Suva Far from your luxury island resort holiday many envision when planning a trip to Fiji, Suva is more for the adventurous luxury traveller. Jam-packed with
What to Do in Suva This tropical capital in the South Pacific is where history, modern life and a melting pot of cultures come to life. Suva is Fiji’s capital city located on the east side of th
Luxurious Things to Do in Suva Visiting Suva on a special occasion or want to treat yourself and your loved ones “just because”? Then there are very few but incredibly luxurious things to do in Su
Suva for Foodies Fiji’s capital city awaits with a diverse range of flavours to excite any foodie! The largest hub of the South Pacific islands is the perfect place for foodies to learn more abo
Transport to Suva The capital city of Fiji is one of the many hotspots worth checking out on the islands, but how do you get there? Suva is located on the east coast of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main is
Family Guide to Suva A compact city on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, Suva is a bustling hub of the South Pacific and an exciting environment for all ages. With a fantastic blend of urban attrac
Travel Guide to Suva, Fiji Welcome to a whole new side of Fiji you probably never knew existed. Far from your sandy shores and luxury resorts, Suva is a bustling harbourside city and, indeed, the capi
What Services are Available in Suva? Suva is the capital of Fiji and Fiji’s most populated town. With that, it is the place with the most shops and services in Fiji. It’s a good place to s
How to Visit Suva on a Budget The capital city of a country always seems to be a good place to start when travelling, but if you’re looking for the white sand beaches of Fiji and swaying coconut
An Adult-Only Holiday in Suva “Adult-Only” has become sort of a buzz word for Fiji holidays recently thanks to some luxurious adult-only resorts popping up all over the islands of Fiji. All over,
Where to Get Married in Suva History, a vibrant city atmosphere and South Pacific charm are what make a Suva wedding. Yes, while many opt for that “beachfront wedding” in Fiji, adventurous couples
Food Activities in Suva If discovering the world’s culinary delights is a hobby of yours then you are in the right place. Suva is a bustling hub of the South Pacific, bringing together an intere