Information, Shops & Services in the Lomaiviti Islands© Unsplash
Information, Shops & Services in the Lomaiviti Islands

Information, Shops & Services in the Lomaiviti Islands

© Unsplash

What Services are Available in Ovalau and the Lomaiviti Islands?

Although just a short flight from Fiji’s capital, the Lomaiviti Islands are blissfully uncrowded. Most of the islands here are rather underdeveloped aside from villages and the odd resort. That’s with the exception of the town that was once Fiji’s capital, Levuka. Located on Ovalau Island, Levuka is the hub of the Lomaivitis, offering a small but convenient selection of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, a bank, a hospital and a post office. Find out more about them in this guide to the information, shops and services in the Lomaiviti Islands.

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Useful Services for Tourists

Information, Shops & Services in the Lomaiviti Islands© Tourism Fiji

Food and Groceries

Most of the Lomaiviti Islands’ shops and supermarkets can be found on the island of Ovalau. The town of Levuka has a small but decent selection of grocery stores, as well as a produce market.

Supermarkets on Ovalau

Most supermarkets can be found in the town of Levuka on Ovalau. You will also find the odd general store or food stall in the village around Ovalau and the Lomaiviti’s other islands. While not a complete list, some popular supermarkets in the Lomaiviti Islands include:

  • Dutt’s Retail Store, Beach Street, Levuka
  • MH Supermarket, opposite the museum and wharf, Levuka
  • Narson’s Supermarket, Levuka
  • Tivoli General Store, Ovalau Circular Road, Lot 2, Wainaloka

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The Levuka Market

For fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, the Levuka Market is a popular option located along the waterfront of Levuka. The market runs from 7am to 6pm each day except Sundays.

Restaurants in the Lomaiviti Islands

Of course, resorts and accommodations in the Lomaiviti Islands endeavour to keep guests fed through their on-site restaurant or with pre-arranged meals. For casual dining in the Lomaivitis, however, you’ll have to turn to Levuka, which has the following restaurants:

  • Whale’s Tale, Beach Street, Levuka, Ovalau
  • Kims Paak Kum Loong, Beach Street, Levuka, Ovalau
  • Horizon Restaurant, Beach Street, Levuka, Ovalau
  • Kara’s BBQ Stand, Hennings Street, Levuka, Ovalau

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Hospital and Police

While light medications (like painkillers), baby products and toiletries are often sold in supermarkets in Levuka, prescription medication and health treatments may be dealt with at the hospital. There is also a police station in the Lomaivitis, only found on Ovalau.

Levuka Hospital

The hospital on Ovalau is the Levuka Hospital located on Beach Road at the northern end of Levuka. The hospital receives regular renovations and financial aid from overseas. They are happy to treat tourists for a small fee. Serious cases are transferred to Suva hospital by helicopter. 

Police Station

There is a police station in Levuka located on the corner of Totoga Lane and Garner Jones Road.

Information, Shops & Services in the Lomaiviti Islands© Captain Cook Cruises

Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

As with the other information, shops and services in the Lomaiviti Islands, services such as fuel stations and banks can only be found on Ovalau. There is, however, a post office on Gau Island.

Fuel Stations

Fuel stations can be found on Ovalau, including:

  • TotalEnergies Levuka Service Station, Levuka, Ovalau
  • Pacific Energy – Levuka Service Station, Levuka, Ovalau.

Post Offices

For postal services, money transfers and some retail goods, head to the post offices in the Lomaiviti Islands. There is the Levuka Post Office on Queens Wharf Lane leading to the wharf on Ovalau and Qarani Post Office at the northern end of Gau Island. Phone and fax facilities are also available at the Levuka Post Office.

Internet and WiFi

Your best option for having access to WiFi while in the Lomaiviti Islands is to stay at an accommodation offering WiFi. Such accommodations include Levuka Homestay and the Royal Hotel, both in Levuka. See Where to Get WiFi in Fiji for tips on staying connected.

The Bank

As there is only one bank in the Lomaiviti Islands, and because many shops and restaurants do not accept card payments, it’s best to bring enough cash with you. The only bank is the Westpac Bank at the southern end of Beach Street. Traveller’s cheques, foreign currency and most major credit cards can be exchanged/are accepted. There is also an ATM there. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm (often closed for lunch between 12.30pm and 1.30pm).


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