Information, Shops & Services on the Pacific Harbour© Unsplash
Information, Shops & Services on the Pacific Harbour

Information, Shops & Services on the Pacific Harbour

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What Services are Available on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa?

If you’re planning a holiday to the Pacific Harbour in Fiji, then you don’t need to worry about being too far away from essential shops and services. Unlike many small towns and villages in Fiji, the Pacific Harbour is modernly developed with its own range of shops, grocery stores, restaurants, fuel stations and more – most of which can be found at the Arts Village. If you need anything else, you can probably find it in the neighbouring town of Navua. Those staying on Beqa Island are best to take supplies with them. Find out what to expect with this guide to the information, shops and services on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa.

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Useful Services for Tourists

Information, Shops & Services on the Pacific Harbour© Unsplash

Food and Groceries

When it comes to food, you can find a wealth of eateries in the Pacific Harbour, as well as at the resorts based here. Self-catering can easily be achieved thanks to the supermarket and liquor store found in the hub of the Pacific Harbour, the Arts Village. Markets can also be found on the Pacific Harbour.

If staying on Beqa Island or any of the other outer islands, it’s best to take any food supplies you need. Otherwise, the resorts there will look after you with their restaurants and pre-arranged meals.

Pacific Harbour Supermarkets

Supermarkets can be found in the Arts Village of the Pacific Harbour, as well as in Navua approximately a 10-minute drive east. Supermarkets and convenience stores include:

  • Kundan Singh Mart, Arts Village
  • Indulge Wines and Beers, Arts Village
  • True Mart Express, Queens Road, Navua
  • Prasads Food Store, Calia Road, Navua
  • Ami’s Mini Mart, Tokotoko Road, Navua
  • Tokotoko Dairy Shop, Tokotoko Road, Navua
  • S Shankar n’ Sons, behind Thompson Park, Navua.

Learn more about grocery shopping in the Guide to Food Shopping in Fiji.

Pacific Harbour Markets

While the Pacific Harbour doesn’t have large produce markets like Fiji’s larger towns, it does host the Pacific Harbour Market Day is held every first Saturday of the month from 8am to 3pm in the Arts Village. Additionally, you’ll find a small fish market, Fiji Fresh Seafood Factory Outlet, at the back of the Arts Village near the Rivers Fiji base.

Information, Shops & Services on the Pacific Harbour© Pexels

Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals

While light medications (like painkillers), baby products and toiletries are often sold in supermarkets in the Pacific Harbour and Navua, other medications and speciality health products must be purchased from pharmacies or prescribed from the hospital.

Pharmacies on the Pacific Harbour

Suva’s pharmacies are located across the city centre, as well as some suburbs, which include:

  • Surecare Pharmacy, Shop 3, B Prasad’s Building, Main Street, Navua.

Navua Hospital

For health care and obtaining prescriptions, go to the nearest hospital to the Pacific Harbour, which is the Navua Hospital. The hospital is located a 15-minute drive east along the Queens Road in Melimeli, not to be confused with the old hospital along the Navua River.

Information, Shops & Services on the Pacific Harbour© Pexels

Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

The Pacific Harbour has a few essentials shops and services. Most can be found in or around the Arts Village or in Navua.

Pacific Harbour Fuel Stations

If you need to fuel up, you have a few options between the Pacific Harbour and Navua:

  • Mobil Rajeev’s Service Station, Arts Village
  • Mobil Rajeev’s Service Station, Queens Road, Navua
  • Veejay Enterprises Service Station, Tokotoko Road, Navua.

Pacific Harbour Post Office

For postal services, money transfers, printing services or even to buy collectable stamps, head to the Pacific Harbour Post Office along Hibiscus Drive near the Arts Village.

WiFi and Internet

Phone service is available in the Pacific Harbour and Beqa, should you want to connect to the internet via Fiji’s phone networks. Find out more in the What are the Fiji Phone Networks? Alternatively, many accommodations along the Pacific Harbour offer WiFi for guests, usually for a fee. Accommodations include the Royal Davui Island Resort, The Pearl Resort and ULTIQA Fiji Palms Resort.

Banks and ATMs on the Pacific Harbour

The best place to get cash out in the Pacific Harbour is at the Arts Village with two ATMs to choose from and a BSP (Bank of the South Pacific) branch.

  • BSP Bank, Shop 13, Arts Village
  • ANZ ATM, Hibiscus Drive, Arts Village.


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