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What Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Fiji

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First Aid Kit and Medication for Fiji

Fiji presents very few health issues for travellers. The most common problems are sunburn, heatstroke and mosquito bites. As well as that, accidents can happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit for Fiji with medication to combat medical issues you might encounter, as well as medical items for injuries. In this guide of medication to pack in your first aid kit for Fiji, we go through essential medication to pack for your trip.

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Health Tips for Travelling in Fiji

  • Although drinking urban tap water is generally safe in Fiji, boil water before drinking water in the outer islands – see 6 Ways to Make Sure the Water is Safe to Drink in Fiji for more advice
  • Speaking of water, make sure you drink plenty of water – at least 2litres/68oz every 2 hours to stay hydrated
  • If you are feeling sick, be proactive and see a local doctor as soon as possible, as they are likely to know the local illnesses better than your doctor back home
  • If travelling with a baby, bring your own brand baby formula as a change in diet may lead to bowel complication
  • To avoid flu-like symptoms and avoid ear pain from a flight, take a couple of paracetamol and a nasal decongestion spray 30 minutes before departure.

For more health tips, see How to Keep Safe in Fiji.

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Travel First Aid Kit Checklist

While premade travel first aid kits are available at many pharmacies, it’s easy enough to make your own. Here is what to pack in your first aid kit, specific for trips to Fiji, as well as a description for what each medication is for. Note that some medications may need to be prescribed.

What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Fiji

  • Travel passport for a record of your vaccinations
  • Paracetamol for headaches and fevers
  • Antihistamine pills or cream for mosquito bites
  • Oral rehydration sachets (medical electrolytes) for dehydration from the sun or gastro bugs
  • Baby electrolytes for dehydration in infants
  • Antacids for neutralising stomach acid
  • Antidiarrhoeal pills e.g. loperamide for diarrhoea
  • Nasal drops for congestion
  • Band-aids/plasters for cuts
  • Disinfectant wipes for cuts
  • Gauzes for cuts
  • Gloves for cuts
  • Tweezers to remove shards, leeches and bugs
  • Thermometer to monitor temperature
  • Elastic wraps for twisted ankles
  • Antisceptic cream/spray for infected cuts (spray is better for hot climates)
  • Hydrocortisone cream for allergic rashes
  • Aloe vera soothing cream for sunburn
  • A copy of the emergency numbers in Fiji
    Ambulance or Fire: 910 or 911
    Fiji Police (emergency): 917
    Fiji Police: +679 311222
    Tourist Police: +679 3302433
    Fiji Visitors Bureau Toll-Free Visitors Helpline: 0800 6721 721
    Nadi Airport: +679 6722433
  • Antibiotics if going to remote areas – discuss with your GP first.
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Other Medication to Pack

While not for your first aid kit, these are a few more items to pack for your health while travelling in Fiji.


With UV levels of 4-11 in Fiji, it’s imperative that you protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun. For Fiji, you will need to use at least SPF 30+ sunscreen and apply it to skin thickly. Apply sunscreen every three hours or after going in the water. It’s also important to use sunscreen that protects the environment you are in too, so take a look at 10 Best Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreens and 5 Best Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreen for Kids and Babies for recommendations.

Insect Repellent

It’s important to protect yourself from mosquito bites, as mosquito-related diseases like Dengue Fever do occur. Sprays, creams and wipes are available to repel mosquitos, but again, be sure to buy products that are both safe for your skin and the environment. See 10 Best Eco-Friendly Insect Repellent for suggestions.

Seasickness Pills

With paradise islands to explore, chances are that you’ll be travelling by boat at some point during your time in Fiji. Pack seasickness pills if you have a weak stomach.

Prescription Medication

Remember your prescription medication if you are on any! When packing prescription medication for Fiji, be sure to include the prescription with your name or the name of someone you are travelling with, in case you are asked at the airport on arrival.

Iodine Tablets

As a precaution for drinking water from a potentially unsafe sauce, iodine tablets dissolved in water help purify the water. This is not 100% effective though, so when possible boil water for at least 10 minutes before drinking it. For more tips, see 6 Ways to Make Sure the Water is Safe to Drink in Fiji.


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