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The Passenger Arrival Card for Fiji

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What Does the Fiji Arrival Card Look Like?

During your flight or cruise to Fiji, part of the in-flight entertainment is filling out the Fiji Passenger Arrival Card. This card, once completed, must be handed over to Customs and/or Passport Control at your Fiji arrival airport (usually Nadi International Airport). The form is displayed on a double-sided narrow card. It must be completed in English and for each individual passenger, even children. In this quick guide to the Passenger Arrival Card for Fiji, we’ll show you what the Passenger Arrival Card looks like, as well as a few tips for completing it.

For more advice on arriving in Fiji, see Everything You Need to Know About Arriving in Fiji, as well as The Complete Guide to Nadi Airport.

[Update: the format of the Fiji Passenger Arrival Card has been updated. The questions remain the same, and we will update the images below when they become available.]

The Fiji Passenger Arrival Card – Front of Form

The front of the Fiji Passenger Arrival Card looks like this and asks questions about your personal details. For completing this side of the form, make sure you have your travel ticket (flight ticket/boarding pass) and passport available, as you will need to use information from these documents.

Only Fiji citizens and residents need to complete the second section. If you are just visiting Fiji for travel or a holiday, then leave the second section blank and complete the third section. This section asks for details on your purpose in Fiji, including your expected departure date from Fiji, as well as a simple multiple-choice question to show your purpose in Fiji.

You will also need to complete the blue section at the bottom of the form, again, asking for your personal details including your passport number. Do not complete the box next to “Official Use Only”.

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The Fiji Passenger Arrival Card – Back of Form

The back of the Fiji Passenger Arrival Card is your declaration of any “risk items” you may have packed or have in your possession that you are bringing into Fiji. It also has a multiple-choice question about your health. Then you must sign and date the bottom section of the form.

This side of the form asks simple Yes/No questions. Read each question carefully and tick “Yes” if you are unsure or don’t understand the question, as this just prompts the Immigration Officer to ask you more questions. You will not get into trouble for ticking “Yes” for any of the questions. However, if you answer falsely, and the items specified are found in your possession on arrival in Fiji, you may be fined up to FJ$400. It’s best to be honest when completing this form!

For more information on Customs, Health and Biosecurity, check out our complete guide at Arrival Advice: Biosecurity & Customs in Fiji.

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Tips for Completing the Fiji Arrival Card

  • Pack a black- or blue-ink pen in your carry-on luggage. While pens are usually provided by the in-flight staff, it can take a while for them to give you one
  • Passenger Arrival Cards are also available at the airport or at port, in case you miss getting a card during your flight or cruise
  • Arrival Cards must be completed for every passenger, so be sure to complete one for each of your children (even infants) travelling with you
  • On question 1.9, simply put “unemployed” if you don’t have an occupation
  • For most holidaying or travelling in Fiji, ticking “3. Holiday” is the appropriate answer for the “main reason for your visit”. Otherwise, your type of visa is an indication for what reason you are visiting, e.g. student visa, work visa, etc. Find out more in Do You Need a Visa to Visit Fiji?
  • Answer the Customs and Health & Biosecurity sections truthfully. If unsure, tick “Yes”. False declarations could incur a fine. Find out more in Arrival Advice: Biosecurity & Customs in Fiji.


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