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The Complete Guide to Nadi Airport

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Guide to Nadi International Airport, Fiji

Holidaying, transiting or taking a business trip to Fiji? Chances are (about 97% to be exact) that you will be arriving at Fiji’s main international airport, Nadi International Airport. Nadi Airport, pronounced “Nan-di”, is on the island of Viti Levu and is a main travel hub for the South Pacific. In this guide to Nadi Airport, we’ll go through the arrival process, transiting in Nadi, the airport facilities and airport transfers.

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Quick Facts About Nadi International Aiport

  • 97% of international passengers in Fiji arrive/depart through Nadi International Airport
  • The airport has around 38 international flights daily
  • Airlines that fly to Nadi Airport include Fiji Airways, Air New Zealand, Air Vanuatu, Aircalin, Korean Air, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Air Niugini, Jetstar Airways, Nauru Airlines and Solomon Airlines
  • Nadi Airport is the base of Fiji Airways, which has direct flights to Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Melbourne, San Fransisco, Singapore, Sydney and Wellington.
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International Arrival Process

When you arrive at Nadi International Airport on an international flight, the first thing you will encounter is Immigration, Customs and Biosecurity. Before going through these processes, there are bathroom facilities and disposal bins for “risk items” that may not pass through Biosecurity, as well as the likelihood of serenaders to entertain you as you wait in the queue at the Immigration Desk.


At the Immigration Desk, you will be required to show your passport and Fiji Passenger Arrival Card. You will not need to show a visa if you are from one of the 100+ countries listed in Do You Need a Visa to Visit Fiji? and are visiting Fiji for up to four months with the main reason to holiday, travel or visit friends and family. Otherwise, you will need to show your visa to the Immigration Officer.

Baggage Claim

After passing through Immigration, you will collect your baggage at the carrousels. There is also a duty-free store here should you want to make any purchases. See The Duty-Free Allowances for Fiji to know how much duty-free goods you are allowed to bring into Fiji.


At Biosecurity, you will be given another opportunity to declare any risk items. Then your luggage will be scanned through x-ray machines to check for risk items. Your baggage will be returned to you then you will have access to the rest of the Airport. See what goods to declare in What to Declare When Arriving in Fiji, as well as more advice in Arrival Advice: Biosecurity & Customs in Fiji.

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Transiting at Nadi International Aiport

As a travel hub for the South Pacific, Nadi International Airport is a popular airport to transit in when making your way to other South Pacific destinations. Here are a few things to know about transiting at Nadi Airport.

Nadi Airport Transit Lounge

Those travellers transiting in Fiji for less than six hours are permitted access to the Nadi Airport Transit Lounge. The Transit Lounge is well signed on arrival and has bathroom facilities, as well as duty-free shopping outlets. Note that transit passengers may be screened for powders, liquids, aerosols and gels, known as PLAG screening. This is a similar security screening before entering your flight.

Transits for Longer Than Six Hours

For transits in Fiji for longer than six hours, travellers are required to exit through Immigration, Customs and Biosecurity and enter Fiji. Check out the arrival process for entering Fiji in the section above. For things to do in Nadi during your transit, see our The Complete Guide to Nadi.

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Nadi Airport Facilities and Services

Plan your travel through Nadi International Airport by checking out the facilities and services found at the airport.

Airport Lounges

The Nadi Airport Lounge is located on the ground floor of the International Departures Terminal. The lounge has TVs, newspapers, magazines, as well as food and beverage.

Other lounges include the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge, where guest passes are available for around FJ$100. There is also an Air New Zealand Lounge with free WiFi and a kids zone.


There is a small number of food and beverage outlets at Nadi Airport in the following areas:

  • Domestic Terminal: a cafe which is open 5am to 9pm
  • International Terminal: KokoNui Bar, Cafe & Restaurant and Burger King
  • Departures Lounge: Burger King and Bula Bar Bistro/Gloria Jeans
  • Arrivals: Cuppabula Cafe.


There’s no lack of areas to do some duty-free shopping at Nadi International Airport. The main duty-free retails are Tappoo and Prouds, which can be found in just about every area of the airport. The stores sell alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, fragrances, cosmetics, jewellery, electrical goods, fashion, news, books, toys, Fijian souvenirs and gifts. Your largest area for shopping is in the Departures Lounge where a small collection of international brands are present, such as Rip Curl and WH Smith.

Currency exchange bureaus, a Vodafone store and travel agents are also available at Arrivals, after going through Biosecurity.

Luggage Storage

Secure luggage storage is available on the ground floor of the Arrivals area. Prices are at a daily rate, even if storing for only part of a day, and are priced based on the type of luggage between FJ$8-FJ$15 per item. Luggage Storage is manned between 5am and 10pm.

Car Park

There is a car park at the airport with 179 parking spaces. Both hourly and daily rates are available. Note there are charges for lost tickets.

Lost and Found

If you lose anything at Nadi International Airport, contact the Border Police at the Airport on 679 6722 355 or email borderpolicefj[at]gmail.com.

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Airport Transfers

There are a number of transport options for getting to and from Nadi International Airport, including buses, taxis, airport transfer shuttles and resort transfer shuttles. Check out The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Fiji. Otherwise, here’s how to get to some of Fiji’s most popular destinations from Nadi International Airport:


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