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How Much Does a Nadi Airport Taxi Cost?

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The Cost of Taxis at the Nadi Airport

If you’ve just touched down in Fiji and are wondering how to get to your Nadi destination, then taking a taxi is a quick and convenient way to do it. But how much does a Nadi Airport taxi cost? We’ll go through the typical prices of taking a taxi between Nadi International Airport and popular destinations around Nadi.

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5 Tips for Taking a Taxi at the Nadi International Airport

  • There’s currently no Uber available in Fiji so there’s no need to look for it.
  • We advise you to only use licensed taxis, you can easily recognise them by their yellow license plates beginning with “LT”.
  • On average, the flag-fall of licensed taxis is around FJ$5 then the rate is from FJ$1.20 and above per km (FJ$1.90 per mile) but many taxi drivers do not use their meter and agree on a fixed price before the ride.
  • Many resorts and hotels offer pickups so check with your accommodation if they can offer personalised pick-up at a discounted price (or for free in the Nadi area)
  • You can negotiate prices and even agree on a fixed price for a taxi ride.

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Nadi City Centre

Taxi Price: FJ$10-$20

Nadi’s main town area, Nadi City Centre is the location of popular attractions like the Nadi Market, Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, the Nadi Handicraft Market, as well as many great cafes and restaurants.

The driving time between Nadi Airport and Nadi’s city centre is around 15 to 20 minutes.

Hotels and Resorts in Nadi City Centre

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Wailoaloa Beach (Nadi)

Taxi Price: FJ$10-$15

A popular Nadi holiday destination, Wailoaloa Beach is packed with budget-to-mid-range resorts to suit all types of travellers and budgets. While the grey sand beaches are not as idyllic as the outer island beaches, the resorts and activities know how to make holidaymakers embrace “Fiji time“.

The drive between Nadi Airport and Wailoaloa Beach is between 10 to 15 minutes.

Hotels and Resorts in Wailoaloa


Martintar (Nadi)

Taxi Price: FJ$10-$20

A bustling suburb of Nadi is where you’ll find most of Nadi’s eateries and nightlife. Situated between Nadi Airport and Nadi City Centre, Martintar is a good base for star-shaped travel to Nadi’s highlights.

Travelling between Nadi Airport and Martintar take between 10 to 15 minutes.

Hotels and Resorts in Martintar



Taxi Price: FJ$30-$50

The island packed with five-star resorts is a popular getaway for all types of travellers. A stark contrast to the city and suburbs of Nadi, Denarau is a polished destination complete with a golf course, marina with boat excursions and many shops and eateries. Learn more about this destination in our Complete Guide to Denarau.

Note that Denarau Car Hires is the only taxi operator allowed to do pick-ups in Denarau and must be booked in advance.

The driving time between Nadi Airport and Denarau is between 20 to 30 minutes.

Hotels and Resorts in Denarau

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Vuda Point

Taxi Price: FJ$25-$35

Situated north between Nadi Airport and Lautoka, Vuda Point has a small but popular selection of resorts and villas to escape the hustle and bustle of busy resort centres and the city of Nadi. The area is famous for being the first location where the native Fijians settled in Fiji.

The driving time between Nadi Airport and Vuda Point is between 20 to 25 minutes.

Hotels and Resorts at Vuda Point

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Other Areas

Other areas that you might want to get to from Nadi Airport via taxi is Lautoka, the Coral Coast, Pacific Harbour or Suva.


Taxi Price: FJ$45-$55

Taking around 30 minutes to drive from Nadi Airport, Lautoka is Fiji’s second-largest city known for its sugar cane industry and mills. The city also has some great shops, eateries and markets.

Coral Coast (Sigatoka)

Taxi Price: FJ$80-$130

Beachfront resorts are spread far and wide on the Coral Coast. The main hub of the area is Sigatoka located on the edge of the Sigatoka River. Expect the drive from Nadi to Sigatoka to take around 1h15mins.

Pacific Harbour

Taxi Price: FJ$170-$200

Getting further from the airport, around a 2h30min drive, the Pacific Harbour is where you will want to consider alternative transport methods to get to in order to save money. Take a look at 7 Ways to Get to the Pacific Harbour for tips.


Taxi Price: FJ$200-$230

The capital of Fiji is located on the opposite side of Viti Levu about a 3h30min drive from Nadi Airport. Again, alternative transport methods should be considered to get to this popular destination. Take a look at 6 Ways to Get to Suva.

More About Nadi Airport Taxis

That’s it for the cost of Nadi Airport taxis. Finally, check out Fiji Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Fiji Cost? for even more budgeting tips.


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