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8 Best Walks in Kadavu

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Walks and Hikes on Kadavu

Kadavu surely is a hiker’s paradise. With fewer than 30 vehicles on the island’s very limited roads, the way most locals get around is by boat or by hiking. Along Kadavu’s coast and throughout the lush rainforest interior are a network of trails that villagers have been using to get between villages for centuries. Trails are often rough, only maintained by the occasional wack of a cane knife, but they certainly provide a real tropical adventure. Check out some of the guided and self-guided walks in Kadavu in the list below!

Note that insect repellent is a must in the jungle! The best time of day for hiking is as early as possible before the peak heat of the day arrives. Learn about more things to do in Kadavu in 10 Must-Dos in Kadavu.

1. Namuana Village Waterfall Walk

The village of Namuana can be found near Vunisea. On the edge of the pretty Namalata Bay, villagers of Namuana are known to perform an occasional turtle calling ceremony. But if you don’t manage to see a turtle calling ceremony, then at least you can walk a 20-minute trail to the top of a hill behind the village offering amazing vistas before continuing to Waikana Falls for a refreshing dip. Ask the villagers for directions, and don’t forget to offer a “sevusevu” – get more information from Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village.

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2. Matana Beach Resort to Papageno Resort

One of the longest and most popular trails for hikers to do independently is the 10km (6 miles) trail between Matana Beach Resort to Papageno Resort. From Matana Resort, take a 10-minute trail to the stunning cove of One Mile Beach. Follow the trail along the northern coastline past Naivakarauniniu Village and to Papageno Resort. See more activities like this in 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do in Kadavu.

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3. Kavala Bay Waterfall Trail

A must-see waterfall on Kadavu, the Kavala Bay Waterfall Trail is a 45-minute moderate climb to a high waterfall with a natural swimming hole at its base. The Kavala Bay Waterfall Trail is best accessed when the tide is transitioning to high tide, so boats can get through a mangrove forest to the village where the trail begins. Kadavu resorts that offer transport to this hike include Mai Dive Resort, Tiliva Resort, Kokomo Island and Oneta Resort.

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4. Naikorokoro Cascades Trail

Situated between Papageno Resort and Matana Beach Resort, the Naikorokoro Cascades Trail is a one-hour hike from Naikorokoro Village. The best way to get there is by boat from Papageno or Matana Resort, where resort guides will take you through verdant forest alive with endemic wildlife. You’ll arrive at two sets of waterfalls, where you can climb to one of the jumping spots, either from 5m (15ft) at the first waterfall or 10m (30ft) from the second.

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5. Vatalutu Trails

Vatalutu Island is a walking haven! Resorts, such as Matava Resort, Tiliva Resort and Oneta Resort offer transport to the island at half or high tide for you to enjoy with a guide or independently. There is a network of trails on this island, boasting stunning viewpoints, unusual rock formations and tropical forest. Hikes here include a 2-3-hour hike on a well-maintained trail winding its way from the bayside of the island to an epic viewpoint then down to a beach nearest to the Great Astrolabe Reef. Alternatively, there’s a day-long hike that circles the island, stopping at various beaches where you can swim/snorkel. See more island excursions like this in The Best Day Trips on Kadavu.

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6. Kadavu Trail

For an epic mission on Kadavu, walk from one end of the island to the other on the Kadavu Trail. This 110km (70 miles) trail goes from village to village, where overnight stops will need to be arranged at local villages, as well as resorts. There is no accurate map for the trail so hikers will need a guide, as well as a tour company, like Tamarilla Active Travel, to make all of the village arrangements.

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7. Malawai Waterfall Hike

A walk you can do independently from the Papageno Resort, the Malawai Waterfall Hike takes you to a small but picturesque waterfall. Resort staff at reception will point the way, where the rest of the 3.5km (2 miles) track is easy to navigate following the black arrow markers. At the end of the trail, enjoy the waterfall view and dipping your feet into the refreshing pool. Guides are also available at the resort to explain some of the flora and fauna seen along the way.

8 Best Walks on Kadavu© Papageno Resort

8. Teitei Walk

At the Matava Resort, join a local farmer and medicine man for a guided walk through the gorgeous Kadavu landscapes and his “teitei” or garden. On the 3-hour trip including a walk and village visit, you’ll learn about local crops, as well as natural medicines from the bush. At the end, you’ll have the chance to visit a local village.

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