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10 Movies Filmed in Fiji

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Which Films Were Shot in Fiji?

Need a tropical island to star in your Hollywood or Bollywood blockbuster? Then Fiji is your place! The Fiji islands have been the backdrop of many movie hits throughout the years thanks to its typical paradise islands setting. Unsurprisingly, many movies starring Fiji have been about being stranded on an island, but there are sure to be a few movies that will surprise you. So if you are a movie buff or just want to wise up on some more fun Fiji facts, then scroll down for the list of movies filmed in Fiji!

As well as films, Fiji has featured in numerous TV shows which you can learn more about at the bottom of this article. Otherwise, head straight to 8 TV Shows Shot in Fiji!

1. Adrift

This romantic drama released in 2018 used the islands of Fiji to convey the Pacific Ocean journey the two heroes embark on. The American movie, starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, is based on a true story about a couple of sailors who get stranded in the Pacific Ocean after getting caught in a hurricane. Suva and Rakiraki are the two locations featured in this movie. Learn more about Suva in our Complete Guide to Suva, as well as our Complete Guide to Viti Levu to learn more about the beautiful district of Rakiraki.

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2. Party

Starring the highest-grossing Indian movie stars in history, Baahubali – Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishnan, Party is a comedy Bollywood movie that was filmed entirely in Fiji. Party features many different locations in Fiji making it a great movie to watch for those familiar with the country.

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3. Cast Away

The American movie starring Tom Hanks is about an island castaway who must survive on a deserted island. That deserted island was Monuriki Island in the Mamanuca Islands! While there are no inhabitants on the island, Monuriki is easy to get to through day trip excursions with resorts on the surrounding islands, such as Mana Island, Tokoriki Island and Matamanoa Island, as well as cruises from Port Denarau. Learn more about the Mamanuca Islands in our 10 Mamanuca Island Must-Dos.

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4. The Blue Lagoon

More island survival storylines, The Blue Lagoon tells the story of two young children marooned on a tropical island. The 1980’s blockbuster was directed by Randal Kleiser who directed Grease and the movie received many award nominations. The Blue Lagoon was filmed in the Yasawa Islands, while the second instalment of the movie, Return to the Blue Lagoon, was filmed in Taveuni.

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5. Boot Camp

Boot Camp, released as Punishment in the UK, is a psychological thriller about teenagers that are in a rehabilitation camp on a secluded island in Fiji. The movie stars Mila Kunis, Gregory Smith and Peter Stormare.

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6. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

The sequel to 1997’s Anaconda, Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid was released in 2004. The plot follows a team of researchers who are searching for a sacred flower in Borneo, Indonesia, when the adventure quickly turns to horror when the team must face deadly anacondas that inhabit the island. Although the movie was meant to depict Borneo, some of the scenes were, in fact, filmed in Fiji.

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7. The Land Has Eyes

It’s no surprise that this feature film with a Fijian direct and cast was filmed in Fiji. The Land Has Eyes was the first feature film (and only at the time of writing) to be made in Fiji. The movie showcases the Fijian way of life through a storyline about a young woman whose father is wrongly accused of stealing. She finds inspiration in the “Warrior Woman” and other Fijian legends.

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8. Contact

It’s true, a sci-fi drama movie was filmed in Fiji! The 1997 film Contact conveys the story of a scientist’s journey as she attempts to make contact with aliens. The American movie stars Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. While there were several filming locations across the world, such as Canada, New Mexico, Arizona, Contact was also filmed on the Fiji islands.

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9. Bula Quo!

Later named Guitars, Guns and Paradise! Bula Quo is a movie about the rock band Status Quo who witnesses a gang murder in Fiji and gets caught up in all kinds of shenanigans. The comedy stars Jon Lovitz, Craig Fairbrass, Laura Aikman and the Status Quo band members. Step in their footsteps by visiting Tivua Island in the Mamanucas!

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10. TV Shows in Fiji…

Fiji has not only been the backdrop to blockbusters from all over the world! The islands also star in multiple TV shows. Most famously, many seasons of Survivor have been shot here. The American version of Survivor saw season 14 filmed in Macuata and Vanua Levu, while seasons 33 to 38 have all been filmed in the Mamanuca Islands… and counting! Survivor host Jeff Probst has famously said that if he could only film in Fiji until the end of his Survivor career, he would! For the French version, Koh-Lanta, seasons 5 and 18 were filmed in the Yasawa Islands, while seasons 19 and 20 were shot in Kadavu. Finally, on the Survivor front, Survivor Australia was filmed in Savusavu for season 5.

As for the TV shows filmed in Fiji, Wrecked, Season 2, was filmed in Sigatoka and Nadi; The Bachelorette, Season 7 finale, was filmed in Savusavu; The Bachelorette Australia was filmed in the Namale Resort and Spa on Vanua Levu; and Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji starring John Noble was filmed in Fiji. Find out more about all these TV shows in our 8 TV Shows Shot in Fiji.



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