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10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in the Yasawa Islands


Free Things To Do in the Yasawas

If you’re planning a budget vacation to Fiji, then don’t miss the Yasawa Islands. The stunning tropical islands might take a 2-5 hours boat ride to get there, but it’s well worth the trip once you discover the budget resorts of the Yasawas with their array of free and cheap activities! You needn’t spend a dime during your stay, as many of the resorts offer meals and complimentary use of watersports equipment at their room rates. All you have to do is figure out how you are going to spend your “Fiji time“. Here’s some inspiration in this list of free and cheap things to do in the Yasawa Islands.

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1. Snorkel in Coral Reefs

No matter what your budget is, snorkelling is a must-do in the Yasawa Islands. Luckily, snorkelling is 100% free thanks to resorts offering complimentary use of snorkel gear. Usually, there is safe snorkelling so be done from the beach (make sure you ask where). Otherwise, a snorkelling safari, where you’ll be transferred by boat to the nearest reefs, is usually one of the most inexpensive activities that resorts have to offer.


2. Kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard

Be as active or relaxed as you like when you use one of the complimentary kayaks offered by the resorts in the Yasawas. Kayaking is a fantastic and free way to explore the islands and watch the fish swimming in the clear waters below. While you have to pay a small fee to hire stand-up paddleboards at most resorts, some like Blue Lagoon Beach Resort offer paddleboards as part of their complimentary watersports equipment. Check out the resorts with free SUP hire in The Best Places for Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Fiji.


3. Go on a Handline Fishing Trip

Game and sports fishing charters might be renowned for being an expensive thing to do, but fishing like a local in handline fishing is a cheap and rewarding way to experience fishing in Fiji. The staff at many of the budget resorts can take you to the best local fishing spots from land or by boat. Handline fishing is usually available for under FJ$50, for instance at Long Beach Resort and Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. Learn more about fishing experiences in The Complete Guide to Fishing in Fiji.


4. Go on an Island Hike

Every island has spectacular hikes and scenery to discover. From short beach walks to mountain hikes, there’s something for every fitness level – so be sure to ask at your resort about the best trail for your ability. Sunset or sunrise is the most popular time of day to go for a walk, not only as it’s a cooler time of day but the Fijian sunsets are simply stunning. Ask about the sunset walk at Naqalia Lodge or explore caves, jungles and beaches with Barefoot Kuata Resort.


5. Craft Your Own Fijian Souvenir

Crafting is all part of the Fijian culture, so join in on the fun and craft your own Fijian souvenir. Crafting lessons are available with many resorts and homestays, either for free or for a small fee. Weaving is a popular option where you can make yourself a hot or a basket. Alternatively, coconut bracelets are always cute, such as the ones made at the Mantaray Island Resort!

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6. Do a Fijian Cooking Class

Delight your inner foodie by joining in on a Fijian cooking lesson. Cook with tropical ingredients to create delicious meals, all while learning more about the local culture. Cooking lessons are a popular activity to do during homestays (see our 10 Budget Homestays in the Yasawa Islands), and can also be done at Naqalia Lodge, Korovou Eco-Tour Resort, Paradise Cove, Nanuya Island Resort and others.


7. Enjoy Fijian Entertainment

Many of the resorts in the Yasawas come alive at night with Fijian dancing and singing known as “meke”, as well as “lovo” nights where you’ll get to feast on traditional Fijian food cooked in an underground oven. On top of that, not many people will visit the Yasawa Islands without experiencing a kava ceremony – a traditional welcoming ceremony. This experience is available in both resorts and homestays, but make sure you bring your own yaqona root for village homestays. Read more about it in our Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village.

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8. Take Part in Some Beach Sports

A volleyball net on the beach is kind of a staple in the Yasawa Islands resorts, as well as access to other sports equipment. Playing sports is another way to enjoy your time in paradise with your family, mates or fellow travellers staying at the resort. Plus, almost all the resorts have nights of coconut bowling and crab racing!

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9. Do Some Yoga

Yep, rejuvenating the mind, body and soul is another free activity in the Yasawa Islands. Resorts, such as the Octopus Resort and Blue Lagoon Beach Resort offer free yoga sessions every morning and during some afternoons.

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10. Go for a Swim

Finally, it goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway: swimming is a free thing to do in the Yasawa Islands! If your chosen resort doesn’t have a pool to lounge by while sipping cocktails, then it will certainly have crystal clear waters to swim in just off the beach. Make sure you ask about the safest swimming spots on the island and go have fun!


More Free and Cheap Things to Do in the Yasawa Islands and Fiji

That’s it for the free and cheap things to do in the Yasawa Islands. Don’t forget to bookmark The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji on a Budget. Trust us, there’s a lot of useful tips in there!


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