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The Luxury Travel Guide to the Yasawa Islands

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The Complete Guide to Luxury Holidays in the Yasawa Islands

The soft sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and lush tropical forests… A luxury destination like this deserves to be experienced in luxury. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or “just because”, you’ll find your own piece of paradise in the Yasawa Islands. The exclusive location only has three five-star resorts, offering unforgettable experiences to get you better connected to the local culture, nature and each other. Let us guide you through the resorts, activities and exquisite food in this luxury guide to the Yasawa Islands of Fiji.

Before we begin this luxury guide to the Yasawa Islands, take a moment to bookmark The Complete Luxury Travel Guide to Fiji. Trust us, there’s a lot of essential tips there.

10 Luxury Activities in the Yasawa Islands

  • Fly to your luxury resort on a scenic seaplane flight
  • Scuba dive at untouched reefs
  • Glide across the waters in windsurfing
  • Swim with giant manta rays
  • Indulge in a luxurious beachfront massage
  • Observe Fijian cooking demonstrations
  • Go horse riding along a private beach
  • Treat her to a private beach picnic
  • Enjoy a day’s fishing – game fishing or island-style
  • Attend a dinner party on the mountaintops

For more information on each of these activities, take a look at our 10 Luxury Activities in the Yasawa Islands or continue reading…

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How to Get to the Yasawa Islands

Situated northwest of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, the Yasawa Islands can be accessed by water or by air. However, by only taking 20-30 minutes combined with the luxury of intimacy and spectacular views, there’s only one luxurious way to get the Yasawas: by helicopter or seaplane.

Yasawa Islands via Seaplane or Helicopter

One of the most luxurious ways to get to the Yasawas, helicopter and seaplane transfers get you to the Yasawas quickly. Air operators depart from Nadi International Airport and Port Denarau taking you directly to your resort. Compare your options in our article, Helicopter Vs. Seaplane for Island Transfers in Fiji.

There are more ways to get to the Yasawa Islands. Check them out in our 5 Ways to Get to the Yasawa Islands.

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Luxury Services in the Yasawa Islands’ Resorts

The luxury resorts of the Yasawas are not just a place to rest your head for the night. They are the full Fiji experience with resort staff catering to your every need before you even realise you have any. What makes a luxury escape to the Yasawas different from the rest of Fiji? You’ll find utter serenity and intimacy as the resorts are child-free for most of the year. Plus, they offer special services for your event.

Adult-Only Luxury Resorts

While the Yasawa’s neighbouring island ground, the Mamanuca Islands, are renowned for family-friendly five-star luxury, the Yasawa Islands is practically a child-free zone. The five-star resorts in the Yasawa Islands are adult-only resorts for most of the year, opening to families for selected dates. Navutu Stars Resort, however, is exclusively adult-only. With no guests under 16 years old, guests at these resorts will enjoy peace and tranquillity in the utterly romantic destination of the Yasawas. Find out more about the adult-only services in the Yasawas with our Adult Only Guide to the Yasawa Islands.

Weddings and Honeymoons

If there’s ever a point in your life to experience pure luxury, why not make it your special day? Every luxury resorts in the Yasawas offers its own unique wedding packages and venues, whether you are looking for a barefoot beach wedding or a Fijian wedding filled with tradition and Sout Pacific flare. As for honeymoons, the adult-only resorts of the Yasawas couldn’t be more romantic, offering a wealth of glorious activities for couples: a private beach picnic, floating pontoon dinner, couples’ massage, or horse riding on the beach to name a few. Check out our Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to the Yasawa Islands for more inspiration.

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Luxury Activities in the Yasawa Islands

We all know about the sensational snorkelling, playing volleyball on the beach, relaxing in a hammock and sipping on cocktails in Fiji. But what about the luxury experience and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities? Try these deluxe activities in the Yasawas.

Luxury Water Activities in the Yasawas

Needless to say that scuba diving among the stunning coral gardens of the Yasawas is the ultimate “treat yourself” water activity. With water temperatures at a comfortable 27°C (75°F), there’s no better place to dive. Turtle Island Fiji includes one dive per day with their stay, equipping you with all the gear you need as well as an expert guide. At the Yasawa Island Resort, guests have the opportunity to dive in unspoiled coral reefs moments away from the resort. Navutu Stars transports guests to Vertical Blue Dives dive operators just across the water.

A spectacular underwater experience not to be missed is swimming with giant manta rays. These agile creatures are magnificent to watch gliding in the water, so join the staff of Navutu Stars between May and September for an unforgettable experience.

While kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding are both fantastic ways to get out on the water and explore the secluded coves and inlets of your chosen island, windsurfing is an exciting way to amp up the experience. Turtle Island Fiji offers guests the use of their windsurfing equipment, whether you feel like catching the wind for an adrenaline rush or gently gliding across the water in the tropical breeze.

Finally, jumping on a fishing charter is another exciting way to get out on the water. Join Navutu Stars on their brand new cabin 30ft powerboat to catch game fish in the Yasawa’s outer reefs. Alternatively, the resort offers handline fishing and spearfishing to get that “local experience”.

Luxury Land Activities in the Yasawas

Let’s begin with the place where you’ll find pure peace and indulgence: your luxury resort spa. While each luxury resort has its own spa to find your quiet zen, the Yasawa Island Resort‘s spa is a must-do. The award-winning spa has open-air treatment rooms overhanging the beach, giving you the most spectacular views to go with your choice of traditional or contemporary treatment. See our 6 Best Spas in the Yasawa Islands for more information.

Fijian culture is incredibly accessible from your luxury island resort with resorts working in harmony with local villages. Chiefs give permission for guests to visit the villages and see ancient traditions being played out in their everyday lives. While kava ceremonies, meke cultural dancing and lovo feasts are a staple of a holiday in the Yasawa Islands, luxury resorts offer special cultural experiences, such as Yasawa Island Resort with their Fijian cooking demonstrations. Navutu Stars offers guided “Medicine Walks” to discover ancient Fijian remedies. Or join Turtle Island Fiji in their eco-sanctuary and turtle conservation area to connect more to nature.

Finally, a unique land activity that you will struggle to find anywhere else in Fiji’s outer islands is horseback riding. Turtle Island Fiji has beautiful horses for gentle rides along the private beaches or exciting canters along the water’s edge. A popular trip is riding to a secluded spot to watch the sunrise and enjoy a Champagne breakfast.

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Luxury Dining in the Yasawa Islands

It doesn’t get fresher than the cuisine in the Yasawa Islands. Resorts work with local fishermen to get the freshest catch and each has its own gardens producing fruit and vegetables. Despite the remote location, the Yasawa Islands’ five-star resorts give you choice allowing guests to be as timid or adventurous as they like. With advanced notice, they can also cater to special diets so just inquire.

Luxury Dining Experiences

Sure, the fine dining restaurants of the Yasawa Islands are where you’re really going to treat your tastebuds, but it’s the unique dining experiences that we get the most excited about. Swap your crowded restaurant for a private beach picnic. Or how about dining on a private pontoon with Turtle Island Fiji? Turtle Island Fiji also hosts nightly dinner parties around the island, from the tropical gardens to the mountaintops of the island. At the Yasawa Island Resort, it’s all about the alfresco dining with magnificent views across the pool and ocean. Or choose your setting at the Navutu Stars, whether it’s a candlelit dinner in their main veranda or gazing across the ocean from their sunset deck.

For more dining experience and food-orientated activities in the Yasawas, take a look at our Foodie Guide to the Yasawa Islands.


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