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7 Best Beaches in the Yasawa Islands

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Beach Holidays in the Yasawas

Every resort and lodge is on the waterfront in the Yasawa Islands. However, not all of them can claim pristine sandy beaches, easy beachside snorkelling and calm waters for swimming. If you’re looking for a Fiji holiday spent on the beach falling into a sun-coma, then these are the beaches in the Yasawa Islands you need to hit!

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1. Yasawa Island Resort Beach

Fronting the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, this beach on Yasawa Island is silky smooth making long walks on the beach in your bare feet a must! The bright white sand makes it impossible to take a bad photo of this stunning corner of Yasawa Island. Plus, this beach is not the only one to enjoy with guests having access to 11 private beaches! Check out more resorts like this in our 5 Luxury Resorts in the Yasawa Islands.

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2. Octopus Resort Beach

A mile-long stretch of golden-sand beach awaits at the Octopus Resort on Waya Island. Although the resort doesn’t have a huge range of amenities, it hardly matters when the beach has fantastic sheltered swimming and snorkelling at high tide and provides pleasant beach walks at low tide. Despite occupying plenty of guests at the resort, the beach never feels too crowded.

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3. Oarsman’s Bay Lodge Beach

You don’t have to be staying in a luxury resort to enjoy pristine white-sand beaches and that’s certainly the case at Oarsman’s Bay Lodge! The lodge holds a prime position on one of the best beaches in the Yasawas. Snorkel in a marine-protected area where a large bank of coral is likely to capture your attention all day. The beach is protected from trade winds giving the water great visibility and is a delight to swim in. See more resorts like this in our 10 Budget Accommodation in the Yasawa Islands.

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4. Nanuya Island Resort Beach

On the edge of the famous Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Island Resort sits just beside a long stretch of stunning beach. Park up in one of the sheltered cabanas dotted along the beach with day beds and check out the coral and fish seen when snorkelling straight offshore! Check out more accommodation like this in our 10 Family Resorts in the Yasawa Islands.

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5. Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Beach

On the edge of a tranquil lagoon, the beach fronting the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is a fantastic setting for a beach holiday in the Yasawas. There’s plenty of sand space for everyone, as well as great snorkelling sheltered from strong currents.

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6. Botaira Beach Resort Beach

Blessed with one of the best beaches in the Yasawa Islands, Botaira Beach Resort is another stunning option for beach bums and snorkelling addicts. The resort spans the entire length of the beach giving guests plenty of room to lay down a towel. The waters are calm with amazing snorkelling in a marine reserve at all tides.

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7. Honeymoon Beach

There’s literally a beach for each couple that can stay at one time at the Turtle Island Fiji resort. One of the 14 beaches on this private island is the famous Honeymoon Beach. Even though it’s likely that you’ll be on the beach all by yourself, the rocky headlands on either side and backed by lush palms will make you feel all the more secluded.

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