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10 Adult-Only Activities in the Yasawa Islands

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Things to Do in the Yasawa Islands for Adults

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to spend their “Fiji time” surrounding by loud children. Luckily there are a number of adult-only activities where you can escape the chaos and revel in peace and tranquillity. The best way to ensure you get an adult-only experience is by partaking in the activities provided at the adult-only resorts in the Yasawa Islands. Otherwise, for that quick getaway, you can always escape to the spa or bar.

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1. Enjoy an Adult-Only Cruise Around the Yasawa Islands

Mix your accommodation, transport and activities in a highly convenient and exciting adult-only cruise around the Yasawas. Blue Lagoon Cruises offer adult-only cruises, except for some selected dates for families. Choose between three, four and seven nights, departing from Port Denarau Marina. Find out more about Blue Lagoon Cruises on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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2. Snorkel or Scuba Dive with One of the Adult-Only Resorts

The underwater world of Fiji is not to be missed, even on an adult-only holiday! With adult-only resorts offering complimentary use of snorkelling equipment, snorkelling is the most accessible way to see the coral reefs teeming with all sorts of aquatic life. Viwa Island Resort has a wide array of snorkelling spots off the island, while there’s the opportunity to swim with manta rays with Navutu Stars Resort from May to September. For those feeling more adventurous, don’t miss the opportunity to scuba dive with Viwa Island and Yasawa Island Resort. Diving is also offered at Drawaqa and the Blue Lagoon with Blue Lagoon Cruises (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor).

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3. Get Out on the Water on a Fishing Charter

Fishing in the Yasawas can be enjoyed year-round through a range of experiences: game fishing, sports fishing, spearfishing and handline fishing. You can enjoy just about any of these types of fishing experiences at the adult-only Navutu Stars Resorts. Either enjoy a relaxing fishing trip on the reefs or take on the monsters like mahimahi, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, barracuda and much more – see our What Types of Fish Can You Fish For in Fiji?

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4. Kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard on the Tranquil Waters

A fantastic free thing to do in the Yasawa Islands is kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Complimentary freedom hire of kayaks is a staple of the adult-only resorts in the Yasawa Islands, providing an experience on the water that is as tranquil or as active as you like. Kayaks at the Viwa Island Resort have fishing rod holders so you can try your luck. SUP is also available at Turtle Island Resort.

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5. Explore the Islands on Nature Walks and Trails

The Yasawas has more to discover on land, which is best done on an island walk. Join the team from Navutu Stars for a “Medicine Walk” to learn about the Fijian remedies or ask about the labyrinth of walking trails on Turtle Island taking you through an eco-sanctuary, jungles, gardens and grasslands.

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6. Indulge in a Massage at One of the Island Spas

Wherever you stay in the Yasawa Islands, you know that the spa is where you can escape for ultimate relaxation without disturbance. The Yasawa Island Resort is renowned for its spa on the beach, while Turtle Island offers a wealth of Polynesian-style treatments. You’ll also find spa and beauty treatments on board the Blue Lagoon Cruise (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor). Check out our 6 Best Spas in the Yasawa Islands for more information.

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7. Sip Cocktails from One of the Yasawa Islands’ Bars…

… Or get your morning espresso from Manasa’s Bar at the Yasawa Island Resort. The Manasa’s Bar at the adult-only resort provides unlimited non-alcoholic drinks included in the room rates, as well as cocktails to enjoy while taking in the view from the decks. The Bula Bar at the adult-only Viwa Resort is also a stunning place to watch the sunset while drinking Champagne at the end of the day.

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8. Rejuvenate with a Morning Yoga Session

Wellness is a core part of the adult-only holiday in Fiji. Resorts like Navutu Stars offers morning yoga classes on their sunset deck, as well as private yoga lessons. More sports and recreation awaits at the adult-only Turtle Island where guests have the chance to do some island horse riding and mountain biking to keep active during their stay.

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9. Get Involved with the Cultural Activities at Your Adult-Only Resort

Discovering the fascinating island culture of the Fijians is often one of the most memorable aspects of any trip to the Yasawa Islands. Make it an adult-only experience by taking part in the cultural activities of your chosen adult-only resort. Navutu Stars, for instance, offers complimentary basket weaving lessons, coconut-opening demonstrations and village visits. Evenings come alive with meke dancing at the Yasawa Resort, or go watch a rugby game or partake in the Fijian cooking lesson at the Viwa Island Resort. The list goes on!

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10. Treat Yourself to a Private Beach Picnic with Your Loved One

It isn’t just about the divine Fijian food at the adult-only resorts; it’s about the whole dining experience. The private beach picnic is an iconic adult-only thing to do in the Yasawa Islands. All of the adult-only resorts offer private picnic packages, preparing a gourmet picnic for you and transporting you and your loved one to a secluded spot in a breathtaking and romantic location. For more island trips, check out The Best Day Trips from the Yasawa Islands.

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More Adult-Only Activities in the Yasawa Islands and Fiji

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