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8 Drinks in Fiji You Have to Try

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What to Drink in Fiji

So you’ve landed in paradise and you’re swimming up to the pool bar. What do you order? You’re going to not only want to treat yourself in Fiji but quench your thirst in the hot Fijian sun. Fiji has a huge range of unique drinks to try, as well as their own personal spin on some classics. Whether you’re a beer-drinker, wine-drinker, coffee-drinker, no-alcohol-drinker or want to get something fun for the kids, you’ll find an amazing drink to try in Fiji. This list will go through some of the drinks in Fiji to put at the top of your list!

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1. Kava

A staple of the Fijian culture, kava is a drink made from ground-up Yaqona root mixed with water. The result is an earthy-tasting drink that, once you have had a few too many, will leave you tingly and majorly relaxed. While casual night around the tanoa (bowl used to make and serve kava) is a way of life in Fiji, drinking kava is also drunk as part of a welcoming ceremony for new guests entering a village. That’s why many resorts in Fiji will greet their guests with a kava ceremony and get you ingrained in the local culture. Learn more about where to experience kava drinking in our 10 Best Ways to Experience the Fijian Culture.



2. Fiji Beer

Yes, Fiji has its own locally-brewed beers, including the Vonu range, Fiji Draught, Fiji Taki Beer, Mokusiga and more. The two major players that you’ll see in most supermarkets and resorts is Fiji Gold and Fiji Bitter. Fiji Gold is a light golden lager that can be super refreshing in the hot Fiji sun. Fiji Bitter served in a stubbie bottle is a bit more grainy to please the more serious beer drinkers. Mokusiga on the Coral Coast run informal tours of their craft brewery.

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3. Coconut (Bu)

It’s the perfect Fiji picture opportunity: drinking out of a coconut! Fiji has its fair share of coconut palms, and almost every resort will have some swaying in the gentle breeze. Coconut is known locally as “bu” so ask for some bu at your resort bar and enjoy some of the freshest juice you’ll ever taste!

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4. Cocktails and Mocktails

Fiji produces some of the freshest and finest tropical fruit, so naturally, sipping on a fruit cocktail is a must! Bars all across Fiji have cocktails and mocktails on the menu, with a mix of classics as well as in-house creations. The cocktails are so good here that some vacationers literally just come to Fiji to drink them (just take a look around the pool to see if we are exaggerating).

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5. Fiji Rum

Fiji has a huge sugar cane industry, so you can imagine that the locals have experimented with making rum! As a result, there are some fine Fijian rums that you have to try. One that you’ll find almost everywhere is Bounty Rum and Ratu Rum, so give it a try in a cocktail or pick some bottles up at duty-free! Alternatively, Fiji Rum Co. has a mouthwatering range that can be sampled at the Denarau Golf & Racquet Club 1pm-9pm, every day. Check out Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Denarau for more great places to eat and drink.

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6. Fiji Coffee

Yep, Fiji makes its own coffee too. Coffee bean plantations are nestled in the inland mountainous regions of Fiji, and the locally grown coffee has been roasted by several Fijian coffee roasters. Bula Coffee and Fiji Coffee are just a couple that you might see in cafes and for sale in souvenir shops.

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7. New Zealand and Australian Wine

Ok, so if you are from New Zealand or Australia, you’re probably not going to find this exceptional. For the rest of us, a trip to Fiji usually gives wine-lovers plenty of opportunities to try wines made just across the water. New Zealand and Australian wines are everywhere in Fiji and are definitely worth a try.



8. Fiji Water

As a major bottled water brand distributed around the world, chances are that you have already tried Fiji Water. But why not try Fiji Water when you are as close to the spring water source as you’re ever going to get?! As for drinking other water in Fiji, take a look at Can You Drink the Water in Fiji?



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