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best restaurants on the suncoast

The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on the Suncoast

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The Best Places to Eat on the Suncoast

Everybody’s got to eat, so here’s your guide to the best restaurants on the Suncoast. The Suncoast is the northern region of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, where much of Fiji’s population live in the towns scattered across the towns and villages of the coast. With that, there are some of the most authentic eating experiences you can have in Fiji, with a great selection of Fijian and Indo-Fiji restaurants to try, as well as some international favourites.

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6 Tips for Eating Out on the Suncoast

  • If trying to save money on food, eat in the towns as much as possible rather than your resort restaurant
  • Indian food can be pretty spicy in Fiji, so be careful about what you order if you’re not used to it
  • The drinking age in Fiji is 18 years old
  • Make a trip to Lautoka or Rakiraki to visit the local markets selling delicious fresh fruit and vegetables – check out the Information, Shops & Services on the Suncoast to see local markets
  • Most resort restaurants are open to casual diners, so don’t be afraid to mix your dining options up a bit
  • Tipping is not mandatory in Fiji but always appreciated.
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Fijian Restaurants on the Suncoast

Fijians are proud to share their cuisine with visitors, so the best places to try Fijian food are in the resorts or during village homestays. Much of the Fijian cuisine consists of fresh seafood marinated in coconut milk in one way or another. See 10 Unique Foods in Fiji You Have to Try for more information on Fijian dishes.

Fijian Restaurants in Rakiraki and Volivoli

Food is impeccably presented at the Nuku Bar & Grill of the Volivoli Beach Resort. Here, they serve Fijian meals such as kokoda, ika vakalolo and lobster. The rest of their menu is described as “Fijian fusion” where you’ll see family dishes served with a Fijian twist like a sushi platter with fresh South Pacific seafood. The restaurant is open to casual diners, as well as resort guests.

Another resort that welcomes casual diners is Golden Point Resort. While they offer an expansive menu of international cuisine, Fijian dishes and fresh seafood are also available to try.

Fijian Restaurants in Lautoka and Ba

When road-tripping along the Kings Road between Lautoka and Ba, be sure to stop by Tukuni Restaurant. This Fijian restaurant serves ika tavu, kokoda and local delicacies such as octopus, shellfish and seaweed.

Off the shore of Lautoka on Bekana Island, the Bula Velo Resort has a small but pleasing Fijian menu, including ika vakalolo, rourou (a pork dish), kokoda and miti (fish and eggplant dish).

Fijian Food in Homestays

Another way to experience authentic Fijian cuisine is through a homestay or village stay. Most hosts will offer meals to eat with the family at a reasonable cost (usually around FJ$15 per person) where you’ll get to eat what the locals eat. Pick a homestay in our 5 Best Homestays on the Suncoast. Check out more foodie experiences like this in 10 Things to Do on the Suncoast for Foodies.


Indo-Fijian Restaurants on the Suncoast

With a large population of Indo-Fijians in the towns of Lautoka, Ba and Rakiraki, you can be sure to find some flavourful curry houses along the Suncoast. Be aware that some Indo-Fijian food can be quite spicy, is usually served with the bones, but is extremely affordable!

Indian Restaurants in Lautoka

You are spoiled for choice at Chilli Bites (Yasawa Street) with 21 non-vegetarian curries, 7 paneer curries, 10 biryanis, 8 paratha, 5 dosa and 9 wraps to choose from. As the name suggests, prepare for spice!

For something meat-free, try Kruepa Vegetarian Restaurant (Vidilo Street) serving affordable thalis and other Indian cuisines.

Finally, enjoy your Indian bite with a sea view at South Seas Restaurant (Nede Street). The restaurant is a definite hidden gem tucked away from the main shopping district.

Indian Restaurants in Ba

Aside from every restaurant in Ba seemingly doing elaborate cake decorating, they also do fantastic Indo-Fiji cuisine. Try Indiques Restaurant (Ba Town) serving vegetarian, non-vegetarian curries and thalis at a very affordable price.

Pick up a thali take-away pack from Mummums Eats and Treats (7km inland from Ba on the road next to the Bridgetown Service Station) or dine in to enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle is just an added bonus.

Other Indian restaurants in Ba include Masters Curry House (Ba Town) and Awez Restaurant & Lounge (Ba Town).

Indian Restaurants in Rakiraki

In Rakiraki, pick up some affordable Indian meals at A.Gafoor Restaurant (Vaileka) or dine in at the well-appointed Pacifika Senikai Restaurant at the Tanoa Rakiraki Hotel serving Indian dishes in a Fijian way. This restaurant and accommodation also feature in our 10 Best Accommodation on the Suncoast for Foodies.

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Asian Restaurants on the Suncoast

Chinese and Korean food is also extremely popular in Fiji, where you best selection of Asian restaurants can be found in Lautoka.

Chinese Restaurants in Lautoka

Pop into the seafood Chinese restaurant Nan Yang (Naviti Street) with its classic Chinese lunch dishes like chop suey for under FJ$10.

Usually a quieter spot in town, Chinese Palace Restaurant (Vitogo Parade) is good value for money where locals either love it or they hate it.

Finally in Lautoka, if barbecue chicken is what your tastebuds desire then there’s a restaurant just for that at BBQ Chicken Lautoka (Vitogo Parade). They serve a wide range of Chinese meals, as well as, of course, barbecue chicken served in many ways.

Korean Restaurants in Lautoka

A favourite Korean chain restaurant in Fiji, Grace Road Kitchen (Namoli Avenue) is a contemporary-styled restaurant serving fresh smoothies, desserts and Korean meals such as bibimbap, beef teriyaki, bulgogi, fried dumplings and more.

Another option is the Korea Garden Restaurant (Tavewa Avenue) serving popular Korean dishes like bulgogi, jeyuk-bokkeum and maneulchicken.

Chinese Restaurants in Rakiraki

In Rakiraki, Sue’s Restaurant (Vaileka) serves up extremely affordable Chinese dishes. Try the chicken long soup!

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Western Restaurants on the Suncoast

If all you want is a hearty cooked breakfast, a sandwich and a pizza, then these are the restaurants to try.

Western Restaurants in Lautoka

Western-style cafes can be found here and there along the Suncoast, including the Blue Ginger Cafe (Elizabeth Square). They serve international breakfast and lunch meals from quesadillas to pasta. Plus, it’s a great place to grab a cuppa!

For filling breakfasts to see you through to (or well past) lunch, eat from the breakfast menu at The Chilli Tree Cafe (Tukani Street, Lautoka). Enjoy hearty cooked breakfasts, such as eggs benedict, breakfast wraps, omelettes and more.

For sweet treats, look no further than Patisserie Pacifica (Narara Parade) offering a range of cakes, macaroons and slices to go along with your coffee.

Western Restaurants in Ba

When travelling between Lautoka and Ba, be sure to stop by Mikes Fish & Chips (Kings Road, Natawarau) serving up pizzas and, unsurprisingly, fish and chips! The restaurant also has a great view of the ocean.

Ok, when you reach Ba, you won’t find many Western restaurants per se, but many of the Indian restaurants already mentioned have pizza on the menu too. Try Indiques Restaurant (Ba Town) and Bombay Cakes & Pizza (Main Street).

Finally, between Ba and Rakiraki, in the little town of Tavua, stop by Happy House Restaurant (Kings Road) to sample their menu of European, Chinese, Indian and Fijian cuisine with plenty for under FJ$20.


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