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© Chris McLennan Tourism Fiji

10 Best Foodie Experiences in Fiji

© Chris McLennan Tourism Fiji

Foodie Activities in Fiji

Contrary to popular belief, Fiji is more than just about azure waters, coral reefs and a scattering of tropical islands. The islands harbour a rich island culture and with that, unique foodie experiences. Like many cultures, the Fijian lifestyle centres around food, but locals here grow their own produce, catch their own fish and prepare unbeatable Pacific cuisine. For the foodie, there are many ways to engage in the food culture here, from hands-on cooking classes to dining on your very own secluded sandbar. Check out some of the top things to do in Fiji for foodies in this list of the best foodie experiences in Fiji!

Before we jump into the best foodie experiences in Fiji, be sure to bookmark The Complete Guide to Food in Fiji, which has even more advice.

1. Browse a Fijian Produce Market

Probably one of the most popular (and affordable) food activities in Fiji for foodies and non-foodies alike is visiting a local produce market. Every town and city has one, where you’ll get to browse and purchase some weird and wonderful tropical fruit and vegetables, as well as mingle with the friendly stallholders. While this activity is accessible throughout Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, the Lomaiviti Islands and Taveuni, check out the markets in Nadi and Suva for the largest displays. Find out more about their markets, as well as other foodie experiences in 10 Things to Do in Nadi for Foodies and 9 Things to Do in Suva for Foodies.

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2. Do a Fijian Cooking Class

On the agenda of many resorts across the islands of Fiji, Fijian cooking classes allow you to have a more “hands-on” experience with Fijian cuisine. A typical dish to learn how to make is kokoda, which is raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice mixed with coconut milk. Amp up the experience further by attending the Flavours of Fiji Cooking School in Denarau where you’ll learn to make a variety of dishes. Find out more about the cooking school on Viator and Tripadvisor. Plus, see more foodie experiences like this in 10 Things to Do in Denarau for Foodies.

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3. Do a Superfood Tour on Taveuni Island

Taveuni is known as the “Garden Island” where pretty much all of the resorts and villages are self-sustaining in growing their own produce. If you have ever dreamed of having your own productive garden or living a healthy lifestyle, then Taveuni calls you. One fantastic tour on the island is the Spice of Life Superfood Tour at the Gaiatree Sanctuary. Take a tour of their gardens, learn about local plants and their medicinal purposes, and indulge in a three-course vegetarian superfood meal. More details on the tour can be found on Viator and Tripadvisor. See more like this in 10 Things to Do on Taveuni for Foodies.

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4. Enjoy a Cultural Dinner Show

Combine a traditional style of Fijian cooking and cultural song and dance with a dinner show in Fiji. Watch Fijian “meke” performances where performers tell Fijian legends through song and conduct captivating dance performances. On top of that, almost all cultural dinner shows treat guests to a “lovo” which is food slow-cooked in a traditional earth oven. Dinner shows are popular on the Coral Coast at Likuri Island Resort and Gecko’s Resort. See more suggestions for the Coral Coast in 10 Things to Do on the Coral Coast for Foodies.

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5. Indulge in a Private Picnic

For foodie couples, don’t miss one of the most romantic dining experiences in the South Pacific. Treat yourselves to a private beach picnic in the Mamanuca Islands or the Yasawa Islands. Resorts like VOMO Island Resort, Treasure Island Resort, Yasawa Island Resort, Barefoot Manta and Navutu Stars will whisk you away to an uninhabited island or a secluded sandbar where it’s just you, your loved one and a gourmet picnic to enjoy – usually with a bottle of bubbles. Get more foodie experiences in these island groups in 10 Things to Do in the Mamanuca Islands for Foodies and 10 Things to Do in the Yasawa Islands for Foodies.

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6. Check Out a Coconut Demonstration

Many resorts across the islands of Fiji offer guests the chance to see the many uses of the island-favourite, the coconut. Not only will you learn how to husk a coconut and drink its milk, should you ever get stranded on a tropical island, but you’ll also see how materials are used to make all kinds of tools and clothing. While coconut demonstrations can be found all over Fiji, there are some fantastic ones in the resorts of the Pacific Harbour and Beqa, such as at Lalati Resort, Kulu Bay Resort, Royal Davui Resorts, Nanuku Auberge Resort and Beqa Lagoon Resort. See more foodie experiences in the area in 10 Things to Do on the Pacific Harbour for Foodies.

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7. Learn About Medicinal Plants on a Herbal Walk

An abundance of interesting herbs and plants grow on the islands of Fiji. While there are quite a few resorts around the islands that offer medicinal or herbal walking tours, one of the best places to do this is in Vanua Levu. Resorts such as Savasi Island Resort offer herbal walking tours where you’ll discover the natural medicinal qualities of the vegetation around the resort. Nukubati Private Island takes guests through their own gorgeous gardens to show traditional medicinal plants. Or delve deep into the rainforest with the Koro Sun Resort for a herbal walk and watching the wonders of nature unfold. See more experiences like this in 10 Things to Do on Vanua Levu for Foodies.

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8. Take Part in a Kava Session

If there’s only one thing you’ve heard about what people drink in Fiji, it’s probably kava or “yaqona”. This narcotic drink made with ground-up pepper plant roots is used during welcoming ceremonies known as kava ceremonies. While most tourists will experience kava ceremonies staged in resorts, you can get a more authentic experience in the Lomaiviti Islands. Drink as the locals do by drinking casually while socialising around the tanoa (kava bowl). For instance, Leleuvia Island Resort does a weekly lovo and kava night where kava will be prepared for guests to enjoy throughout the night. At The Baystay on Ovalau, an accommodation run by the locals in Rukuruku Village, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to join the locals for kava sessions if you desire. For more activities like this, see 8 Things to Do in the Lomaiviti Islands for Foodies.

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9. Catch Dinner on a Fishing Trip

Not only is Fiji a popular fishing destination for game fishermen, but fishing is simply a way of life for locals. While fishing can be enjoyed all over Fiji, one of the best fishing regions is Kadavu. Combine a foodie experience with adventure and tradition in a spearfishing excursion with Papageno Resort, where your catch will be prepared for dinner by the resort chefs. Additionally, Kokomo Private Island offers reef fishing charters where you choose either the latest fishing gear or trying traditional handline fishing. See more foodie things to do here in 8 Things to Do on Kadavu for Foodies.

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10. Take Part in a Cultural Village Stay

For a truly authentic cultural immersion, almost always centring around food, do a village stay in Fiji. Homestays in Fijian villages are available in the Yasawa Islands, Taveuni and on the Suncoast of Viti Levu. The latter can be organised through Airbnb and Abaca Lodge in the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park. In a village stay, you’ll get to eat what the locals eat where the locals eat (usually on the floor with your hands) while getting to experience real Fijian hospitality. Trust us, it’s an adventure! See more recommendations in 10 Things to Do on the Suncoast for Foodies.

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More Foodie Experiences in Fiji

That’s it for this guide on what it is like to visit Fiji. See more of the experiences you could be getting up to in the 101 Things to Do in Fiji. Plus, get even more tips from The Complete Foodie Guide to Fiji.


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