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Fiji’s Top Sailing Cruises Hoist the sail and allow the winds to pull you along on an adventure around the Fiji islands. With no noisy motors and either private or small group numbers, nothing b
Mamanucas Marriage Proposal Ideas A personalised message in the sand, landing on an island to find a message in a bottle, flying over a heart-shaped island… There are many ways to ask the big questi
Where to Find Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Suva Travelling as a vegetarian or a vegan can often be a frustrating thing, but not in Suva. Thanks to the large Indo-Fijian population, where many choose t
Where to Get Cheap Food in Suva If you’re like us then the first thing you want to do when hitting a new city is to try the local cuisine! It’s even better when sampling the food barely ta
Which Island to Have a Wedding in Fiji? Fiji is an archipelago of around 330 islands, so choosing a place to get married is a dizzying decision. What’s more, the islands all have something uniqu