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What is the Cost of Travelling in Fiji?

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Budgeting for Fiji

Can you afford to go to Fiji? Everyone’s idea of a dream Fiji getaway is slightly different, from backpacking the country and staying with locals to luxurious island resort getaways. Because we often get the question, “what is the cost of travelling in Fiji?”, we thought we’d put this guide together of the typical prices in Fiji. That way, you can make your own judgement on your budget based on the prices that will apply to your trip. Note that prices are approximate to give you an idea of typical costs. You may experience different prices when you get to Fiji.

Typical Costs Before You Arrive in Fiji

There are a few things to think about purchasing in preparation for your trip, from the essential flight ticket to the optional travel insurance. Because travellers to Fiji are coming from New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe and beyond, it would be inappropriate to give an average flight cost here. However, you can head over to How to Book a Cheap Flight to Fiji for advice.

Note that most tourists will not need to pay for a visa to enter Fiji. Find out more in Do You Need a Visa to Visit Fiji?

Finally, you might want to consider making a few purchases for your Fiji wardrobe, as well as get essential gear like sunscreen or reef shoes if you’re heading out to the islands. Check out The Complete Packing List for Fiji for more advice.

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The Cost of Accommodation in Fiji

Accommodation is available in Fiji to suit a range of budgets. Unlike elsewhere in the world, accommodation tends to be more than just a bed for the night, but a complete experience. Accommodation sets the tone for the type of landscape, activities and holiday you’ll be experiencing. It’s best to book accommodation before you arrive in Fiji, as rooms are booked up quickly, especially in the Fiji dry season, and for peace of mind.

Here are your typical accommodation costs in Fiji. Note that these prices are not including any compulsory meal plans that might be offered at some remote island resorts.

  • Dorm bed/night – FJ$40-$100
  • Homestay private room/night – FJ$30-$100
  • Budget double private ensuite room/night – FJ$86-$200
  • Mid-range double private ensuite room/night – FJ$150-$250
  • Luxury double private ensuite room/night – FJ$250+
  • Family rooms/night – FJ$140-$1,000
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The Cost of Food in Fiji

Food prices vary drastically between town and city eateries and what’s available at island resorts. Self-catering is an option on islands like Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, while those staying at island resorts often will only have the choice to eat at the resort.

Resort and Restaurant Food Prices

  • Indian & Chinese restaurant mains – FJ$6-$15
  • Restaurant mains – FJ$20-$30
  • Restaurant breakfast meals – FJ$6-$15
  • Resort breakfasts – Free
  • Resort lunch meals – FJ$16-$25
  • Resort restaurant mains – FJ$25-$70
  • Resort meal plans/day – FJ$58-$250

Restaurant Drink Prices

  • Bottle of water – FJ$1.60-$4
  • Bottle of wine – FJ$15-$30
  • Pint of beer – FJ$4-$8
  • Cocktail – FJ$10.50-$30

Supermarket Food Prices

  • Milk (1 litre/35 ounces) – FJ$2.90-$3.90
  • A loaf of bread – FJ$1.20-$1.60
  • Rice (1kg/2.2 pounds) – FJ$1.50-$2.30
  • Pasta (500g/1.1 pounds) – FJ$7.49-$8
  • 12 eggs – FJ$5.50
  • Cheese (1kg/2.2pounds) – FJ$21
  • Bottled water (1.5l/53 ounces) – FJ$3
  • Chicken breast (1kg/2.2 ounces) – FJ$21
  • Beef (1kg/2.2 ounces) – FJ$23
  • Bananas (1kg/2.2 ounces) – FJ$4
  • Tomato (1kg/2.2 ounces) – FJ$10
  • Onion (1kg/2.2 ounces) – FJ$2.50
  • Pack of cookies/biscuit snacks (200g/7 ounces) – FJ$2.40
  • Soft drink (600ml) – FJ$2.10-$3.10
  • Beer (750ml) – FJ$4.75-$5
  • Wine – FJ$15-$30
  • RTD (440ml) – FJ$2.60-$5
  • Coffee granules (50g) – FJ$4.90-$10
  • Tea Bags (50 bags) – FJ$3.75-$5

Produce Market Food Prices

  • Mangos (3) – FJ$2-$4
  • Pawpaw/papaya (3) – FJ$2-$4
  • Cucumber (3) – FJ$2-$4
  • Pineapple (1) – FJ$2-$3
  • Bananas (1 bunch) – FJ$1-$5
  • Coconuts (3) – FJ$2
  • Lettuce – FJ$2
  • Tomatoes (8-10 small ones) – FJ$1-$5
  • Taro (1 bunch) – FJ$1

Learn more about food prices in Fiji in What is the Cost of Food in Fiji?

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The Cost of Activities in Fiji

A large part of your budget once you arrive in Fiji will be your activities. Note that many resorts offer a choice of free activities, typically use of non-motorised watersports equipment, island walks and some cultural lessons. However, for those looking to do a little more here are some typical prices for activities in Fiji.

Water Activity Prices

  • Day cruise – FJ$150-$250
  • Swim with sharks – FJ$200-250
  • Shared half-day fishing charter – FJ$360-$500
  • Snorkel tour – FJ$70-$120
  • Two tank scuba dive – FJ$280-$320

Adventure Activity Prices

  • River tubing – FJ$190
  • Cultural night tour – FJ$160
  • Beach horse riding – FJ$190
  • Half-day zipline tour (transfer included) – FJ$260
  • Jet boat safari – FJ$280
  • Skydive – FJ$850

Land Activity Prices

  • Mud pool tour (transfer included) – FJ$180
  • Nadi city tour – FJ$90-$110
  • Cooking class – FJ$190
  • Cultural village tour (transfer included) – FJ$225
  • Kula Eco Park admission – FJ$50

Luxury Activity Prices

  • 45min helicopter scenic flight – FJ$580
  • Seaplane day tour – FJ$920-$1500
  • Massage – FJ$80-$190
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The Cost of Transport in Fiji

From road transport to ferries to flights, there are many ways to get around Fiji. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or frugal, costs greatly vary depending on how far you travel. Check out our “Ways to Get to…” guides in our Destinations section to discover typical costs for getting to each destination.

Boat and Ferry Prices

  • Ferries to the Mamanuca/Yasawa Islands (one way) – FJ$80-$135
  • Water taxis to the Mamanuca/Yasawa Islands (one way) – FJ$575-$9,618
  • Cargo ferries to other outer islands (one way) – FJ$25-68

Get more prices in How Much Do Water Taxis & Ferries Cost in Fiji?

Domestic Flight Prices

  • Flights to outer islands (one way) – FJ$92-$600

Road Transport Prices

  • Public buses – FJ$1-$5
  • Express buses (Nadi to Suva) – FJ$20-$30
  • Multi-day tour bus – FJ$780
  • Private resort transfer – FJ$50-$200
  • Car rental/day – FJ$180
  • Private taxi driver/day – FJ$150
  • Taxi (20 minutes) – FJ$30

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Robin C.

This article was reviewed and published by Robin, the co-founder of Fiji Pocket Guide. He has lived, worked and travelled across 16 different countries before settling in the South Pacific, so he knows a thing or two about planning the perfect trip in this corner of the world. Robin is also the co-founder of several other South Pacific travel guides and is a regular host of webinars with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation.

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