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Can You Use Your Credit Card in Fiji?

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Using Credit Cards in Fiji

Secure and easy to use, credit cards are a popular payment method when travelling. The peace of mind of having that extra bit of overdraft, should you need it in an emergency, is a major drawcard for using credit cards overseas, as well as added benefits perhaps like travel insurance. However, there are certainly a few things you need to know about using a credit card in Fiji. While credit cards are accepted by major resorts and within Fiji’s most populated areas, you simply can’t rely on paying with your credit card in some of the remoter areas or the outer islands. Travellers should also be aware of the surcharges applied to credit cards, both from issuing banks and local businesses. We’ll go over the details in this quick overview of using your credit card in Fiji.

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Tips for Using Credit Cards in Fiji

  • Use credit cards as little as possible to save money on foreign currency services charged by your bank, as well as surcharges by Fijian businesses
  • Major resorts and services in towns and cities accept credit card
  • ATMs are available in major towns and cities, not on the smaller outer islands
  • Have ample cash available if travelling to the outer islands. See how much you need in What is the Cost of Travelling in Fiji?
  • Use the rest of your leftover currency to pay for your resort bill when leaving Fiji and put the remainder of your bill on your credit card.
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Which Credit Cards are Accepted in Fiji?

Certain types of credit cards are accepted in Fiji, including major brands. Credit cards that are accepted in Fiji include:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express

However, there are some credit card brands that are accepted in Fiji. Avoid using credit cards from the following brands:

  • Diners Club
  • Discover
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Where Can You Use Credit Cards in Fiji?

Admittedly, not everywhere. But if you’re spending your Fiji getaway in one of the mid-range or luxury resorts almost anywhere on the islands, it’s usually the case that they will have a payment terminal available that will accept credit card. This is often not the case in budget resorts or guesthouses, so have cash available.

Shops and services in Fiji’s most populated areas, such as the towns and cities on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, will also accept credit cards. This includes car rental firms, tour companies, large stores, supermarkets and most restaurants. This will not be the case in more remote areas of these islands, nor the smaller outer islands. Credit cards are also not accepted at markets.

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Credit Card Charges

Seasoned travellers will know that the bank issuing your credit card often has a fee for a “foreign currency service” or something similar, each time you make a transaction overseas. So check with your bank what the percentage is for using your credit card in Fiji. It’s usually a fee of 1-3% of the transaction in your home currency. This fee is often also applied when using an ATM in Fiji.

Another credit card fee you may experience in Fiji is a surcharge implemented by local businesses. Many Fijian businesses apply a credit card fee of 1% to 5% on each transaction, with 3% being the norm.

Because of these additional fees, many travellers to Fiji consider using an alternative payment method. See What is the Best Payment Method in Fiji? for more advice.

More About Using a Credit Card in Fiji

That’s it for the guide to using credit cards in Fiji. Finally, check out Fiji Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Fiji Cost? for even more budgeting tips.


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