© Chris McLennan - Tourism Fiji
© Chris McLennan - Tourism Fiji

Fiji Luxury Itinerary: 5 Days

© Chris McLennan – Tourism Fiji

5-Day Luxury Itinerary for Fiji

The biggest luxury in Fiji is escaping the busy tourist districts to the less-visited, therefore more tranquil and pristine, islands of Fiji. For this reason, we have selected the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni as your Fiji destinations for a 5-day luxury holiday to Fiji. From Fiji’s mainland, Viti Levu, to the rainforest-coated Taveuni, this “Fiji Luxury Itinerary: 5 Days” will get you experiencing a range of deluxe activities while staying in premium resorts.

For an itinerary with less travel, see How to Spend 5 Days on a Luxury Fiji Vacation TI037.

How to Get Around Fiji in 5 Days

The itinerary below involves a bit of road, as well as overwater travel using luxury transport methods such as private transfers, domestic flights and helicopter transfers. Here is a quick rundown of ways to get around Fiji on a five-day luxury getaway.

Road Transport in Fiji

The three islands mentioned in this itinerary, Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni, are well-connected with roads. Luxury resorts organise transport between airports and the resort for their guests, making road travel simple and relaxed. Taxis are also abundant from the three airports you’ll visit and make an effortless option for getting to your chosen resort.

Overwater Transport in Fiji

This luxury itinerary includes scheduled flights between Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni, as well as scenic helicopter transfer between Vanua Levu and Taveuni. More information is mentioned on each day of the itinerary where appropriate. Otherwise, take a look at the following articles for more options for travelling around Fiji.

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Day 1 – Nadi International Airport to Vanua Levu

Travel time: 1h10mins

Leave the bustling city of Nadi behind and get a connecting flight straight to Vanua Levu as soon as you arrive at Nadi International Airport. A frequent schedule of flights arrive at Vanua Levu’s main airport, Savusavu Airport, where your chosen luxury resort will transfer you to their little slice of heaven. Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second-largest island offering mountainous landscapes lush with forests and plantations, picturesque bays and off-shore coral reefs. Get settled into your resort, try gourmet cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, watch a “meke” cultural performance, and relax before you divulge in some amazing activities tomorrow.

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Day 2 – Vanua Levu

An important aspect of staying on Vanua Levu is discovering some of Fiji’s best underwater seascapes of hard and soft coral gardens. Sharks, turtles, dolphins and thousands of fish species are found here. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them, whether it’s through scuba diving, snorkelling, a glass-bottom boat tour or a dolphin cruise. Here are some more ideas of how you could be spending your luxury getaway on Vanua Levu…

Luxury Experiences on Vanua Levu

  • Scuba dive at famous sites, such as Rainbow Reef, the Great Sea Reef and the Namena Marine Reserve
  • Experience a traditional Fijian Bobo massage
  • Treat your loved one to a private dinner in a candlelit sea cave
  • Embrace the peaceful ambience of an adult-only resort
  • If travelling with kids, treat them to a day in one of Vanua Levu’s award-winning kids’ club – see The Guide to Vanua Levu for Families for more information.

See the 10 Luxury Activities on Vanua Levu for more details on each activity mentioned. Plus, check out The Luxury Guide to Vanua Levu for more advice for your stay.

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Day 3 – Vanua Levu to Taveuni

Travel time: 30 minutes

Today, you’re in for a treat as you experience a spectacular scenic helicopter flight to Taveuni with Savusavu Helicopters. [Update: Savusavu Helicopters is no longer operating. We will update this article when another flight option becomes available]. Your flight departs from Savusavu Airport where you’re bound to be in awe of the magnificent beach and reef views on your way to Taveuni. Plus, from the air, you’ll see why they call Taveuni the “Garden Island”. The island is awash in luxuriant rainforest – 80% of it made up of the Bouma National Heritage Park. You’ll either arrive at Matei Airport where you’ll get a resort transfer or be flown straight to your resort (depending on which resort). Then it’s time to discover some of the best island scenery that Fiji has to offer…

Luxury Experiences on Taveuni

  • Go on a private sailing cruise to Honeymoon Island
  • Indulge in an array of blissful treatments at one of the island’s jungle spas
  • Explore Taveuni’s mountains, beaches and villages on horseback
  • Chase waterfalls and visit the towns and churches on a Taveuni highlights tour
  • Play on an 18-hole championship course on a private island

For more details on each experience and more, see our 10 Luxury Activities on Taveuni.

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Day 4 – Taveuni

One day on Taveuni is never enough, so either spend your second day here doing anything you might have missed yesterday. Otherwise, how about trekking to the majestic waterfalls of the Bouma National Park, seen from the Bouma Falls trail and the Lavena Coastal Walk? Plus, if you didn’t get a chance to scuba dive in the Rainbow Reef on Vanua Levu, then you have another opportunity from Taveuni, as all the resorts offer diving at the reef (in fact, they are a little closer to the reef). Taveuni is also home to an array of Fijian villages that you can visit through tours with your resort. The experience immerses you into the local culture where you’ll be welcomed into the village with a kava ceremony, learn Fijian crafts and even join in in a traditional “lovo” feast at the end of the evening.

For more tips on exploring Taveuni, check out The Luxury Guide to Taveuni.

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Day 5 – Taveuni to Nadi International Airport

Travel time: 1h25mins flight

This is the day that you realise that five days in Fiji isn’t enough! But with this itinerary, you will have still seen and experienced more than the average tourist. Catch your flight from Matei Airport on Taveuni to Nadi International Airport where you’ll then be able to make your connecting flight to your next destination.

More Advice for a Fiji Luxury Itinerary for 5 Days

That’s it for the Fiji luxury itinerary: 5 days. Get even more trip ideas from The Best Fiji Itineraries for 5 Days. Plus, take a moment to look at The Complete Luxury Travel Guide to Fiji. Trust us, there’s a lot of essential tips there.


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